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  1. The new Dawn commercial where it talks about being able to clean all the dishes left with you after you host a potluck at your house. I have lived across the country and have been to too many potlucks to count. Never I have seen anyone leave a dish for the host to clean. You always make sure you claim your dish.
  2. There is a commercial for the website Chewy where someone with a new puppy is asking for advice on various things like food, puppy pads, crates. Who wouldn't have all these things ready before you brought home the puppy? Who would sell/adopt out a puppy without confirming that the new owners where prepared to take the puppy?
  3. Thank you! I could not remember the name of the bank card, that is how much it made an impression on me. Thanks too for clearing up to what that phrase was referring.
  4. elle

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    My late father's favorite Scrooge movie was Albert Finney's musical version. The BBC news site has a nice tribute in photos.
  5. Could be. The pop up comes about the time it shows one can check both your spending and your "footprint". I wish I could remember the name of the card to be able to check ispot.
  6. As I stopped in here to type this post, a commercial for Arm-n-Hammer cat litter came on with the cat people. o.O Creepy is an understatement. I suspect the GrubHub commercial with the guy ordering everything is really a bipolar med commercial in disguise. All they need to do is replace the nails on chalkboard song with the voice over for the Vraylar med. In the longer version of the commercial we see the guy has a bunch of friends helping him eat all the food he ordered. It made me think that it would have been a better commercial if they showed the guy having unexpected visitors show up, one after the other, and then we see him ordering food as each new group arrives. There is a cheese commercial that wants us to know that they don't have hormones in their product by showing us a sister complaining about a brother who is "blinking too loud" with the assertion that "you don't need any more hormones" in the house. Whoever approved that copy doesn't understand that isn't hormones, that is siblings!
  7. Can someone explain to me what "fossil fuel free deposits" are? The phrase pops up during the commercial for a new bank card where we see a young woman jogging, buy a cup of coffee, get cash then buy flowers.
  8. elle

    Andi Mack

    Was the whole "kugel is shanda" issue explained? For as much as a fuss was made about it, either I missed that scene or the writers thought we would just know the reason. The only thing I could figure was that it was the dish that the aunt made and no one else was allowed to bring it.
  9. As the saying goes, mileage may vary. Haven't seen the commercial, but must stand up for Pepsi. I love Pepsi, much to the amusement of my Coca Cola loving father. I have responded to the question if Pepsi was okay with a cheery oh that's better. I have also been know to get down right giddy to find I can get RC cola at a restaurant.
  10. elle

    "It's teeny!": the World of Healthcare

    They need to add to their list of side effects the inability to peel a banana. I despise this commercial, but always snicker at her fumbling with the banana. It seems like a blooper slipped into the commercial.
  11. Yes that was Anthony Head and Sharon Maughan as the woman. Wikipedia page on the Gold Blend Couple
  12. Was that Lydia from E/R in an ad for an osteoporosis medication? I can not remember the name of the drug, the ad ends with a woman (not Lydia) carrying laundry on the stairs about to step on her dog's squeeky toy.
  13. elle

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    I loved her in "Thoroughly Modern Millie". Thank goodness we have the Muppet Show, Sesame Street, and all those variety shows on which she appeared. We get to see the wonderful talent that she was.
  14. Snerk! Well, yes, the CGI *is* better now. Thank you all for your responses! It is nice to have confirmation that my memory isn't completely gone.
  15. Hoping the collective wisdom here can settle a debate for me and my daughter regarding the Geico Camel commercial. I say that they are airing all the old commercials as they originally aired. She is convinced that the camel one was redone because the "CGI is better" for the camel talking. Any thoughts? There's 5 cents riding on this.