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  1. JessDVD

    NCIS: New Orleans

    Hannah's Tortured Past's Resolution ep: Sebastian: I can't believe I made that shot from this far! / Gregorio: That was me - was probably the best line of the ep. Hannah: (fries Mr. Bad Guy with exposed cable thing, nearly expires, allows Pride to take cable thing) / Mr. DVD: That was an exposed ground wire (or something like that, whatever he said, I know is accurate because he knows electricity) so Pride and (rewinds episode) yeah, and Hannah too, are now dead too but good try. It would help if I'd ever paid attention to anything in the Hannah's Tortured Past leadup episodes, but I had literally no idea who any of those people were, up to and including Hannah's husband (ex? Not sure, other than I said "Oh, just make out, you know you want to!" at the end). I know my American is showing when I say this, but it didn't help that they all seemed to be of the same Vaguely Ethnic section of the appearance factory. Thanks, Chekhov's mirror that the camera lingered on for longer than 2 seconds, making it clear that it would save Pride moments later, when Vaguely Ethnic #5 actually was a bad guy and not Vaguely Ethnic #6/morally ambiguous who was in the hospital at the end, because I spent those moments trying to figure out which one he was. And now hopefully we can be done with Hannah's Tortured Past and perhaps she and her husband can reconcile, before his inevitable demise at the hands of whoever replaces Mr. Now Neck Fried Bad Guy.
  2. JessDVD

    Kids Baking Championship

    My kids love this show and I paid a little more attention this season. We were all Paige for the win so that turned out nicely for us. I want to eat that cake, please. Davis's thinking the 80s is hippie caused me to age about ten years. (Sob sob)
  3. JessDVD

    S03. E16. Forfeiture

    I generally take the line of actions have consequences and doing the right thing means doing the right thing even when it's hard. So I think it would have been appropriate for the kid to face some level of consequence for what he did. But there has got to be some kind ethical boundary for FBI agents that doesn't involve practically stalking a kid to try to get him to do something illegal, to then turn around and arrest him and get promotions. THAT might have been a more interesting case to watch, where the kid were suing the FBI agent or something like that. Watching people who are normally friends compete against each other like that is boring and uncomfortable. I'm not even sure it falls outside of conflict of interest to have a law student and a law student's boss managing cases that intersect like that. All of that to say, I enjoyed watching Chunk be a lawyer and I'm hopeful for more of that. Of all the things that the writers do terribly while I continue to watch, the one area they shine IMO, is writing Benny's arguing in court (his own testifying's legal standing, notwithstanding), and I think there's a good chance they'll write Chunk well also.
  4. JessDVD

    S16. E14. Once Upon a Tim

    That episode was superb. I don't know what it is about the "Young ____" episodes, but those almost always are the best by far, like they can only afford the good writer once or twice a year and he/she chooses to come out only when they do a "Young _____" episode. That actor got young McGee perfect and I loved the actress playing the girlfriend. Didn't as much care for the actress playing the girlfriend as an adult but I can let it slide. Delilah! The whole scene in their apartment! I have to confess though, that the whole Delilah-in-wheelchair thing, I don't know, something about it bugs, and I think it may be since the actress herself is not a paraplegic, she doesn't carry it off as well as Daryl Mitchell/Patton (who actually is a paraplegic) on NCIS NOLA? Not totally sure. But I don't love it. I never cared for the Delilah paralysis plotline originally, as I felt like it added nothing to the plot, and I still don't care for it now. The other part I really, really didn't buy was that the Admiral apparently aspired to be a tap dancer also? Right. I also would have found it more realistic if they hadn't had the nice moment with the Admiral at the end - I felt like the rest of his appearances prior in the series led to a "Well, I'm highly disappointed in you" rather than a "You have to choose your path" end.
  5. JessDVD

