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  1. McManda

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I had good luck with Rent The Runway, if you're not looking to invest in a dress you only wear once. I got a dress from there for the weekend for a wedding last summer. It was easy and they send a free backup size or style. The only hard part is picking a size; I had to google for the designer website to find sizing charts.
  2. McManda

    S09.E04: Love and Loss

    Re: the benefits to eating gluten free if you aren't celiac; I've heard that it's more how you cut out gluten, especially if one does it to be "healthy". Cutting out gluten tends to cut out the empty carbs and high calorie foods - cookies, cakes, breads, beers, pastas - and if you replace those foods with fruits and veggies it can have health benefits that one might have had previously. It's when you start replacing the gluten-containing items with similar foods - gluten free versions of cookies, cakes, breads - that's when you run into issues because they can actually be less healthy than their gluten-containing counterparts. It's kind of like how fat-free versions of foods are generally less healthy than their fat-containing versions. To maintain the taste they swapped the fat with sugar, and turns out sugar is worse health-wise than fat. Of course there are reasons to be both gluten free (and fat free), but if you don't have a medical reason to and just want to be "healthy" and probably lose weight and balanced diet is more effective. But always do your own research and talk with your doctor; I'm not a nutritionist! (For example, I'm not sugar free by any means, but I do try to pay attention to how much added refined sugar I eat. It's eye opening.)
  3. McManda

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    And keep in mind the 6 is the oldest phone model Apple has available. They're going to stop supporting it sooner rather than later, so while it might sound like a good deal now it might actually be an ultimatum poor investment. (Disclaimer, I upgraded from a 6 to an XR last fall after my battery life had degraded to nothing. It was a good phone and the Apple people said it was rare that it had battery issues, but I decided it wasn't worth the $200 cost to fix it. I had the phone almost 3 years, but I knew both Apple and app developers were going to stop supporting it and figured the money would be better served as an investment in newer technology.)
  4. This is still happening in the Counting On forum. It,s a semi regular occurrence (even before the upgrade), but just happened again. I click in to a thread and then hit the back button to get to the main board but the whole page refreshes and all threads are marked as read. The page always seems to refresh if you hit the back button to get back to the main board, but it's hit or miss if the threads are marked as read. I usually just deal with it, but I thought now my experiences might be helpful because others experience the same issue. I'm on Safari on iPhone XR.
  5. McManda

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I thought Jinger only really wore skirts when she was back at the TTH and wearing jeans (or pants) around her own home in Laredo was the norm. Anyway, that outfit is cute and normal. And Felicity is still super cute. She looks like such a happy baby.
  6. McManda

    S09.E02 Jinger Has a Baby

    Jessa is currently working on #3, but as far as we know that's the only confirmed pregnancy so far this year.
  7. McManda

    Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    Only using this as a starting talking point because I agree with this snark, but ... do people really believe a covenant marriage will prevent divorce? It still gives you an out for the big unforgivables like adultry and murder and abuse. But it also gives you an out for just being unhappy, provided you live separately for a two years. But if you're divorcing anyway, what difference does it make if it just takes longer? I suppose you wouldn't be able to legally may again asap, but so what? If you agree to a covenant marriage and then agree to divorce you've already thrown your strict ideal of marriage to the wind anyway, so what's stopping you from just pretending that marriage doesn't exist and living in sin with a new partner (or living alone)? It just seems to me a marriage license is what you make of it and putting roadblocks up to make it harder to undo isn't worth anything. O just seems like a "doth protest too much" scenario. If you were never going to divorce in the first place you wouldn't need something like a covenant marriage to prove your marriage is stronger. It's just the opposite; you're shaming kids (because that's what they are emotionally, if not physically) into having to endure a loveless, unhappy life because they're to afraid of what their god might think of they dare buck the party line.
  8. McManda

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Why is there a smiley face in the middle of Derick's note? Also, blah. I'd be vaugely disappointed if my (currently nonexistent) husband got me red roses for Valentine's. I'd appreciate the flowers, but what a totally expected, basic gesture. (And I'm as basic add they come. Pumpkin spice and leggings all the way.) At least put some imagination into it, though maybe Jill looooves red roses.
  9. McManda

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    I know babies are their life and The believe god has a reason for everything, but would it ever occur to them that maybe god decided to not bless them with a baby because it wasn't time? Like, she's 19. Maybe god doesn't want her to have a baby at 19, hence the miscarriage. I don't really belive that an all-powerful deity is controlling my life, but if I did I would probably believe that if he was, it was the big picture that he was controlling and that he gave me free will for the small things. There's no way he's sitting around deciding what I'm eating for breakfast. So in that vein, if I use my free will to do something not in my grand plan, maybe that's when he steps in. So if I'm 19 use my free will and get pregnant ... oops, maybe that wasn't supposed to happen. Maybe not in that moment, maybe not ever, but he tried to correct my course by undoing it. Just a (heathen devil's advocate) thought. I do feel sorry that she has to experience a miscarriage under the rules of fundyland, though. A miscarriage is hard enough without thinking you've let people down or it being penance for your wrongdoings. Doubly so if you're pretty sure someone is going to make a storyline out of it.
  10. I don't know, I'm an adult and if my adult siblings wanted to buy me candy for Valentine's Day (we don't) I wouldn't object. One, because I know there's no romantic-type love feelings and two, because chocolate and Starburst jellybeans (the best jellybeans) are delicious. I also plan on taking Valentine's cookies to work that day. But they're not heart shaped and I romantic-type-love none of my coworkers, I just like an excuse to bake and bring in things.
  11. It's what the ultrasound techs/radiologists look for in determining gender on ultrasounds. The three lines become the baby's genitalia, though I thought you needed a bottom shot to tell. (I didn't go back to look, wasn't Jessa's ultrasound a profile of the baby's face?)
  12. How convenient Tim had the foresight to send the Valentine's gifts to Florida. I can't with JillR's eyeliner. It's so heavy and waaaay too dark. It ages her so much.
  13. McManda

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    You can't choose to change the ads as a setting. If I understand correctly, if your browser isn't big enough to have the ads as a sidebar then they show up inline with text. If your browser window is big though to have a sidebar then ads will be in the sidebar. But it's not a choice you can make, other than resizing your browser. From the "tour related questions" help topic: Ad placement is dictated by screen width, it is not customisable by users. If you prefer seeing ads inside topics vs at the side you can manually reduce your browser width until the ad placement switches.
  14. If Mary is her younger sister, then yes. Mary is who she says is her illustrator. (I don't really follow the Maxwells, except what I glean from here.)