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  1. There isn't enough episodes aka days (39) to bring back a WHOLE tribe and start from scratch.
  2. Of course it is totally completely absolutely 100% valid. Just like someone saved by an immunity idol would have been voted out otherwise then turns around and wins. Or a sudden tribal drop your buffs swap saves someone. Or all the other additional crap they throw in on Survivor like extra votes, stolen votes, given away votes etc etc. In fact coming back from "extinction" and winning would be much MUCH harder than being saved by all of the above. So I would give extra props to an "extinction" winner.
  3. Yes it does. Click on the +" (left most, plus sign means multiple quotes) and not just the " Happy about a plan working? Fine. But smug? Not so much. And there is a difference between the two. One celebrates what you and others have done. The other looks down on people. I hate smug. These two above went together. I have read this thread thoroughly ever last post and I have not seen it discussed earlier in the thread as in "answered." There were a couple of people asking about the extra vote and one about the idol. Nowhere on the show did they tell us the answer to either. So no, we don't know if she gets to keep them or not. But since she isn't removed from the game I personally don't think she should have them removed either until she is like out of the game as in REALLY out of the game. I mean she had them in her bag and she took her bag with her. Now they may well not let her use them if she came back. I don't know. Just hope that could be true because I would think it would be hilarious if she did make it back with both advantages and wrecked havoc on all those smug Kama newbies starting with Pigtails.
  4. I also found the take on Wardog weird. I mean he has been shown being a bit bossy but it ratcheted up in this episode like he was Stalin in the flesh or something. Are they worried they don't have some true villain and suddenly got word to go back and hurriedly re-edit this to really push the idea that Wardog = Evil Russell or something? Because he is really more of an inept would be boss that others aren't buying and with not very many good challenge skills to boot either. As for Rick's advantage, I assume he had to wait to declare who he was giving it to after production told him which tribe was going to TC. Or he had to make out a list for each tribe before the immunity challenge so production could slip a duplicate of his advantage into the person's bag before they returned from same. Had it been his tribe he would have slipped it to David. But whoever he gave it to could become a useful ally if he makes it back into the game. Except Aubrey ended up with him on the isle of limbo. Of course if two can return and they both return he has a solid new ally thus an advantage. But I put the odds of that happening at about 0 or less though.
  5. No. It is because everyone has heard this type of comment and knows what it is suppose to mean but are sick of the age of cavemen expressions extending into the 21st century since it didn't even belong in the 20th century.
  6. Actually these two elements are two of my favorites on Survivor. I love love LOVE when tribal breaks out of their boring "Yes Jeff I just wanna help my tribe/alliance" crap and all hell breaks loose. More whispering and chaos please; not less. And Survivor is suppose to be a sneaky game. Nothing more sneaky then checking out who has the idol. It the idol holders are allowed to hide it instead of announce it then the others should have the right to go hunt for it anywhere at any time. Knowledge is power in this game and if you don't want your idol found then bury the damn thing like ALL good players always do these days and don't stick it into a bag that they know is totally fair game to look into. Or a 6 year old boy. Because most 6 year old girls I have known can throw as good if not way better than 6 year old boys.
  7. Not really in the bola toss. He acted like he didn't know how to throw a baseball. Like he was from some European soccer only country with no clue how to throw properly at all. That inability had nothing to do with nourishment or lack thereof.
  8. I got to say that Wendy has driven me up the wall before but I really enjoyed her tonight. She said getting voted out wouldn't upset her and she was true to her word. Totally happy and trippy the whole time in a hilarious way. Comparing her next to freaking out, sad nearly crying, totally a mess Lauren during that tribal made her come off well. Then the comment about the getting to have a cheeseburger now from our newly minted vegetarian who apparently did not read her Veggies 'R' Us Handbook very thoroughly was funny. Then she followed that up by her bit about wandering off the path and getting lost with the great camera shot of nothing but jungle in the picture with no Wendy. Then happily chucking away her desire to become a carnivore again by cheerfully grabbing the torch and going off to drive the exiles bonkers on the isle of the woeful and angry. Got to hand it to her. She was runner up to Free Chicken in making me laugh tonight.
  9. At next year's Emmys. And the winner for Best Indigenous Animal in a Reality Show is: Free Chicken for "Upstaging Aubrey's Confessional" in Survivor: Edge of Extinction.
  10. green

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    They won't bring all of them back. They will eventually have to play against each other to "win" the right to return. They only have 39 days, not 139 days, to play the game. Of course I could see Probst thinking: "Hmmm, how about next time 'Survivor: The Endless Season' with players rotating between Exile, Extinction, Picnic and Chicken Islands and lasting for 52 episodes. Man am I brilliant as always."
  11. green

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    But so loyal. It is Alternate Kama filled with their former tribe mates. Barring a major MAJOR something happening (bloody accident vein) on another tribe it has been this way since Season 1. Also pre-immunity challenge we see tells on who will lose always. Sometimes the editing is better and it isn't a 100% giveaway but tonight it totally was. Because David knew he didn't have the votes to get out Kelley because Wardog was "the swing" only in the editing we saw because in earlier episodes it was made clear that he and Kelly are pretty much joined at the hip. Heck he protected and saved her the previous two tribals. So David's only chance to crack that threesome was to split away Lauren with the homesick and weak from lack of food argument. It wasn't enough. Ditto a thousand times over. The yellow guys -- now split in two -- are a total blank for me except Aubrey and Joe. If this is a reference to Celebrity BB sorry that just isn't true. The Mooch quit and CBS tried to cover it up with some idiotic made-up storyline that he was a mole. One who did absolutely nothing at all ever. I agree. Living in harmony with nature and looking natural is always more beautiful than artificial make-ups, fancy fad clothing and silly junk like that that Madison Avenue likes to sell people on. Survivors ALWAYS look horrible on the live finale shows when they are all "made up" again.
  12. green

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    Sometimes sprains hurt more than breaks. And bruises can hurt like hell. And pain does come and go in waves at times too. Glad you haven't experience this first hand but if you ever do you will remember your posts from here and groan.
  13. green

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    You obviously never were injured like that. I have been. Three times. Once breaking 3 bones in my ankle and twice more re-spraining it down the years. She reacted like I did. I was in far more pain hours after I broke my ankle than in the first hour after it happened. Maybe I exaggerated my injury too? And how many times have we seen athletes in various sports get injured and continue to play. Only after awhile do they have to be taken out of the game after the shock wears off. That;s when the pain sets in. Yeah sure because why not give away the entire seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race and have no one tuning in because neighbors are telling the media about the Survivor or Racer who just got home early. It would be all over social media and on TV entertainment news channels. The shows would be cancelled because knowing the outcome ruins everything for the viewer. As for BB, sending them home in the early seasons caused Danielle, by fav player ever, the win in Season 3 because the BB jury got to see what she thought was her totally private diary room musings. After that they sequestered the jury because seeing the show at home and reading what people online are saying about it etc poisons the jury beyond repair. It would be insane to let them go home. Bad enough they let the celebrity version out ... which they shouldn't.
  14. green

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    She is? Not by this fan. I've seen each season and I don't even remember her at all. Nada. Blank. But I remember David clearly and was rooting for him in his season.