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  1. Dots And Stripes

    Season 16 Discussion

    My favorite part was Kelly telling Blake it was Gwen's song like he might not know. Like once wasn't enough, she had to make sure he knew.
  2. Dots And Stripes

    S03.E13: Pandemonium

    Good point! I guess one huge difference is Chidi can't lie and Eleanor is a world class liar. But yeah, he's kind of setting her up for some torture. I'm a little surprised they didn't spell out some of the danger here: Chidi will genuinely like Simone. He won't know that he had chosen Eleanor and in fact a big reason why he left Simone was that he knew more than she did about the afterlife. With them back at the same level of knowledge, they may connect. The show went heavy handed on the Eleanor and Chidi love story that they ended up underplaying how much of a threat Simone is to Eleanor.
  3. Dots And Stripes

    S03.E13: Pandemonium

    It's the season finale. NBC already picked up the show for season 4.
  4. Dots And Stripes

    S03.E13: Pandemonium

    I loved Janet telling Eleanor she was 1 of those 3 things (robot, girl, friend). She's a friend! Awww! I've missed the neighborhood so much, and the Eleanor/Chidi goodbye was sweet. I'm just over the endless reboots.
  5. Dots And Stripes

    S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    Michael showed Eleanor her memories?
  6. Dots And Stripes

    S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    Yep! David Niednagel (yes, I had to google the spelling). The cast also uses his name as shorthand for visual effects. Example: Did Kristen really throw the lamp or was it Niednagled?
  7. Dots And Stripes

    S06.E02: Hitchcock & Scully

    I love Jake calling Holt "Dad." Jake had most of my favorite lines tonight, including his reaction to Hitchcock and Scully talking like Trump.
  8. Dots And Stripes

    S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    Maximum Derek! Loved seeing Mantzoukas return. I hope tonight's set-up means we get a few more weeks of the new and improved Derek. I'm wondering if Shawn picked a mailman as one of the four new humans to try and drive a wedge between Eleanor and Chidi. I could totally see all of the new humans being chosen to specifically drive our cockroaches crazy. The Niednagel name was cute. For those who don't listen to the podcast, Niednagel does special effects for the show.
  9. Dots And Stripes

    S03.E11: The Book of Dougs

    I recognized Nicole Byer's voice when she first spoke from the other room. Nailed it! I like that Michael made some real progress tonight. Tahani being selfless was sweet. Jameela was great in this episode. I liked the idea of Eleanor and Chidi as a couple, but seeing them as an actual couple is freaking me out.
  10. Dots And Stripes

    B99 In the Media: News, Interviews, Awards, And MORE!

    No, it’s a new one. I’ve seen an old one with Jake dancing at the bar (same scene, Amy is wearing a wedding dress.) The Holt quote is new.
  11. Dots And Stripes

    B99 In the Media: News, Interviews, Awards, And MORE!

    We need a spoiler thread! Anyway, did NBC drop a spoiler in the promo during the Golden Globes?
  12. Dots And Stripes

    S04.E03: Semi-Final and Final

    I didn’t mind Andrea, but Amanda definitely crossed the line from snarky to rude in the last 2 episodes. Very happy for Tina!
  13. Dots And Stripes

    The Judges

    The story with Batali isn’t dead. (Grub Street did a follow-up on his businesses 2 weeks ago.) I still see periodic headlines into new details about how bad the culture was at his businesses. With someone like Batali, lying low is a way to hope people still go to his restaurants without realizing they are lining his pockets. If one is guilty of the accusations, getting people to stop talking about you is a win. I feel worse for the winner who never got to reap the rewards of her win than I do for the Judge who paid a price for his own actions.
  14. Dots And Stripes

    Strictly Come Dancing

    They all have the option to reuse their couple's choice dance, so I don't see it as unfair. Besides, the couples all get to play to their strengths with their choice in the last round.
  15. Dots And Stripes

    Strictly Come Dancing

    The result tonight looks like the dances tonight didn't matter. Kevin blew it with the showdance, but Stacey's popularity made that a non-issue. Gosh Kevin's ego is going to be unbearable. On the bright side, we can stop hearing about how Kevin has been robbed so many times. Can we get Gio a win next series, please?