    NCIS: New Orleans

    Guest Starring Geordi episode: LeVar Burton's character asking out Loretta was telegraphed from a mile and a half away but fortunately by the time he actually did it, I didn't find it as irritating as I would have 15 minutes prior. A scene with the dorky lab rat turned agent not knowing about regular social conventions like not washing a lady's underwear for her? This is literally unprecedented TV! You sneaky trailblazers, you! /sarcasm out. That said, I find Gregorio less annoying when she and Sebastian are doing their back-and-forth thing. I did find myself wondering if we're leading up to some sort of will they-won't they arc with the two of them. I was pretty sure Grassley was the eventual perp because of the H!IKTG, and then questioned if I actually did know that guy when I found the actor's name, but a quick scan of his (Raphael Sbarge) bio shows that it was probably his character on Once Upon a Time (I watched season one and the first couple of season two).
  6. JessDVD

    NCIS: New Orleans

    Housewives episode: Only on NCIS does Pride get shot 4 times in the chest point-blank and live, but random criminal #37587 gets pegged in the side once and dies in 5 seconds. They made it look like Stepford wife #3 died also, I was a little surprised when it turned out she got through surgery. Gregorio: your husband is on a C-130 plane from Dubai. Mr. DVD: A C-130 from Dubai? Plan on him getting there sometime next month. (Apparently that's an old, slow plane) And because I'm sure you wanted to know, he did the math while I was typing this, and it would take 22 continuous hours to fly from Dubai to NOLA, stopping to fuel 3 times. It always looks so much faster on the show...
  7. JessDVD

    S03. E14. Leave It All Behind

    What I can't get over (and this is not the first time at all for this show) is that a situation like this would actually go to trial when there is literally no SHRED of evidence linking the husband to the murder until halfway through the trial. I keep thinking of Blue Bloods when Danny (detective) goes to Erin (ADA) asking for a warrant based on a hunch and she's like, you're crazy. Unless I blacked out somewhere in the first act, there was nothing, NOTHING implicating the husband other than convenience, and I can't believe that The People would go all the way to prosecute based on "Well, he's got to be guilty because he's the husband and look how shifty he seems". ADA Erin Reagan does not approve. Also, shouldn't the investigators have already seized phone records, seen those texts, and interviewed the assistant and the bodyguard? I've said it before (and yet I still enjoy the show) that the show is way stronger when we're not intended to question the guilt of the defendant, but rather what outcome the trial should have. I thought that pregnant lady who shot her abusive asshole husband while he was asleep was a good example of this. These shows where the investigators do nothing other than arrest the most convenient suspect and the DA takes it straight to trial even though there wasn't even enough evidence to grant a warrant, and thank goodness that Bull's people know how to investigate...
  8. JessDVD

    Nailed It!

    My phone told me yesterday that Nailed It Mexico is now available. It's dubbed in English but we're watching it in Spanish because we were in Costa Rica last month and some of my college Spanish emerged by the end of the week. With English subtitles so my husband has a clue what's going on. My favorite part so far was the lady who didn't know how to use a can opener. No Nicole but the camp is still there.
  9. JessDVD

    S03. E13. Prior Bad Acts

    I could live with the "I just can't quit you" thing if she weren't, you know, married. Initially I thought that the vic was going to be a perp in some sort of something with the guy whose computer he was using at the beginning, where he wiped off the keyboard, I was thinking "removing fingerprints" before "germaphobe". But yeah, about ten seconds later it was glaringly obvious that the death was something to do with all the hand sanitizer.
  10. JessDVD

    S03. E11. Separate Together

    I thought for this show, that was a surprisingly well-written episode. No obviously shoddy police work, the only one that came close was Auntie Attorney willing to throw the husband under the bus rather than investigate further - which while wrong, was at least understandable. I thought the "Oh, that moment that I never thought about at the time and am just now remembering" came off as actually realistic, rather than ridiculously convenient. I don't like it when people who should obviously know better make idiotic decisions, but a young couple who's like, I don't even know how I ended up in this situation and I don't know how to defend myself, is realistic. Could not be bothered to remember or care what the history with Diana was, or about how things are now...
  11. JessDVD

    Nailed It!

