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  1. meep.meep

    Where Should They Go Next?

    They should come back to San Francisco. Season 1 really didn't show off the food scene in the Bay Area. They went to Napa for the finale of Season 6, but really the show has never explored what's going on with food throughout the area. I believe there are now more Michellin starred restaurants in the Bay Area than anywhere else in the country, including New York.
  2. meep.meep

    Russian Doll

    There was lots of press for this before it started on Netflix. I just finished, and loved it. The point when her aunt turned on the burner to make her tea, and the apartment didn't explode was incredibly powerful. As well as her friend walking her down the front stairs. I don't think that ending was a cliff hanger, but I can see how they could make more seasons, but not unless Natasha Lyonne isn't the main star. But I am willing to be surprised. Maybe someone can explain why all the fruit was going rotten.
  3. meep.meep

    S16.E12: Kentucky Farewell

    Thanks! It was interesting. I was amazed anybody got any tomatoes - my plants sure don't grow that fast. I was also surprised that no one planted garlic. They would have gotten fantastic greens in the time they had. I am amazed by my fellow posters ability to remember *anybody* from Chopped. Too bad about Justin - his food always looked fantastic.
  4. meep.meep

    38:E01 It Smells Like Success

    Swimming in the ocean is really different than swimming in a lake or a pool. So says Sandra, two time Survivor winner. Keith may have taken lessons to prepare, but it's hard to apply them in the actual sloshing around ocean. Ron Burgundy has the wierdest pants ever!
  5. meep.meep

    S07.E07: Pure Imagination

    The shower curtain guy was on a different design show. He was Chinese, from San Francisco (I see ads for him up in SF all the time). He made a raincoat out of the shower curtain, and they cut him for being unimaginative.
  6. meep.meep

    S07.E08: Penneys from Heaven

    I loved the supermodel judge! She was saying everything I was thinking.
  7. meep.meep

    S03.E07: The Final Country

    Two black one-eyed men running around this little town at the same time! This episode seemed to have more actual plot - always a good thing in my book. I am very tired of the use of non-linear presentation. All it is doing is turning a story that could have been told in 3 or 4 episodes, into an 8 episode series. It is self indulgent.
  8. meep.meep

    TV Tropes You Hate

    The Jack in the Box commercials with Josh Duhamel that made fun of this were the best!
  9. meep.meep

    S06.E06: The Crime Scene

    Except that Andy is one quarter Italian. His mother turned out to be half Italian.
  10. meep.meep

    Whiskey Cavalier

    I bet you live on the east coast. On the west coast, we can watch the Oscars from 5-8, and then people want something new to see. So, the networks sometimes run something new. Everyone else can DVR it.
  11. meep.meep

    S01.E16: Estimated Time of Departure

    dundundunDUN ..... Or, say in your best Frau Blucher voice: Yes! He vas my boyfriend! If only they had introduced a little red cow in this.....then it might have been worth watching
  12. meep.meep

    S01.E16: Estimated Time of Departure

    And the writer doesn't know the meaning of the word "inherent" It's over! I don't care whether Jared or Zeke got hit. I don't care whose baby it is. I don't care about "the callings." I don't have to watch the bad acting anymore! I don't have to wonder why Cal looks like a turtle. And I'm sure as shit not watching this dreck until June freaking 2024 just to find the answers to their mysteries.
  13. meep.meep

    S02.E10: Better Angels

    Yanek was on the Prime side during the original flu outbreak. He should have been exposed to it then, or innoculated against it when they came up with a vaccine. Poor continuity or a different injection? Were the train conspirators getting shots of vaccine against the flu, or getting injections of it during the previous episode?
  14. Since they don't seem to understand the principle of locking their cars, maybe it is that difficult. Maybe their pockets are really really small. I'm personally so worried about accidentally locking the car with the keys inside, that I haul them around everywhere!
  15. meep.meep

    S03.E05: A Show of Unity

    The actor playing Albert is much much prettier than Albert actually was. And Rufus Sewell who played Melbourne is in his early 50's while Lord Melbourne was 58 when Victoria became queen. That's not actually much of a difference.