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  1. No, having separate mobile & browser layout is old school; most sites (including us) use responsive design nowadays.
  2. @MajorNelson, @possibilities, @Bastet Would you provide a URL either now or the next time this happens please. Also, please note whether there are embeds on the page like Twitter/Insta/YT stuffs, as these can cause a shunt problem that pushes the anchored content off (particularly with slower connections), so that would be useful for us to know. Thanks.
  3. SilverStormm

    Quote Problems

    Yep, it's a bug and we're on it, thanks.
  4. SilverStormm

    Previous/next pages

    Can I check which size theme you are using? Is it only those links or does all the type on a page look smaller than before?
  5. SilverStormm

    Recently Added Shows

    The Order The Red Queen Ransom
  6. Currently, the system works by taking you directly to the post in question, which has a gold line at the top to denote it's the correct post. I clicked the link you provided and was taken directly to your post: If you're not seeing this; which device(s) are you not seeing this behaviour on? Additionally, to link directly to a specific post, you can click the time/date stamp beneath the username then copy the url - see pic 1 below. Or you can click the share icon (pic 2) and get the link that way. Pic 1: Pic 2:
  7. Continues may be over! We applied a fix as of 9.13am GMT today. Please post in here if you have any show(s) go/still missing from your homepage after this time. Fingers crossed we got the little blighter this time!
  8. I'm relaying Dave's answer below. Hope that helps. Any questions please let me know.
  9. This has always been how it is for all users, up to and including admins. The moment you amend a post it will show as 'edited' because that's the reality - even if a second old - you have, in fact, edited your post regardless of the reason. My advice is not to worry about it, it happens to us all and I'm sure 99% of people take absolutely zero notice whether a post has been edited or not. Sometimes, I edit a post so many times I must look a complete numpty, heh, it happens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *Wonders if I'll have to edit this one* - and yep, I did!
  10. SilverStormm

    Manage Forum Follows issue persists

    This issue is still under investigation. Will update when there is more info.
  11. SilverStormm

    Homepage Missing Shows

    A minor update took place late last night which should've resolved the previous de-indexed shows. If any more vanish as of today please let us know.