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  1. BitterApple

    S02.E16: A Loaf of Bread and a Grand Old Flag

    I thought so as well. Granted, I was in junior high when the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union disbanded, but I don't remember any mass hysteria over communism. I thought the episode was a little far-fetched. I actually liked the Georgie/Veronica storyline better than Sheldon's crusade against the bread company. I also agree there wasn't enough Missy.
  2. BitterApple


    Khloe has no cards left to play. Tristan doesn't care about her or the bad p.r., and seems marginally interested in True at best. He already has another kid if he feels the sudden urge to play Daddy, and there's no shortage of women dying to be the wife/girlfriend/baby mama of a professional athlete. His options are limitless, hers not so much.
  3. BitterApple

    Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    It really pains me to admit Michelle looks really good. She could use a haircut, as usual, but she's aging quite well.
  4. Unfortunately, Jessa's virtue signaling got her exactly the reaction she wanted. Her sycophants are praising her for her sensitivity, strength, compassion and beauty. Never mind that the optics of a pouty, sideways bump selfie completely clash with the message.
  5. Exactly. I'm just going to be a bitch and say it, but I think Lauren is using the miscarriage for attention and martyrhood. I'm not saying it isn't sad, I'm not saying it isn't traumatic, but this happened nearly five months ago and she was barely seven weeks along. They basically invited a flood of well-meaning-but-insensitive comments by announcing she'd miscarried in the first place. They could've avoided all that by grieving privately. It just feels like Lauren has nothing going on in her life so "mother who lost a child" has become her current identity. As for the Duggars, they're jumping on this because it supports their pro-life agenda. (Okay, now feel free to point me in the direction of hell...) As for Jessa, I am so hoping she has another boy so Jinger can reign supreme with doll-baby Felicity.
  6. BitterApple

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Marshmallow, I agree with your entire post. Jeremy strikes me as more of a vanity preacher. He likes to get dressed up and hear himself talk, but there's no depth to any of his messages and he appears to do little work outside his sporadic appearances at GCC. Given that Laredo has a largely underserved population, you'd think he'd be involved in starting food/clothing drives, youth activities, ESL courses, providing baby supplies for low-income mothers, etc. But nope. It's all conferences and flitting about to preach in hipster cafes or conduct weddings with side trips to MLB games. He's a lot more Duggar-ish than I think a lot of us originally gave him credit for.
  7. BitterApple

    S09.E06: Cry It Out

    Okay, I'm relieved to read I'm not the only one whose mind went to a dirty place upon that "working pipes" convo.
  8. BitterApple


    The thing is, I think Tristan ghosted Khloe a long time ago, so him banging NBA groupies at a Cavs party really doesn't bother me. Hooking up with a family friend was where he really crossed the line.
  9. BitterApple


    Weirdly enough, the only people I feel sorry for in this mess are Kylie and True. If all this nonsense is valid and it isn't a ratings ploy, this is a huge betrayal to Kylie. Thanks to her, Jordyn has millions of Instagram followers, money in the bank, her name on a few Kylie Comsetics palettes, swanky vacations and a rent-free place to live. Even if Tristan was a dog from the start, and Khloe a delusional idiot, you just don't go there, especially when a child is in the mix.
  10. BitterApple

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    It's currently snowing here in Las Vegas. So much for the warm temperatures the hosts swear are happening all over the country....
  11. It seems kind of petty. I don't believe in taking away a person's income just because their political or religious beliefs don't align with my own.
  12. BitterApple


    That's why I can't muster up a smidgen of sympathy for Khloe. In her rush to get pregnant and keep up with her sisters, she didn't stop for two seconds and think "What kind of father am I giving a potential child?". It was incredibly selfish of her and the one who's going to pay the price is True. I'm sure Khloe thinks designer handbags and ridiculous birthday parties will make up for it, but they won't. Tristan's already on to the next and not giving her a second thought.
  13. BitterApple

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    I've seen several of Antonella's cooking videos. She's a hot ticket and knows her food. I wonder why they don't have her do any of the kitchen shows or Gourmet Holiday? I think she'd be great in that medium.
  14. BitterApple


    I wonder if Tristan's fake news comment meant this whole thing is just a manufactured storyline for the show. Khloe comes out looking like a victim, Tristan takes a p.r. hit but he's secretly thrilled to be rid of her and Jordyn is currently cashing a fat check courtesy of Kris Jenner, Inc. I don't put anything past this crowd.
  15. $100-$300 a month for their products?! What a racket.