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  1. Misslindsey

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Well, at least it wasn't a sex dream featuring Derick.
  2. Misslindsey

    SURly Staff In The Media

    As a graduate of Michigan State (from the early 2000's), I really appreciate your second paragraph. Sparty on.
  3. Misslindsey

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    Don't forget that Lala is in way more pain and has gone through more than anyone else at SUR. I was rolling my eyes along with Brittany at Lala's rant. I did think that James handled Lala well. I also, liked how he pointed out that they met that one time and everything was cool between them. I thought things were fine between them until Katie and the coven convinced Lala not to go to the studio with James. Did I miss any other interaction between them after their meet up? I have no idea what Lala's deal with Raquel is. Raquel seems fairly harmless to me. The only time I have liked Katie was when she got a backbone and ditched Stassi. Katie acting like her relationship is so much better than Kristen's makes me laugh. I have the unpopular opinion of not liking Stassi and thinking she is not as witty as she apparently thinks she is. Most episodes I wonder how Schwartz is able to function day to day, because he comes off so dim. People think Raquel is an idiot, but I think she has a leg up on Schwartz.
  4. Too bad you were not there, because then you may have gotten a mention, with random capitalized words, in Jill's blog.
  5. Misslindsey

    When Calls The Heart

    Abigail may throw in some extra pies if Elizabeth says Cody is on the baseball team even though Cody has never played. Of course Cody just wants to get in the 9th grade so he can party all the time.
  6. Misslindsey

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Sigh......Filliam H. Muffman.
  7. I really enjoyed those two in Lifetime's Snowed Inn Christmas a couple of years ago, so it will be nice to see them together again. I liked Love Under the Rainbow. I thought the leads had chemistry and there was not any big misunderstanding. The conflict at the end seemed to last all of five minutes.
  8. Misslindsey

    S11.E16: Bye Wig, Hello Drama

    I know Nene is an OG housewife but hasn’t Kandi been on more seasons than Nene at this point? I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed the show when both Nene and Kim were gone.
  9. Misslindsey

    S11.E16: Bye Wig, Hello Drama

    I agree that Marlo was alarmed by Gregg's texts. I think he text more than once to Marlo. Marlo did say she text Brent, which I believe Brent confirmed when he came out to comfort Nene. Is that when either Brent or Marlo said Nene was planning on going to the store or shopping? I missed that part of the exchange. I am so going to host a party where I will have a meltdown then sit in my bedroom for the rest of it. Then claim when people want to leave they were not invited to my bedroom to say goodbye, even though half the party was already in my room.
  10. Misslindsey

    S11.E16: Bye Wig, Hello Drama

    I do not think Porsha or Kandi had any malicious intent when going into Nene's closet. Marlo seemed to be egging them on. Either way going into someone's closet does not warrant Nene's extreme reaction. Nene sent Cynthia in to get the girls out of her closet, but really did not give Cynthia the chance to retrieve them. Nene could have just gotten up and said that they were all headed back downstairs or something to get everyone out of her room. Also, did Eva change in Nene's closet or is the bathroom off of the closet? How long was Nene up in her bedroom anyway? I thought Nene was on something as well. I wonder if whatever she was on was in her closet.
  11. Misslindsey

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I do not think Jill, or really any of the Duggars, realize they can still have long hair by losing a foot or so, and have it cut in an actual style. I do not mind long hair if someone actually takes care of it. I think Jana's hair is a good length. If one wants longer hair. It does not seem ridiculously long. Hell, I heat style my hair a lot, but my hair is around shoulder length, I get it cut regularly, and I take care of it. I wonder how much of Jill's hair is actually dead ends.
  12. Misslindsey

    S11.E16: Bye Wig, Hello Drama

    What does Nene keep in her closet that she would lose her shit over? Dead bodies? Phaedra's Mr. Chocolate? Kim's wig? A sex dungeon? Peter? She by Sheree? A door to Narnia? The possibilities are endless.
  13. Misslindsey

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Giving blow jobs to maintain her lifestyle?
  14. Misslindsey

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    I think Mark and Kelly seem like they are happy in their marriage. Though to be fair, who really knows? I guess I chalk everything Kelly says about Mark on the show to the fact she repeats the same jokes and anecdotes all the time. Of course now Ryan joins in about how much he loves Mark as well. Is it bad that I thought it was funny that no Oscar winners actually showed up to the after Oscars show? I get so sick of Kelly gushing over celebrities to them. It is fine to compliment them, but Kelly is so over the top. I love Regina King, but Tina Fey sitting awkwardly in the background when Kelly was tongue bathing Regina was so cringeworthy. Also, the previous week Kelly was laying it on thick that Ryan is the bestest actor ever, but their Star is Born parody was pretty lame. Ryan was better than Kelly in the acting department, but still was not that great.
  15. Misslindsey

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I do not know if there are pictures, but I think Jill mentioned in one of her blog posts that Derick was back at school.