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  1. non sequitur

    After Life

    I loved it. It was such an honest portrayal of life and loss. I need to watch it again just to appreciate the characters and acting, which was amazing. Did anyone else think Tony giving the money to Julian was morally questionable/wrong?
  2. non sequitur

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    It feels like Rick and TC are on their own spin-off show most of the time.
  3. non sequitur

    The Umbrella Academy

  4. non sequitur

    The Umbrella Academy

  5. non sequitur

    The Umbrella Academy

    This is unfortunate, because I think Robert Sheehan is a gifted actor capable of a wider range.
  6. non sequitur

    Friends From College

    Just watched this because of the bad reviews. I don't think it was horrendous, but it wasn't very funny. It had a lot of 'filler' unnecessary scenes for the entire series. Marianne and Nick seemed like dead weight, until the end for Nick. Unpopular opinion: I hated Felix and Seth Rogan's character, lol. Annie Parisse was gorgeous to me. They made everyone basically unlikable. Will probably watch season 2.
  7. non sequitur


    I thought episode one was dull and a little overdone until the ending. Not sure this will be as good as the original series.
  8. non sequitur

    S01.E10: Silence Lay Steadily

    I thought it was one of the most cringeworthy moments of the series, and it took me out of the episode. I did like the actress though, and wished she was more involved in some way.
  9. non sequitur

    S01.E10: Silence Lay Steadily

    I almost wish I didn't watch this. It was over the top, preachy and most of the visions became silly. It dragged a lot, and so much emphasis on the The Dudleys who should have been dealt with before. Really disappointed with the ending.
  10. non sequitur

    S01.E08: Witness Marks

    I totally jumped and screamed! Was not expecting that at all! Both conversations were so great to me, and quite moving. Every episode is a gut punch.
  11. non sequitur

    S01.E04: The Twin Thing

    I am starting to lose interest a bit at this point. Not a fan of the constant time jumps. The ending of this episode was well done.
  12. non sequitur

    S01.E10: AKA 1,000 Cuts

    This was the episode that really took me out of the show. I thought it was disappointing that they killed off so many supporting characters and abruptly ended half of the storylines.
  13. non sequitur

    S01.E02: Open Casket

    Agree! It also seems outrageous that the funeral directors in both scenarios are leading the kids around, forcing them to look. Very strange.
  14. non sequitur

    S04.E03: Baby Fat

    Aside from being deeply offensive and obviously fake, most of the scenes are becoming embarrassing to watch. Roy and everything at the radio station is just ugh.
  15. non sequitur

    S05.E04: Kirsten's Story

    I think it's more that he is trying to get back at her for everything she has not done for him. He really needs support and guidance at that age, and instead he is abused.