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  1. ahpny

    Northern Exposure

    She was a great character and a perfect zen foil for New York-neurotic "Joel." The episode that I recall best about her is when she "ran away" to the "big city," (Seattle), and Joel chased after her in an apoplectic frenzy because he thought she couldn't survive in a big city. He tried to explain to the local police how "guileless" she was ("you know, she has no guile") and why that put her in danger. Understandably, they looked at him like he was nuts. Nevertheless, he found her at the zoo. She met with no harm and merely had a good time. I think a reboot could work and I'd give it a try. Some reboots work (Will and Grace, mostly), others don't (Murphy Brown, despite my persistent hope). Some have blended casts (both old and new), like Dallas, while others rewrite and recast all the characters and play with the casting assumptions of the original (Dynasty). There are many ways to do this, but getting it right is tricky when an audience has preconceived ideas about what "should" happen with characters they "know."
  2. ahpny

    Whiskey Cavalier

    I've enjoyed the first two episodes, and credit much of that to the chemistry among the actors. As some have commented, this reminds me (fondly) of Burn Notice. I'm not looking for anything deep or intensely meaningful, so this is just fine. But allow me to nerd out just for a bit. I can accept a significant amount of suspension of belief in the name of entertaining fiction, but gratuitous nonsense irks. I’ve always suspected that one to culprits for our relative STEM ignorance is the false presentation of simple scientific principles in popular entertainment. For example, Superman cannot lift thin-skinned aluminum-hulled airplane by the palm of his hand. The force needed to move a many-ton aircraft exerted over the small surface area of a hand (Kryptonian or otherwise) would punch a hole in that hull as easily as a pin goes through a balloon. Here, we have a safe with two people trapped inside that “fills” with water within seconds. Anyone who’s filled a bathtub - and knows how long that takes – knows this is absurd. While we don’t have the flow rate for the burst pipe or exact measurements of the interior of the safe, we can do some rough calculations. Let’s estimate the flow rate at 5.5 gallons a minute, which Google tells me a good estimate for the average flow rate of bath tub faucet. While we also cannot directly connect the flow rate of the busted water pipe to the average flow rate of a bath tub faucet, the flow rate of that busted pipe didn’t really look like a raging torrent – so bathroom tub faucet it is. Let’s estimate the safe as a cube 10’ by 10’ by 10.’ That comes from the unhelpful instruction to “stand back 20 feet” from the explosion and the response, “well, we only have 10” or something similar. So how long would should it have taken to fill the safe? One cubic foot holds 7.48 gallons of water. Ten by 10 by 10 is 1000 cubic feet. Let’s subtract 6 cubic feet for stuff in the safe (the two people – average about 2.5 cubic feet in volume - and the table). 994 cubic feet should hold about 7450 gallons of water (996 x 7.48). At 5.5 gallons/minute, the fill time should be 1354.56 minutes (7450/5.5), or 1.5 hours short of an entire day. This also assumes a constant flow rate, but the point is 22 ½ hours is vastly different than a few seconds. Even in escapist, fluffy fiction, we should be able to do better than this.
  3. ahpny

    Will & Grace

    I had thought that with all the years of so many "Will is fat jokes" the Jack/Grace worrying about being only "Disneyland thin" and sparing over croutons couldn't get any more awkward, but then Will waltzes in, exactly the same thinness he's been for two decades, and both Grace and Jack seethe at his thinness and his complaint that he can't gain any weight. What gives?
  4. Why can't we have more Republican politicians like Will Hurd? If I were more familiar with him, I expect I'd disagree with much of what he believes (and has apparently voted for), but he is undeniably reasonable, caring, informed and and, most importantly, reality-based. Contrary to trying to goad him into dumping his Republican status and questioning his choice to remain in his party, we should prop him up and hope he, and the glaringly few others like him, return the Republican's to some sense of normalcy and responsibility. Having said that, I know all I need to know about Bill DeBlasio. Stay home Mr. Mayor. The rest of the country doesn't "need" you or your fatwa against moderate democrats. And lay off the Bloomberg bashing. The City ran far better with him than you.
  5. ahpny

    S04.E12: I Need a Break

    "I Hate Everything But You" worked well in several ways. Of course it was a spot-on homage to Bruce Springsteen, though I thought I detected some Meatloaf-flavored musical references as well. But it also advanced the plot while staying pretty true to "Greg." Just when you thought they'd exhausted all musical genres to parody, they come up with more. I'm going to miss this show after it ends, but fortunately I think most of those associated with it should have bright futures in lots of other stuff.
  6. ahpny

    Will & Grace

    I had always thought a "Fame" homage, where Jack drags Karen to some audition and he sings a duet with her - poorly - but she just shines and gets a part in whatever production they're auditioning for would have been a perfect showcase for Megan's exceptional voice. But this was fine too, and am just happy they gave her a chance to sing full out.
  7. ahpny