    I watched these! The crafting one was really boring. I appreciated that they did all areas of the holiday season, from Jesus Christmas to winter to Hanukkah and so on. Someone should tell Nicole she already got the job, she doesn't have to keep auditioning for it. Jacques Torres lost some weight and about 20 years in the process. I almost didn't recognize him. As far as I know, not being a cake artist myself, but having watched various cake shows for the last 10 years, the words buttercream and buttercream frosting are interchangeable and refer to a specific type of frosting, made with butter. As opposed to whipped cream/whipped topping, or fondant, or etc. I've never made a cake pop but I'm pretty sure you mix crumbled cake and buttercream until it's mold-able into ball shapes. The short time bugs me too. I know that nobody is expecting them to actually come up with a decent product and the prize is more awarded for "least awful" than "best", plus the contestants are less than amateur and probably don't have the stamina for a standard cake show time period of several hours, but it'll be 45 minutes for something that surely took Jacques over 2 hours, maybe we could meet in the middle???
  12. JessDVD

    Good Media: Articles, Clips, Previews, Reviews

    The funny thing for me about this, is that TGP is the one show that we actually watch live as long as both of us are home at that time (which is most of the time, because it's this show). Every other show we DVR and the same as you and the rest of the modern world. But I do agree. The answer to "Did you watch ______ last night?" at the water cooler, is probably "I worked late but I DVRed it and am going to watch when I get home today". And I'm glad they keep renewing TGP even though its Nielsen isn't great.
  13. JessDVD

    S03. E10. A Higher Law

    See, if maybe the other kids there also introduced themselves, and not just Harvardkid, there might have been a SMIDGEN of mystery about who it actually was... And shouldn't it have taken about ten seconds of police work to do some checking on where everyone who normally drove the van was at that time? I'm a religious person (not Catholic though) and I totally understand the whole what thou confesseth, thy priest will not divulgeth, but I really, really don't understand including crimes in that. I'm trying to catch up on Blue Bloods (Catholic all over there) and I just watched a late s7 ep last week where a priest had a parishioner confess he'd committed a crime and wouldn't be useful to the cops. This one was a *little* better in that the priest was willing to take the fall for not giving up the kid, sort of a "take me instead" move. The "you know you're going to hell" line was kind of weird... I mean, every religion pretty much believes that but most people who aren't Puritan preachers from the 1700s soften that sentiment a bit when speaking to an unbeliever. I assume it was to allow Bull the "already reserved a suite there" line.
  14. JessDVD

    S03. E09. Separation

    I know I've got to stop coming here saying "Well, that would have been a lot better if _____" and yet here we are again.... That would have been a lot better if they could possibly have squeezed some nuance out of the immigration issue. Like having a judge who was sympathetic to the situation but felt stuck in that he is expected to uphold the law and it's difficult for him to decide how to rule in these cases because everyone seeking asylum has a sympathetic situation. Or having Gabriel have a criminal history since arriving in the US but having cleaned it up since then. Or having him come completely illegally, because I would maintain in this situation that he didn't *intend* to enter illegally, he *thought* that he would have everything correct, but was hosed by the lawyer. If they were intending to cast some sort of statement about immigration, I assume it was for us to sympathize with Gabriel/actual people in lousy situations trying to seek asylum in the US but it was harder to do so because it didn't seem like he made choices in line with the character they were showing him to be. I agree with the previous posts that an educated man like himself, should have known to pursue other options when he realized lawyer was a scumbag. Just once I'd like someone on this show to have a romantic interest who is NOT part of a case.
  15. JessDVD

    S03.E10: Janet(s)

    That was forking brilliant. If D'arcy Carden doesn't win all kinds of awards for that, there really is a bad place. Didn't Michael say back in season 1 that Abraham Lincoln is in the Good Place? Although I guess anything he said then is up for debate. And I have no idea when we are right now, so the whole, nobody in the last 500 years could be just about any time. I was just at the point of being ok if Chidi/Eleanor didn't happen but that way of doing it was great.