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  1. Katalina

    Santa Clarita Diet

    Re: the Season 3---will it be one or two eps a week, or will we be able to binge-watch?
  2. Katalina

    S02.E10: All Alone

    Quote from Pogojoco: YES, to all the above. I too am surprised that Joel is so present. I thought his character would be limited to being mentioned, as in “the kids are with Joel this weekend.” I wonder, along with others, if the show is setting up an eventual reconciliation. I'm on the hate-the-pregnancy bandwagon. I hate how so many writers just throw a pregnancy in. Yes women get pregnant, and yes, birth control was dicey c. 1960, but really, all women don't get pregnant all the time. In TV-universe they seem to, though. I'm thinking it's a Sophie revenge move, to try to break them up. I don't think Suzie will go for it though. Another thought: Maybe Shy is actually a friend of Sophie's and is going to pull the rug out from under Miriam's feet, as there won't be a tour for her. Maybe I'm over-thinking it, but Sophie is hell to have as an enemy. Why “poor”? Back in the day, the caps denoted what nursing school you'd gone to. Personally I kinda miss the classic nurse outfit, and find the baggy pastel stuff they wear these days a bit off-putting. I knew a nurse back around 1998 who always wore her white dress and cap (and she was young, under 40) to show her pride in the profession.
  3. Katalina

    Santa Clarita Diet

    We can only hope! Every once in a while I see if there's anything out there about when Season 3 will start.
  4. Katalina

    S02.E10: Halibut!

    I'm coming late to the party. Just binge-watched season one with my sister, who had heard the show was funny yet knew nothing at all about the zombie story-line. She was visiting me and said she wanted to watch something diverting. She was a bit shocked at the zombie gore. I got caught up in the story and went ahead and binge-watched part of Season two before finally going to bed myself. Finished up the rest of season 2 the next morning. Obviously I enjoy the show, and yet am not particularly into the zombie genre, my previous zombie watching consisting of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” which I got a kick out of. So I guess I like my zombie entertainment with big dollops of ironic humor... I enjoy the aspect of Sheila and Joel being realtors (“real-a-ters”), as an ironic counterpoint to the zombie story. I truly enjoy their relentlessly upbeat take on things---is it them, or is it California culture, or is it the community-boosterism that seems necessary for realtors? I also enjoy that the subsidiary story-lines are coherent, and give plenty of room for a variety of plot twists. I don't agree that destroying the ruby clams means less story-line----there are still those fierce zombie hunters, who destroyed the clam farm, to contend with. And the weird spider things have to be destroyed, presumably. And will Gary remain a character, or decide he wants to be killed? And is Seattle safe from contamination by Ramona? And how many more zombies are out there, anyway? Where I'm going with this is, I really hate the clams. They disturb me and gross me out. And yes, more than the zombie-fest grosses me out. I don't understand that either, I just know I want the clams to stay gone! Updating this a few days later: I wonder if Principal Novak and/or his granny are zombies. Where's that coming from? Well, it seems like often zombies offer people food, especially sweet food, like pastry. Isn't the principal always offering the kids candy? I just wondered if there was a meaning in that... Anyway, I'm looking forward to season 3---any word on when it will be airing?
  5. Katalina

    S01.E07: Put That On Your Plate!

    I agree that Midge should've had more sense than to take down Sophie. So Sophie dissed her for eating a cookie---bfd. Midge's take down was immature and unethical and petty. It makes me like the character a whole lot less. I'll keep watching, for the mid-century awesomeness of the sets and clothes, but I've lost most interest in Midge. I love so many of the other characters and actors that I can disengage from the main character.
  6. Katalina

    Trading Spaces Reboot Anticipation

    Basically, I think designers hate microwaves, so their solution is to hide them.
  7. Katalina

