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  1. qtpye

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Randall’s compliments to Beth remind me of Jack’s compliments to Rebecca in that they are somewhat sincere but at least slightly manipulative. Jack loves Rebecca but it is contingent on her following along with his grand scheme of their life. As soon as Rebecca decided to want to sing again, Jack goes off the rails. Yeah, St. Jack was right and her band mate/old flame just wanted to hit on her but it does not change that that he was an incredibly controlling guy. Randall also has the same tendencies with Beth. She is his queen until she desires something for herself. Beth has always taken a backseat to Randall’s desires and the desires of his self centered family. Randall probably does not even notice this since that is what he grew up with. I am not saying Beth is a saint. She should of never let last minute drinks with her boss interfere with a previously agreed upon dinner date, but she probably is sick of always being the one to compromise. I remember Rebecca never wanted kids and got three that she almost had to raise herself. Sure Jack got to be the hero and swoop in for the big gestures but she handled the day to day drudgery. Kevin resented her for favoring Randall, Kate has hated her until pretty recently for being slim and attractive, and Randall thinks her offering free child care for his kids is “an early Christmas present “. Her children have felt this way about their whole lives and it is just starting to change now that they are all knocking on forty. Sometimes I think she would have been happier child free.
  2. It’s like the director was also fooled by her dangerously charismatic personality. The director honestly thinks she meant well and her early motives came from a good place.
  3. qtpye

    Leaving Neverland

    As a woman of color, I always felt that MJ did not want black children due to issues with his father and other types of self hate. I think the skin disease was a convenient excuse. The man could literally buy children and he wanted to buy children who had white privilege.
  4. qtpye

    S10.E18: Stand By Your Man

    I was sorta hoping that Mitch was going to say “Eff you Cam, how about you actually do something for ME, instead of thinking about yourself all the time!”
  5. qtpye

    S08.E12: You Give Love A Bad Name

    The ex also composed the song that she walked down the aisle to marry Doug and her main reason for wanting to go on The Bachelor was to make him jealous. I have seen him and he really does not look much older than her and actually might look younger than Doug. Supposedly, she was madly in love with him but he did not want to have any more children, which was her dealbreaker with him.
  6. qtpye


    Farrah is desperate to show how “in demand” she is and how she does not need this show to be a star.
  7. qtpye

    S08.E12: You Give Love A Bad Name

    AJ is starting to scare me a bit. It is totally confusing what the hell is going on between these two. Luke obviously thought he was being really clever by keeping things off camera but there is no privacy on a reality show that literally marries strangers. There is always a participant who thinks they can game the system and fail. The fact that Luke looks like Fagin and Kate thinks he is so sexy makes me think a group of male strippers should go with a Charles Dickens theme. “Ladies, please welcome to the stage a man who has more than just a big wallet....Ebenezer Scrooge!” I think Jas and Will traded places attraction wise. I think at first he was a little more into her than she was into him but now that is switched. On unfiltered Will seemed much more lively than he has been with Jas. On a shallow note, Jas is a nice looking tall statuesque woman and Will kind of looks puny next to him. On unfiltered he looked like a giant next to tiny Kristine and Stephanie I am a woman of color that grew up in Atlanta. There are a lot of amazing women out there who do not meet a good match because the odds are simply not in their favor. I do not know why a Civil Engineer is so desperate for money. I know several that make well within six figures.
  8. I never thought I would say this but kudos to Jaimie for not towing the company line.
  9. I just sometimes feel that Cat is just not very bright. I don’t think she is an idiot but she does not seem to be a dynamic thinker or aware of her own hypocrisy. She is hoping for good treatment of her girls yet she was horrible to Jon. She thinks Edmure is foolish for wanting a comely bride when it was her son not marrying a Frey that forces Edmure into this unpleasant situation that he seems to be trying to make the best of.
  10. qtpye

    S04.E08: Home Improvement

    I want to scream “You let go of Falcor!” Every time I get upset at work but people will just think I’m crazy since no one else watches the show.
  11. In my family she is the Goddess of love and death. She is often depicted as a force of nature that can not be controlled until she accidentally sets her foot on her beloved husband, Shiv (in Indian society that is a sign of great disrespect). To see her as a kindly elderly woman was interesting and not something I expected. Edited to add that she often wears a necklace of severed heads and usually has her tongue sticking out.
  12. qtpye

    S06:E10 Smithlfly Designs

    Hooking up with Marcus should be a goldmine for this guy.
  13. qtpye

    Leaving Neverland

    Totally chilling. I was sick when they talked about him bouncing a 12-year-old Jordi on his knee and calling him rubber.
  14. qtpye

    S07.E11: Nina Says Don't Cry Over Spilt Silk

    There was a whole lot of ugly on that runway today. I do not know why Anthony Ryan seemed to be having such a breakdown but I felt bad for him. It had something to do with his girl never being invited to the ball and not being able to sit with the cool kids. Michelle’s was one of the worst looks ever seen on this show. I was not even all that impressed with Irina’s which looked like someone forgot to. design half the dress.
  15. qtpye

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    Other people have stated that Luke is only on the show for money and exposure. He probably said anything to get picked and was lying about his true preferences.