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  1. ZoqFotPik

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    I agree. The only thing I can think of is that they pulled the trigger on calling them back the second they heard the report was in and by the time they realized that they wouldn't have much, things were already too far in motion. And for all we know, this could be what they wanted and everything was prearranged. Rachel probably would have never forgiven herself if serious Mueller info dropped while she was fishing.
  2. ZoqFotPik

    S06.E11: The Therapist

    Season 4 episode 3. She shoots him in the leg because he was being used as a human shield.
  3. ZoqFotPik

    Chopped 2019: Put Down the Chopsticks

    Mixing gefilte fish and pork just seems wrong.
  4. ZoqFotPik

    Hunter X Hunter

    Most of the Arcs have ended in unexpected ways. Gon was unconscious for the end of the Hunter Exam. Gon loses his fight with Hisoka and he and Killua just leave Heaven's Arena. Greed Island ends with a multiple choice test. Only Yorknew City ended in a more or less straight forward way. The King has always been shown to much, much, more powerful than any of the Guards, so he might be able to hold the sickness back better than Youpi and Pouf. Pouf may just be more powerful than Youpi. Also, Pouf hasn't done as much fighting as Youpi. Youpi has fought Shoot and Knuckle, and Knuckle, Morel and Killua. Those fight have weakened him enough to make him more susceptible to radiation . Also, radiation and illnesses affect people differently, so maybe Youpi was just unlucky.
  5. I think that can chalked up to her not being used to being able to say "fuck" on tv.
  6. ZoqFotPik

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    I took as he didn't quite grasp the seriousness at first. He was still saying it was feeling better later at dinner. "Celebrity Skin" is a really dark song though. Read the lyrics. "Just a Girl" fit the scene better. I thought the movie was okay to good. It had its moments of comedy and action, and was well made, but it was really nothing ground breaking. I was surprised that Ben Mendelsohn turned out to not be the bad guy. Having grown up in the 90s I loved all the little touches, with technology and especially the soundtrack. Things that bugged were what happened to the other three Starforce Kree? They were just sort of left on the ship and never mentioned again. We know from GotG that Djimon Hounsou's character survives. Also, weren't there four Skrull? Talos, the Science Guy, "Coulson", and one other?
  7. ZoqFotPik

    Hunter X Hunter

    Have they ever shown an ant cough before? It was a quick thing, but Youpi coughed while talking to Meruem. I wonder if this is a sign he absorbed radiation from the bomb while rescuing the King. It's always cool seeing how Meruem is just completely on a different level than everybody else. He leaves, takes out Knuckle and Meleoron, and returns before either Youpi and Pouf even notice he's gone. Also knows that they are hiding something from him. Well if there was ever any doubt Pitou was dead. Also, Gon seems to have dehulked. Where's Morel? Is he trying to find his pipe?
  8. ZoqFotPik

    Hunter X Hunter

    I think I would have felt more for Gon if they hadn't shown Pitou with Kite's severed head. I am looking forward to the two of them finally throwing down though. Only 6 more episodes in this arc.
  9. ZoqFotPik

    Wynonna Earp

    If you can find it in your area, Shamier Anderson has a small role in the movie "Destroyer" starring Nicole Kidman. He only has 2 scenes, but it is a very good movie.
  10. ZoqFotPik

    Genre Oopsies

    I think there is a lot of inconsistency with how animated shows, especially anime, have been sorted. Some examples: Star Wars: Rebels is in Animated, but Star Wars: Resistance is in Genre. Attack On Titan is Genre, but Dragon Ball, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, and many other anime shows are in Animated. Justice League is Genre, but Batman TAS is in Animated I think for simplicity all animation should go into Animated.
  11. Yeah no Not sure what you mean. Are you doubting me? August 10, 2017 In his teens, he was working at McDonalds or something and cut it really badly. It became infected so they had to amputate.
  12. That girlfriend list has been floating around reddit for at least a year and half.
  13. ZoqFotPik

    Star Wars Resistance

    Sucks to be you, CS-515.
  14. ZoqFotPik

    S06.E04: Four Movements

    I was expecting this too. So glad that they didn't. I even liked that they made Holt so much better than her that he could have won earlier, but didn't to make a point. I'm glad Gina is gone. I remember last season, I didn't even notice she was gone until she came back.
  15. ZoqFotPik

    Hunter X Hunter

    And we're back. Single threaded too. Can't say I'm surprised. Palm is also back. Only 30 minutes has passed since the start of the attack. Still seems a little low considering all that has happened in the last 14 episodes. Palm, unsurprisingly returns converted to an Ant. One that is supposed to be the perfect warrior. Of course that goes according to plan. She also channels her inner Bayonetta or Bayonetta was channeling Palm. I'm not sure which came first. It's good that she back because the Hunters could definitely use more backup.