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  1. roseha

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    I just watched the last "Meanwhile" segment on Youtube - the one with the Valentine's Candy, the frogs, and the Weinermobile - It was hilarious! It's as if Stephen and the writers took some of the wackier segments from the Colbert Report - The Threatdown or something similar - and just spun them a little to make them fit the new show. I've been out of touch and will have to look more of these up - are there a lot of them?
  2. roseha

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    By the way, one more reason to admire Penny Marshall - I always thought she was hilarious as Myrna, Oscar's secretary on The Odd Couple, and when the show years later did a reunion movie after Jack Klugman was recovering from throat cancer, she clearly had no hesitation jumping in and doing a hilarious re-appearance in character. Not sure what year that was but I'm sure she made time to help out Jack and the rest of the crew. Rest in peace, Penny and Garry.
  3. This reminds me of the wonderful Barry Morse, who played Lt. Gerard on the Fugitive. That was probably one of the first adult shows I ever watched while it was still on, and I was amazed when I saw him on a TV interview while he was doing a stage play, and found out that he was actually British. His American accent was impeccable. (I have seen been equally impressed with Linus Roche's accent on Law and Order for the same reason).
  4. roseha

    American Greed

    I've started watching the show again because it's playing in the afternoons on the ESCAPE sub-channel network. I don't know why, I have a train-wreck fascination with these stories sometimes. It really is sad that many people will invest their life savings with the friend of a friend without even finding some way of checking them out. The money is almost never recovered. So terrible.
  5. roseha

    Tennis Thread

    It was a legitimate ruling that caused people in the crowd to boo despite repeated explanations. In the middle of a point during the 2nd set tiebreaker, a ball kid behind Roger dropped the ball and it began rolling toward the court. Neither Roger nor the umpire, Carlos Bernardes, saw it but Sascha did and halted play because that is interference, thus a "let". Bernardes checked with the boy (as did Roger) and he confirmed that he dropped the ball and it was rolling. So Bermardes ruled it was a "let" that interfered with play and called for the point to be replayed. Sascha then served an ace and won a few points later. Despite Bernardes, going out of his way to explain this in the moment a great many in the crowd roundly booed Sascha which was really horrible and uncalled for. It's a hard and fast rule which the umpire confirmed and which Roger also did not argue. Both the on-court reporter Annabel Croft and Sascha himself again told the crowd what happened but many kept booing. Finally they started to lessen but I felt awful for him. And yes he was very humble and modest in his explanation, even indicating he understood Roger having "the most fans". Fortunately Roger supported Sascha in the press conference later and today if anything I think the crowd was pretty much supporting Sascha through out (though not booing Novak). I do there there may have been an element in it of wanting to make up for yesterday. At least I hope so. Glad they supported him in the final at least. Very happy for him.
  6. roseha

    Tennis Thread

    Sascha's performance at the ATP Finals (I still don't like that everyone calls it the WTF!) was amazing, and I am so happy that he was able to perform so well, beating both Roger and Novak in straight sets. Everyone said what a huge favorite Novak would be, and I was hoping it would at least be close, but Sascha not only served amazingly, and was willing to take chances with moving to the net, but also kept competing really well after Novak broke back in the second set. It really bodes well for his future, and to win this event as he did at only 21 is a great achievement. I think this win, along with Lendl on his team, should help him with the concentration issues he seems to have in best of five set matches. I have a lot of hope for him to win slams, whether in next year or the one after. And that amazing last shot on match point, which I thought was going out, but which landed in down the line, was really thrilling. And his acceptance speeches are hilarious, in his third language yet!
  7. roseha


    I just have started re-watching the show as ION has been running Season 5 this past week and enjoyed seeing The Frame Up Job again. One question that never occurred to me before: Sterling is continually saying to Nate and Sophie: "Be Seeing You..." Did he always say that, because it seems like a deliberate quote from The Prisoner?
  8. roseha

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    That's the one I was trying to remember! He was an amazing singer. I haven't read all the articles, but didn't Marty Balin recently have a mouth or throat operation that affected his speaking and left him unable to sing? It was very sad as well, but I hadn't expected this. RIP.
  9. roseha

    Tennis Thread

    There was a headline that Naomi had already resigned with Adidas for $10 mil a year but she and her people are still entertaining offers! She may be shy but she is such a hilarious personality in addition to being a champion. I think she’s great for the game.
  10. roseha

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    She was charming in The Odd Couple on TV. I remember her saying, I think on the DVD commentary, that the show had such a low budget that she and Monica Evans wore their own clothes as costumes.
  11. roseha

    Tennis Thread

    Davis Cup semis are next week. With Nadal's unfortunate injury it looks like the French will have a great chance to get to the final. For those who haven't read about it, the powers that be - I think the majority of international federations and the ITF - have agreed to eliminate the year-long, home and away, best of five classic Davis Cup format next year and reduce it to basically a two week reduced event - practically an exhibition except in name - after the November tour finals. This was done without consulting the players, and as far as I have heard not a single player was in favor, most reactions ranged from opposed to outright devastated. The French players in particular are inconsolable and I think they will be hard to beat in this their realistic last chance. After that there is the "Laver Cup" which is basically an exhibition but a lot of fun as it presents Team Europe vs. Team World. I am not sure whether ESPN or Tennis Channel shows it but it's worth searching out. After that, various events, Tour Finals, Davis Cup finals, and Australia in January.
  12. roseha

    Tennis Thread

    I doubt this will ever happen but after today I hope Serena fires Patrick. He isn't helping her by making ridiculous statements, either saying "everyone does it so it's okay" (coaching) or "that shouldn't be against the rules" (racket abuse). He also was indulging in the Boris Becker / Ion Tiriac school of mind games before the final, telling Pam how badly Naomi played in Cincinnati. Am I the only person who thinks it's a conflict to interview these coaches during a Slam final in the first place?
  13. roseha

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I never thought of that but Howard is very much the child in the Hartley home! I always feel that Bill playing first an astronaut and then a pilot in his two sitcom roles was so fitting for an actor so great at playing a "space cadet". I imagine both Barbara Eden and Bob Newhart are very sad right now (both have paid tribute to him). Rest in peace Bill.
  14. roseha

    Tennis Thread

    Poor Naomi. She totally deserved this victory and the crowd booing like I've never heard at a presentation was just heart breaking. I only hope that she will have many more Slam victories to come. Meanwhile, enjoy this one Naomi, it's yours and you earned it. And yes she is also a delightful person, too bad that got lost in all this as well.
  15. roseha

    S06.E15: How to Get a Head

    I’m wondering also, is he confirmed for season 7?