    Classic Trading Spaces: 2001-2008 Seasons Discussion

    Laurie was my favorite designer---always tasteful, very few mis-hits. And yes, she had an eye for fabrics, but I'm into fabrics so that's okay. Oddly, I never found Laurie's personality all that engaging, and sometimes she seemed very patronizing to the h.o.s she was working with. And while Frank's style was a bit gimmicky for me, I have to say, he was a great designer in that he took a look at the room he was doing, and improved it, rather than doing something drastically different. People always liked Frank's rooms, and that's a big plus for a designer! I'll watch again if they re-boot the show. I've been in withdrawal for years...
  8. My enjoyment of wallowing in mid-century modern helps me *almost* overlook supposed anachronisms such as panty-hose and "nerd alert." The first time I heard "nerd" was when my aunt called my father a nerd c. 1969 or so. I'm interested to see that the word dated to the early-to-mid '50s. And pantyhose may have just been invented in the late '50s, but they took a while to become generally available. I remember "graduating" from 6th grade in 1966 and wearing stockings in honor of the occasion. I had a teen-version of a girdle with garters to hold up the stockings. I think there may have been resistance to pantyhose because they may have seemed more extravagant than stockings---if one stocking got a run, it was just one replacement, but the entire pantyhose would have to be tossed if a run occurred. I'm truly loving the apartment interiors in the show---unlike a mid-century modern museum type look that you get in shelter magazines, this shows the modern furniture integrated with family pieces and lamps and knick-knacks that are more traditional. And how about a shout out for Miriam's gorgeous wardrobe?
  9. Katalina

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    I'll always see the Stark sisters playing LF as beginning with Arya finding the note in LF's room. Yes, he wanted her to find it, but she also wanted him to know she was searching his room (the incredible noise she made while tossing his room). And it seems, in retrospect, that Arya and Sansa had their arguments/fights in hallways, and not so often in private spaces. Plus, they always seemed a bit stilted when having their fights, which I assumed was to telegraph to the audience that they were play-acting. I just always saw it that way. While being okay with aunt/nephew incest, I'm squicked by pairing 40-ish Jamie with 20-ish Sansa. Plus, he shoved Bran and crippled him (while trying to kill him). No redemption arc can cover that, IMO.
  10. Katalina

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Another couple of Arya jobs: oyster seller and pretend brothel worker (with Meryn Trant). On re-watch, I'm noticing Qyburn with the wight's severed hand. Davos takes it from Qyburn, and he and Jon burn it, and the look on Qyburn's face is kind of “why do you want to burn them?” Like a neat toy has been taken from him. Agree! In an odd way, action scenes tend to stop the story for a while. There's some advancement of story, but it's the interactions, the conversations, the plotting and intrigue, that show character development and really move the story. That was her brother Ned (a younger version!) with her right before she died.
  11. Katalina

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Calamity Jane, please stay positive about being able to see the conclusion of the show. 2019 is indeed quite a while—I'll have to count down the months (like a prisoner to a release date!)
  12. Katalina

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    I keep watching this ep on HBO on Demand, just to catch LF's trial and execution. I keep shutting it off before the ice dragon destroys the wall, 'cuz that just creeps me out and upsets me. And yes, I think Tormund and Beric are still alive, because, well they just have to be... Does anyone have a date (or approximate date) of airing for the second installment of Season 7?
  13. Katalina

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Not until they do a Tormund/Brienne series!
  14. Katalina

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

  15. Katalina

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Schemers aren't all negative---Varys is a great schemer, smarter than Cersei, and not crazy! I KNEW those Stark girls weren't actually against each other. Great play, Starks! And SO glad to see LF go. I was over his endless shit-stirring several seasons ago. Thrilled to see Jamie leave Cersei. He's decided his word means something, so he's off to fight the good fight. Plus, finally sick of his sister and her megalomania. Make that a quadrangle---don't forget Jorah. The ice dragon was well done, and the blue ice/flame was well done. I really didn't know what was going to be up with a white walker ice dragon. All we can hope is that when he sees his mother, he'll turn on his new step-father. What reason would Euron have used for up and leaving if there hadn't been a wight?