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  1. nr65000

    S01.E06: Race to the Altar

    It's not that hard and it's certainly not hard enough to make me try to force my kids to call my prison-boo "papa". *Note, I don't have a prison boo.
  2. nr65000

    S07:E02 Brianne's Story

    Predators often target people who are outside the beauty standards precisely for the reason you just stated: folks will have a hard time believing they did it. You'll hear people say that they don't think the person is a predator because the victim is so ugly/fat/old/etc. I have no problem believing they were raped. I also think that sexual assault or sexual molestation during childhood is a factor in gaining weight. Many obese people seem to gain weight as a control or armor mechanism (subconscience or not). Many, many of these stories include sexual molestation. I have to say that I absolutely loved Brianne and was so impressed with her willpower and determination. I love that she created her own family that adored her. As far as believing any of their stories, I absolutely believe them 100%.
  3. nr65000

    S01.E07: Chivalry

    100%. Debra, her mother and daughters all whispered and giggled their way through the podcast interviews completely believing they would be the objects of sympathy and absolutely loving the attention. Debra is probably the least self-aware person I have ever heard of.
  4. nr65000

    S01.E06: One Shoe

    This 100% She is still playing "victim". She ignored every single red flag for her own selfish reasons and put her children in danger.
  5. nr65000

    Fact vs. Fiction: The Podcast and the Real People

    I loathe her with everything I have. The red flags were early and evident and yet she ignored them and her children's warnings time after time after time in search of her fairy tale. Remember she had been married 4 times before. I have zero sympathy for a woman who is so ignorant that she ignores all the signs that she has brought a predator into her family. I suppose I would be a little sympathetic if she, in hindsight, acknowledged that she had willingly behaved so carelessly in pursuit of her own fantasy, but she continues to cast blame everywhere but on herself, giggling all the way.
  6. nr65000

    Fact vs. Fiction: The Podcast and the Real People

    you definitely need to. It was so good.
  7. nr65000

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    I can't help but agree with this 100%. When I was Tasha's age I was a mess (in many respects) as well. I was raised having all that stuff done for me by my mom, which did not serve me well. Now that I am decades on, my house is immaculate but in that and many other regards, I would say I am a late bloomer. One thing I will say for Tasha is that in light of all Leida was throwing at her, she remained composed and articulate even though it was clear she was fighting off tears. You could just see the hurt in her face listening to her father take Leida's side but she managed to keep her cool. I am positive at that same age in that situation, I would have been a blubbering mess. I'm sure Tasha has some growing up to do but frankly, I am rather impressed by her. Her father should be so very ashamed of himself. I divorced when my kids were quite young and one thing I swore I would never do and have never done, is put a man before my kids. I realize Tasha is a legal adult, but she is still his child and although my boys are in their early 20's, if any man talked to my kids like that, it would be over. To me, that is a huge red flag. Add that to her rage over his child support and that is an instant DQ for me.
  8. nr65000

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    Oh my god I feel so bad for Tasha. Her father is literally the worst person in the world. Tasha is only 19 years old and to have her father choose this monster over her is heart breaking. The one thing she's wrong about is the fact that she keeps saying her dad deserves better than Leida...100% wrong honey, your dad deserves every horrifying, soul sucking minute he's going to spend with her.
  9. nr65000

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    She will crush the life out of anyone she is with, too bad it has to be Asuelo, who seems to be a genuine, gentle man who loves life.
  10. nr65000

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    Perfect. This is the most apt comment I have ever read. Nailed it 100%.
  11. nr65000

    S03.E17: Reunion Part 1

    OMG, his eyes were so so so red, it was distracting. I do think that Stephanie is a genuinely nice person, but her alliance with Brandi is incomprehensible to me. Brandi is a legitimately terrible person and I think she takes advantage of the fact that Stephanie is pretty vulnerable emotionally and intellectually. Leeanne is absolutely insane and I hate her "shtick"...all the bon mots, the over enunciated platitudes and cracks...it's very very rehearsed. I honestly think they are all pretty vile with Kam and Cary probably imho being the most benign..I guess Stephanie is also in that group but her friendship with Brandi makes it harder for me to think of her kindly..also her inability to cope without her husband is alarming for me.
  12. nr65000

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Pilots hit on me, passengers hit on me....lololololol...doubtful.
  13. nr65000

    S03.E16: Party Fouls

    They're tied for me. And Brandi was my favorite the first two seasons! I'm gonna show my age, but every time I watch this show all I can hear in my mind is the song Brandy - Brandi you are NOT a fine girl.
  14. nr65000

    S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    I adore Kate and Josiah but I have to agree here. I think they were both all kinds of unprofessional to scream at Caroline that she's crazy and blare that bad music like the ATF did when they were trying to extract the Branch Davidians in Waco. Yes, there is no doubt that Caroline needed to gtfo and her "two day" notice was really the last straw but the way Kate handled her was beyond unprofessional and I think Captain Lee agrees. I don't know everything that Caroline said to him when she was leaving, but what they did show her saying "who gave a lock to the crazy girl" was true and "Cappy" articulated that it was pretty ugly. Kate had lots of reasons to be super frustrated with Caroline but Kate is a chief stew with three stripes and this was not a good look. We all lose our cool and I'm glad I'm not being filmed at my worst, but she lost me on this one. She is a very experienced supervisor who should never ever stoop to that level. Still love her and totally understand but girl.....do better!
  15. I gotta agree with Marge - there is nothing worse than a "one-upper"