    Sex Education

    His inability to finish during sex with his girlfriend was another rather glaring tell. But what distracted me more was his disparate apparent age. While pretty much all the other “teen” actors mostly looked like the 16-year olds they were supposed to be, “Adam” looked like a too-strapping guy in his late twenties. Google tells me the actor is only 22, but he looks more mature. Another aspect of this was sparingly few characters were entirely good or bad. Yes, the headmaster seemed to have no redeeming qualities, and going back on Jackson’s “Meave stays if I swim deal” was especially evil. And the Swedish plumber and his daughter were also a little too perfect. But all of the rest did both good and bad things – perhaps for understandable reasons – but did them nevertheless. For example, the brother's grifting dress purchase was wrong in almost all ways, but you had to give it to him for wanting his sister to look her best and doing the only thing he could to make that happen. While not a harmless crime, it was pretty low on the spectrum of reprehensibility. The drug dealing, not so much. Not being familiar with economics of British "public schools," how can Meave afford to attend this school? All the other homes we saw signaled significant wealth. Who pays, not only for this school for Maeve, but pretty much everything else she needs? I didn't understand how a 16-year old would be living entirely on her own and going to what appeared to be an expensive, hard-to-get-into college-preparatory school. Are there scholarships involved? Without any background in how the UK deals with child custody and support issue raised by Maeve's "unlucky" family situation, this aspect of the show seemed off or at least questionable.
  8. ahpny

    S04.E10: I Can Work With You

    My Spanish isn't fluent, but I think Valencia, when speaking to Hector just before they played the game, said something like "if you ruin this I'm going to cut out your eyes an throw them in the river." Happy to be corrected by anyone with a better command of Spanish.
  9. I didn't understand the point of having the football player on - but I was even less understanding of why Bill was so handsy with him. What gives with that? That was particularly awkward (perhaps telling?) given his over-defensiveness regarding the accusations against the Bernie campaign guys. It was almost like Bill felt he was defending himself since, in his view, he seems to do stuff like this all the time and no one should question his "innocent" behavior. Look he's doing it right now!
  10. For me as well. I don't find "Joel" as troubling as many others either. Indeed, if their roles had been reversed, and Joel had shown up late at night, unplanned, essentially for a booty call at Midge's home (or place of work), I suspect there would be far more complaints. But when Midge does that, it's merely cute. and excused because Joel is unforgivable. Yes, there's her "I'm always going to be alone" angst, but isn't she essentially cheating on the good doctor Benjamin as well? Is the Sophie Lennon character based on a real person or a composite of real people? I know Midge is very loosely drawn from Joan Rivers, who of course had a prominent falling out with Johnny Carson, but I'm not aware of her feuds with any other comedians or entertainers.
  11. OK, why hire Jacob Kemp and omit him from an employee-end-of-summer show? Other than that, I've found this series very enjoyable in every way.
  12. ahpny

    S11.E11: The Wheels on the Dog go Round and Round

    The point is hope. Through a combination of respect, admiration and nostalgia for the original iteration of show, I've stuck it out through the entire run of the reboot. But up till now, I've frankly found the reboot irredeemably awful. I nevertheless continued to watch in hope that some of the spirit of the original might reappear sometime. In this episode that hope was realized. This was the first episode of the reboot that I found enjoyable. While it still had leaden and cringeworthy moments, it had many more bright shots such as those others have already identified.
  13. ahpny

    S05.E09: Had It From My Father

    If I were writing the show, I'd keep Kingsley around. He's great for ramping up the drama. I'd firm up his paternity and confirm him as being Lucious' son. Kingsley's mother seemed pretty confident when offering a DNA test, so that suggests the "Shine is daddy" theory may be a distraction. But still a worthy theory given the Shine flashback. I can't see them offing Andre, however. He's too good a character with more stories to tell. Indeed, why introduce a new girlfriend for him - with a ready-made family - if they're just going to kill him off? I see the Andre coding scene as another distraction. Also, of the Lyon son's, for my money, he's the best actor. Maybe the body in the coffin is Kingsley's mother. While Lucious professes to have no feeling for her now, and that would be inconsistent with his grieving expression at the coffin later, maybe he suppressed those feeling and they come back after the reveal of Kingsley being they're son sinks in. Also, they went from being fully committed to needing a break in the course of one or two episodes. Not all that realistic. I thought the mention of Jamal's prior boyfriend Michael several times in recent previous episodes was a bit odd, and maybe foreshadowed Kai's exit. However, Michael's return (at least by the same actor) would seem unlikely given that actor now being a central character in Dynasty.
  14. ahpny

    S05.E06: What Is Done

    Why did they bring up "Michael" (Rafael de la Fuente) as the prior "favorite boyfriend" of Jamaal? It seems like they're foreshadowing his possible return. If they do bring him back, at least they should let him sing this time. He's pretty good.
  15. ahpny

    S05.E05: The Depth Of Grief

    There may not be much overlap between the audiences for Empire now and that of Queer as Folk 15 years ago, but the Jamal-Kai plot seems lifted almost without change from that series of a decade and a half ago. All of these points are common to both: · An adorable, admirable and generally good gay son has an overbearing, and overprotective mother who accepted him always when many others didn’t. · The good gay son finds a nice (and hot!) boyfriend who seems almost too perfect in all respects, save one. · That one is of course he’s HIV+. · The otherwise sympathetic and gay-friendly mother takes offense at the idea of the HIV+ boyfriend dating her precious HIV- son and seemingly rejects rational medical concern and refuses to believe that the relationship can proceed without undue danger to her son. · The mother bluntly confronts the HIV+ boyfriend and demands that he break it off to keep her son safe. · The HIV+ boyfriend (and the son) both refuse the mother’s breakup demands and stand firm. · The charming (and hot!) HIV+ boyfriend nevertheless wins over the overbearing mother when she realizes how truly he does love her son. Also, if Lucius really cared about Cookie as much as he says he does, he wouldn’t be feeding his heart-attack-surviving wife Philly cheese steaks. They’re pretty much a cardiologist’s worst nightmare. And where was the cheese anyway?