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  1. Misslindsey

    S05.E14: Cause and XS

    I agree. I would add write Nora so she does not act like a 16 year old or actually have her be a teenager. I might actually let some of her behavior and stupidity slide a bit more if she was a teenager. I really just want her gone.
  2. I would love Vicki to be gone, but no one wanted to film with her? I thought Shannon and Tamra were friends with her again. I mean I was subjected to all that Tres Amigas stuff last season. I would think Kelly would be the only one that would not film with her. So a cocaine accusation gets her booted, but a cancer scam doesn't? I wish they would get rid of Tamra and Shannon as well.
  3. Misslindsey

    S09.E01: Love Is In The Air

    I was so hoping I would not have to hear about Jeremy and his books again. What his soccer jersey's cannot fit in his office with all his books?
  4. Misslindsey

    Season 8 Discussion

    Hee! I was just thinking if it was Michelle Duggar she would have went on the bike ride with them.
  5. Misslindsey

    MacGyver (2016)

    I was underwhelmed by the casting. I do not think I have seen the actress in anything so she could be fine, but I was hoping they were going to cast someone around the age of Jack or Maddie.
  6. Misslindsey

    Season 8 Discussion

    I agree. The Bates kids seem to have fairly typical sibling relationships with each other. They seem to get along well and there is light teasing between them. I am sure they have their disagreements. They interact with each other so differently than the Duggar siblings.
  7. Misslindsey

    Season 8 Discussion

    I too, liked that Josie specified that she was looking forward to having less people around and their place being clean.
  8. Probably just gossip, even though I wish it was true. Vicki Demoted
  9. Misslindsey

    S07.E09: Tom and Tommer

    I agree with you. I do not mind Scheana for the most part. She is self-absorbed, but seems way less vindictive and catty than the rest of the group. I agreed with her when she said she will never win with the coven. The only time members of the coven treat her as a friend is when they are on the outs with the rest of the group.
  10. Misslindsey

    S07.E09: Tom and Tommer

    I thought at the start of the season Jax gave an explanation about why he and his mom were not speaking. For some reason, I assumed that it was because his mother did not keep him updated about how bad his father's condition got. Did Jax get a chance to go see his dad before he passed? I am probably wrong and should go back a see if I can find what Jax said at the beginning of the season about their rift.
  11. Misslindsey

    S07.E09: Tom and Tommer

    I would not say I like James, but I do find him the most interesting to watch on this show. It is a low bar. I find James' family dynamics fascinating and would rather watch that than the TomTom infomercial. I am one of the very few that prefer the people on the outside of the circle of friends to the actual friend circle. Though, I do not find any of the people on this show all that likable. I really would like a new group of people who are actually employed by one of the restaurants than this group with the same tired storylines.
  12. Misslindsey

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    You think their heads would explode if I left a comment that my niece is in Scouts?
  13. Misslindsey

    S03.E04: Foreign Bodies

    I will hold the unpopular opinion that I do not mind that much about historical accuracy. I have read a lot about Victoria, but I am fine with the show not being historically accurate. I almost come to expect a soapy version of a television series more than a historically accurate one. I watched and enjoyed various other period piece shows that played fast and loose with accuracy. It just does not bother me anymore. Hell, I watched Reign, so pretty much every show looks better than that one.
  14. Misslindsey

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Wasn't there an episode last season where Jim Bob made his BBQ tuna for Jeremy to try? Jinger kept saying how she really liked it. Though maybe they all liked it because it was Jim Bob's go to meal when Michelle was away and they needed sustenance.
  15. Misslindsey

    S09.E13: Ripple Effect

    I rolled my eyes so hard at the Jack talking about Erin on his dates. Sigh....Of course he does. Wasn't there an episode a couple seasons ago where Anthony was in hospital and his ex-wife said that he talked about Erin all the time to his daughter as well? I could be misremembering though. Hee! If I was having dinner with the Reagan clan I would be knocking the drinks back. Their self-righteousness would drive me to drink.