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  1. sjankis630

    Hercule Poirot

    OK. Can anyone explain what the daughter was doing to the sales dude by walking on his back? that was just weird. I am also assuming that he was sickened by the eggs - throwing them up - because they looked like the fat dude's cyst on his neck.
  2. sjankis630

    Hercule Poirot

    I am as big A David Suchet fan as the next man and after the first episode I am still in it. I am pretty sure I read the ABC Murders but cannot remember the whole story. I am a fan of John Malkovich though. I think he looks just like Chuck Close.
  3. sjankis630

    S03.E08: Now Am Found

    I am also assuming that the nuns helped Julia fake her death - fake grave - in case anyone was still digging around. Ganesh, Not having a license/Id can be a bit trickier. My late mother let her id expire and we didn't have a current birth certificate. She was in her 80s and all of the old files essentially didn't exist. We spent the last 2 years of her life trying to get that info but could not. And although she didn't drive, having no valid ID meant she had to stay at her current bank, no airline, bus or train travel. We talked to a couple of lawyers and they weren't much help as things had changed after 9/11. She still had her voter registration card so she could vote but everything else was a hassle without one of us kids to help her out. Don't let your ids expire folks if you don't have a valid birth certificate or passport handy. Also I believe if you get caught driving without a license in VA it is a misdemeanor and a repeat could get you a felony and jail time.
  4. sjankis630

    S03.E08: Now Am Found

    clack, I am not sure what the information was that Amelia had but I believe conveniently Hayes knocks over her book and the page with some information allows him to confirm something. I didn't even watch the whole of episode 7 because I saw no way that this was going to be wrapped up in a way I would find acceptable. I am ok with them doing whatever they want, but in the end, there seemed to be an awful lot of red herrings. Did Hayes remember the girl when they gave him the bottle of water? I am thinking that he basically came very close to seeing her but truly forgot what the heck he was out there for. I liked that in the movie Momento (my nick is an homage) but here it just annoyed me. Oh well.....
  5. sjankis630

    S03.E04: The Hour and the Day

    Thinking about Woodard. If he was setting up a Rambo situation, wouldn't he have already had his guns out and ready when he ran back to the house? It is not like he knew he would have 2 minutes to set them out.
  6. sjankis630

    S03.E04: The Hour and the Day

    This year is confusing to me too but I am not usually good at figuring out mysteries early. (I tend to go off on wild tangents lol) On another board I read about this show, there are a couple of people who think everything centers around the chicken plant. The mother worked there and I think even the black guy with the weird eye worked there too. They even went as far as to think that the "children should laugh" line from the note that was repeated by the mother points to the plant. (the idea being here that it may have been a company slogan in the past) They are kind of far fetched, but at this point it really could go in different directions.
  7. sjankis630

    The Grand Tour

    I guess I am the only one who didn't like it as much. I basically watch the show like this. the show comes on and I fast forward to the first car segment, once they get back to the talking heads, I fast forward to the next driving bit. Rinse and repeat. I only watch the show to see the great cars so seeing these 2 old trucks and that other car was a bit meh for me. does anyone else watch this way or is it only me?
  8. sjankis630

    S03.E03: The Big Never

    I don't have trouble understanding what they are saying thus far, but I have always been good in that regard. I was always the guy in college who didn't have trouble understanding my professor's foreign accents (South Asian, Hungarian, German etc) Unfortunately despite that fact it didn't help my gpa much..... I think that when a show is in surround sound it is harder to hear the voices when you don't have a soundbar/separate system as the voices are usually put in the "center" channel which is separate from the others. Sometimes when the voices have to compete with other sounds they can get muffled. I agree that Ali basically talks like a shy 5th grader doing his best impression of Clint Eastwood, but somehow I can hear him OK.
  9. sjankis630

    S03.E03: The Big Never

    I am also thinking that it isn't a body/bodies since it looked to be at his house. He has already been questioned by the police detectives about missing kids and they told him they had been out looking around his place. You would think he would have hidden/buried any evidence knowing that there would be the possibility that other officers/ FBI could come poking around again and discover them. I could be wrong of course. I see this playing out with him going postal and drawing attention away from the main investigation with the police thinking they have their man, but the two detectives continuing on their own and making discoveries. I keep coming back to ghost Amelia telling him about "something he left in the woods." I don't know if it was something he did to someone (remember how they treated the child molester) or something he missed or lost and was too obstinate to ask for help from the other police officers. He really is a lone wolf imho. PS: Does anyone get the impression that those notes found in the girl's notebook were passed through the hole in the closet by the uncle?
  10. sjankis630

    S03.E13: Pandemonium

    Interesting. I usually download my episodes from the internet. (it works out for me because the kind people who encode episodes take out the commercials) I have already downloaded and watched this episode yesterday. Was there some sort of leak?
  11. sjankis630

    S03.E03: The Big Never

    MrWhyt and a very large gun at that. I think he smuggled back some weapon from the war.
  12. sjankis630

    S05.E02: Don't You Be My Neighbor

    Sorry everyone I thought the episode was just so so. (I did laugh after they all bought lemonade from the little girl after they called the police) I am just here to shout out to Diane's Pixel 3 phone. Wooo !
  13. sjankis630

    S03.E05: Jeremy Bearimy

    That chili looked nasty and Chidi must have the strength of five men because that pot he lifted into the chair had to weigh over 150 pounds.
  14. sjankis630


    The robot is a dog pooper scooper. It takes the poop in and puts out some non toxic liquid in its place. I believe it is manufactured by Milgrim industries.
  15. sjankis630

    S01.E12: Mindy St. Clair / S01.E13: Michael's Gambit

    I was worried for the show on where they were going to be headed after the twist but they have delivered so far. I am assuming this show is not a powerhouse ratings wise because it would be interesting to see what happens if one or more of the stars left.