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  1. SoCal Mema

    Food Network and Cooking Channel: One is about food

    I'm watching, but see nowhere to discuss.
  2. SoCal Mema

    America To Me

    I was so frustrated with the final episode. I wanted a follow-up, even if it was just in the rolling credits, of where some of the kids ended up post high school.
  3. SoCal Mema

    S02.E06: Dosed

    I used to be an EMT, and there was typically always a firefighter that was certified as a Paramedic on an engine/ladder. It was protocol for them to go on medical calls for this very reason.
  4. SoCal Mema

    S36.E12: A Giant Game of Bumper Cars

    This is a good point. I think she should be a target to go - she isn't winning challenges, but she is constantly stirring the pot and keeping her people close at hand (and they're blindly following enough to stay even though she doesn't provide results). Admittedly, she just annoys me so I'm jaded. That and I cannot watch her eat. She chews/smacks like a toddler going nuts on a Happy Meal.
  5. SoCal Mema

    S36.E10: It's Like the Perfect Crime

    I'm sorry to be petty here, but did anyone catch Kellen chewing with her mouth open and smacking like a toddler during the food reward? Argh, she was gross.
  6. SoCal Mema

    S03.E01: Third Year

    The hospital closest to me actually still uses those candy striper-type outfits. My neighbor's daughter volunteers and I see her wearing it often.
  7. SoCal Mema

    S31.E38: The Last Ride Home (Tex McIver)

    I was also bothered by them not heading to Grady. THE gunshot trauma center in the U.S. I saw one of his friends on the show scoff as if Grady was a low class hospital in a bad neighborhood. We'll never know if it would have made a difference; however, he wanted to go to Emory, which was the farthest away. I thought her clause in the last loan to him about him defaulting was interesting. And also that she did not want to see him before they took her to surgery.
  8. SoCal Mema

    S03.E12: Born This Way

    Interesting...I used to be an EMT and we never asked for insurance information in the back of the bus. I've also ridden as a patient in one, and never been asked.
  9. SoCal Mema

    Here And Now

    I've never seen so many story lines that move so freakin' slow. I, too, was hopeful Alan Ball was going to bring us something really great to the table. But no.
  10. SoCal Mema

    Survivor In The Media

    But Michael has learned to perfect the eye-roll, so he can go anytime in my opinion.
  11. SoCal Mema

    S36 Michael Yerger

    This dude has certainly perfected the eyeroll. He can extinguish his torch sooner rather than later.
  12. SoCal Mema

    Here And Now

    You are correct. He was sitting in the same classroom when the kids were all arguing over their opinions.
  13. SoCal Mema

    Figure Skating

    For once, I'm very happy with the coverage because I'm on the West Coast and it's right in our prime time. We are usually the ones that get the sucky coverage during the Olympics (and many other sports programming).
  14. SoCal Mema

    Figure Skating

    Did you see the special piece that NBC ran yesterday about Katarina Gordeva? The death of Sergei in '95, and their daughter, Daria, talking about how she thinks of him every day and how strong her mom is. She is 25 now. It was a very moving story.
  15. SoCal Mema

    S01.E09: Intangibles

    My mom asked the same question. I understood it as they had removed the entire nodule. At least that is the only way it made sense to me.