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  1. ZoqFotPik

    Star Wars Resistance

    Sucks to be you, CS-515.
  2. ZoqFotPik

    S06.E04: Four Movements

    I was expecting this too. So glad that they didn't. I even liked that they made Holt so much better than her that he could have won earlier, but didn't to make a point. I'm glad Gina is gone. I remember last season, I didn't even notice she was gone until she came back.
  3. ZoqFotPik

    Hunter X Hunter

    And we're back. Single threaded too. Can't say I'm surprised. Palm is also back. Only 30 minutes has passed since the start of the attack. Still seems a little low considering all that has happened in the last 14 episodes. Palm, unsurprisingly returns converted to an Ant. One that is supposed to be the perfect warrior. Of course that goes according to plan. She also channels her inner Bayonetta or Bayonetta was channeling Palm. I'm not sure which came first. It's good that she back because the Hunters could definitely use more backup.
  4. ZoqFotPik

    S00E156: Resolution (New Year's Day 2019)

    Are you referring to the two traffic cops? Other than Northern Ireland and some special units, British Police are unarmed. I was wondering about that too, assuming there was a camera in the police car that she stole when the Dalek was controlling her. I guess she’s on her own for this ... Everyone is wearing different clothes during the scene at the end, so a little bit of time has passed. Hopefully the Doctor was able to clear up what happened. She presumably still has some friends in the British Government and there would be some video surveillance of the attack on the military and GCHQ. She is clearly shown to be loading the police car with multiple boxes and crates, so it was definitely more than just the weapon. You can hear the body dragging so at the very least she didn't rip off the poor guy's arm. Overall, I thought the episode was good. My big issue with it was that the other two guardians served no purpose. They could have been completely removed from the episode and nothing would have changed. I expected that the sword and axe were going to be special somehow and the Doctor would need to use them to defeat the Dalek, but that would have added to an already crowded cast. Also, the scene with the family complaining about the internet was dumb and unnecessary. I wouldn't mind seeing Polly or the two archaeologists return as guest stars.
  5. ZoqFotPik

    This News May or May Not Suck: Van Helsing Media

    I'm going to guess Dark Matter cost more than this show. It had way more cgi and special effects.
  6. ZoqFotPik

    This News May or May Not Suck: Van Helsing Media

    Renewed for a fourth season. I have to say I'm more than a little surprised. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/van-helsing-renewed-season-4-syfy-showrunner-neil-labute-1170205
  7. ZoqFotPik

    The Guest Book

    That really felt like it should have been the season finale. I was thinking the episodes were reordered like the KKK episode last season, but they filmed the end tag that clearly takes place after all the other episodes. So, I was right, Vivian misread the paternity test. It was great to see the old group again. Kimberly and Andrew got married. The Homeless Guy was elected mayor. The Next episode seems like it is going to be very weird even for this show.
  8. ZoqFotPik

    Star Wars Resistance

    So, Doza was an Imperial Captain. I guess that explains his reluctance to work with the first order. He of all people would know that once the Empire gets its' hooks into you, it never lets go. He also knows that Kaz was a New Republic fighter pilot and presumably that he is the son of a Senator. I wonder if he is going to use Kaz to get the NR and the FO to play against each other, so he can get the best deal. Also, Torra now knows that something is up with Kaz. I'm very surprised at how much this show has improved in a short time. Also, I didn't realize that Elijah Wood was the voice of Rucklin until I read it on Wookieepedia.
  9. ZoqFotPik

    The Guest Book

    I'm pretty sure they were in India. The younger guy asked the Soup Guy if he wanted Burger King, Soup Guy said something about a masala chicken whopper. When nurse left, it looked dark outside, while it was still sunny at the guesthouse. Also, saying they are in the US, speaking with American accents, and using Anglo names is fairly common at Indian call centers. Regarding the drugs, the nurse said she was going to "accidentally" leave it behind, so I don't think it was legal. That said, using drugs, usually morphine, to ease the passage of terminally ill people is fairly common in healthcare.
  10. ZoqFotPik

    The Guest Book

    They didn't. Their nurse brought it to them. It was the same last season. The woman was a mail carrier and the man was an exterminator.
  11. ZoqFotPik

    The Guest Book

    Been a run of sad stories. One guy loses his leg trying to save for a better vacation and then walks in on his wife having sex with his physical therapist. The next guy has severe mental problems believing that he is part of a reality tv show family. Finally a little kid who is left alone while his parents go to music festival. I'm wondering if Vivian misread the DNA test, and Tommy is the father. I can't remember if they ever showed what Nikki used to test the father's DNA. Surprised to see the scorpion get killed, I thought that somebody would have eventually gotten stung. Finally, always great to see Nadine Velazquez. I'm curious as to where they are going with the beggar guy. I'm guessing he will be the guest for the season finale.
  12. ZoqFotPik

    Chopped 2018

    She has competed twice before. In 2011 in Judges leg of the All-Stars Tournament and in 2014 for the Thanksgiving episode. Both times she got knocked out in the appetizer round. Speaking of Thanksgiving episodes, if Martha doesn't go away soon, I'm going to drop this show. At least she had a fork this time.
  13. ZoqFotPik

    Star Wars Resistance

    I've really liked these last few episodes. Kaz has been a bit goofy, but he has been mostly competent. One thing I would have liked is last week when Yeager woke him up, if instead being a zombie he reverted to fighter pilot mode and immediately put on his flight suit and hopped into the Fireball. As a pilot he should have been trained in scramble situations. Also, the Colossus defense cannons really should have a back up targeting system or the ability to fire under manual control for exactly the reason shown.
  14. ZoqFotPik

    The Thirteenth Doctor: Jodie Whittaker

    Shitty news if true. I really like Jodie. https://wegotthiscovered.com/tv/jodie-whittaker-chris-chibnall-rumored-leave-doctor-2019/?fbclid=IwAR28-y-cYFwCN0wf0r-YI3y9ypPcVf1EO-u46l9sbDcnAVJ_RRaYdhio5v8#gallery-4
  15. ZoqFotPik

    S11.06: Demons Of The Punjab

    I thought they were going to do this too, but I'm glad they didn't. I think it was more realistic that Umbreen would not recognize her granddaughter as someone she met for a few days 70+ years ago. Memories are very fickle. It's one of the reasons why eye witness testimony is considered unreliable. Except when she's not. She got mad at Ryan and NotTrump for using guns, but Prem spends most of the episode carrying a rifle, even taking a shot at the aliens, and she doesn't bat an eye. I hope they get more consistent about this.