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  1. lambertman

    Lori Greiner: Queen of QVC

    This certainly isn't a trait limited to Lori, and it's probably one encouraged by Production.
  2. lambertman

    Doctor Who in the Media

    Just to fill in the gaps, Doctor Who lost to Peaky Blinders and Bradley Walsh lost to Ant & Dec. Looks like the NTAs are more or less the UK's People's Choice Awards (TV categories), whereas the TV portion of the BAFTAs are the UK's Emmy equivalent?
  3. lambertman

    Sneaky Pete

    The post right above yours says a third season is coming.
  4. lambertman

    Good Eats Reloaded

    I refer to it as "Alton barging in to yell at his son." :)
  5. lambertman

    Food Network Star Alums

    Jernard lands his own cooking show on the soon-to-launch CLEO network: http://thefutoncritic.com/news/2018/11/20/tv-one-launches-new-entertainment-network-cleo-tv-on-january-19-2019-910410/20181120tvone01/
  6. lambertman

    OG Iron Chef America Returns TONIGHT, MAY 20TH

    No, just new to Cooking Channel. My DVR picks up a lot of "new" eps of Delicious Destinations for that same reason. (The Japanese revival series eps are new to the US, though.)
  7. lambertman

    The Judges: They Think You Need More Salt

    Gail Simmons is hosting Iron Chef Canada on Food Network Canada starting this week. Hugh Acheson and Masters participants Lynn Crawford and Susur Lee are among the Iron Chefs. There isn't currently a way to watch this legally in the States, but I'm keeping on eye on Cooking Channel just in case.
  8. the episode Cooking Channel said was a 1995 ICJ was actually a 2012 ICJ! I had forgotten they even did a remake.
  9. lambertman

    Making It

    I liked this show, but not quite as much as I thought I would. I enjoy hanging out with Amy and Nick, but the competition itself wasn't quite the GBBO-analogue I was expecting it to be. I found myself zoning out a lot when the focus was on the competition. Perhaps I just have a stronger personal affection for food. :) Will probably still watch S2 whenever that happens.
  10. lambertman

    The Gong Show (2017)

    If they ever book Jimmy Carr, do not tune in :)
  11. I found a stash of IC:Japan episodes the other night! They're on Genius Kitchen on Roku.
  12. lambertman

    The Deuce in the Media

    Yes, but we don’t know when yet.
  13. Neither my wife nor I were able to play J!6 yesterday; we were both stuck on "please wait". Did that happen for anyone else?
  14. lambertman

    Iron Chef Gauntlet: Gladiators Ready!

    Just like the first season, those three are the only ones who will compete; most of the others served as judges.
  15. lambertman

    The Opening Ceremony!

    The Opening Ceremony will be livestreamed at 6 AM Friday and aired on tape Friday night.