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  1. There was some alluding to the fact that Julianna was an ass to work with from other actors on the show.
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    Ugh, so annoyed Brian Williams may be moving up. They are letting him anchor election nights and it has become vapid. He just lacks the intelligence to keep up with Maddow and Hayes so they have to dumb everything down. I vote they give MTP to Williams and get him off MSNBC and on NBC.
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    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Bests and Worsts

    I am so happy this show is back. It remains the best comedy on television. I actually find it bizarre that this is from the same creators as Parks. I found Parks such a mean spirited show which is completely opposite of B99. On B99, they may tease each other but they also seem to like each other. The way the entire Parks cast treated Jerry was so mean that it ruined the show. Also, this show is better at being an actual ensemble. Parks was the Amy Pohler show to the detriment of the other characters. Lastly, all the characters are fully rounded on this show unlike Parks where they were just a list of cliches. The only bum note on this show is Gina. And the best episode of the show is the one where Jake and Kevin are in the safe house together.
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    The Goldbergs in the Media: That's Incredible!

    I thought they were setting Erica's character up as the spin-off. I feel oddly bad for the actress that Lainey got a spinoff and Erica is stuck on the show with no real plot.
  5. This might have been my favorite episode. I felt like it was the one where their world finally got how much of a star Midge was going to be.
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    Media for Mrs. Maisel

    The Rolling Stone review of Season 2 is spot on - too much Joel and secondary plot points and not enough time on her comedy - https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-reviews/marvelous-mrs-maisel-season-2-review-761751/
  7. It's both the character and the actor. The character is a loser and all the revisionist history isn't going to change that. But the actor just sucks in this role and is getting outacted in every scene he's in. Though had they cast the Lenny Bruce actor as Joel, I'd buy Midges obsession. Those two have insane chemistry. However, The main problem with Joel is that he's the biggest bum note in the series. Plus AMP is much like Marti Nixon in her ability to fall in love with terrible characters the audience hates and try to change our minds by shoving him down our throats and make all the other characters take a backseat to her character crush (see Christopher from Gilmore Girls and Spike from Buffy). That plus the decision to make Rose just as weird as her daughter were the only downsides of this season. I could have done without the Paris episodes and more Catskills episodes but overall this show was just a delight this season and I am happy it didn't suffer from the sophomore slump.
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    S02.E08: Someday...

    Just want to reiterate that Joel is the worst and the writers trying to rehabilitate him is the one terrible part of an excellent show. Maybe another actor could make Joel something more than a loser drip who drags everyone down with him in his pity party, but this actor just doesn't have the chops for it. AMP is clearly setting up Joel as the series long love interest to the main character and that is a damn shame.
  9. Loved seeing the weird Catskills world. Hated that Joel was there. The guy is such a drip and just kills the show's momentum dead. Midge is just too good for him.
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    S02.E01: Simone

    I just have to say that Joel is the worst. They keep trying to redeem him and it is t working.
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    I binge watched the whole season and loved it. It's probably the second best season of the show IMO. The DEA agents were more bland but loved the narco characters. It was also refreshing after season three to have less graphic violence. Nothing will beat the backdrop of Colombia though.
  12. Any comparisons between Meghan and Harry's trip to Australia and William and Kate's. It seems like so far H&M are packing more events into each day and they are interacting more with commoners than W&K.
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    Season 3 Talk

    I'm starting to wonder if the woman behind Teresa in the pilot power shot might be lil T. I thought she was going to be permanently injured from her injuries earlier this season but still alive. I feel like Teresa needs to end both Cortez and Camilla by season end otherwise it will make the idea of her becoming the biggest drug dealer in the Western Hemisphere absurd. and I really want James and Teresa to be together for one season romantically before his inevitable death.
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    Season 3 Talk

    I love this show. I went back and watched the pilot again and the only person I recognize with Teresa is Pote and he's in the back of the crowd further away from Teresa. Right behind her is a woman with long black hair. Wonder if that is Isabella? I didn''t see James in the crowd which is disappointing. I also am hoping that the scene with her being killed is one of her weird El Santo fueled hallucinations. Even though she is evil, I'd prefer for the show ending with alive,
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    Media for Mrs. Maisel

    I wish Marin Henkel would have gotten a nod. She was hysterical as Midges mom.