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  1. Mystery

    S02.E16: A Loaf of Bread and a Grand Old Flag

    Ditto. This episode had way too much Sheldon for me, which I know is a problem with me, not the show. It's not called "Young Missy," I know.
  2. Mystery

    S03.E15: G-A-- GAME N-I-- NIGHT

    Usually this show avoids the typical sitcom pitfalls; I can't believe it fell into the "apply to college at the last minute" one (even if the episodes are out of order, this is *really* late for any college, let alone film school). For instance, the deadline for NYU's film school is January 1. Hunter College has a later date, but since it's a CUNY the tuition is three times more for out-of-staters. I did like JJ and Ray ruining Dylan's motorcar poster for her. Modern Family did the outrageous new driver safety checkpoint first.
  3. Mystery

    S12.E16: The D & D Vortex

    I feel bad for him, too. My all-time favorite episode was one of the reruns today (The Scavenger Vortex) and they were leaving him out of things back then, too. I laughed that he didn't think to say he was with his girlfriend, but instead said that he was hanging out at the pharmacy.
  4. Mystery

    S06.E07: The Honeypot

    I loved Jake hearing the barrel story so often that he memorized it, and of course loved that Amy loved it. And Holt the triple-crosser was great. But I was so distracted by wondering why people wouldn't just take their personal stuff home instead of burning it!
  5. Mystery

    S10.E15: SuperShowerBabyBowl

    That's been going on for a while now. I liked that they finally had Alex in flattering clothes; she was okay as a youngster but for most of the time, the show has put her in the ugliest clothes. But boy has she gotten thin. Isn't Manny going to UCLA? Why would he have to transfer to another school to study pre-law or accounting?
  6. Mystery

    S03.E13: Our Little Island Girl

    Her mother called her "Beth" in the car right before the dance, which I thought was strange; I didn't remember it being anything but "Bethany" during the whole show. The thing that made me not sympathetic toward the mother is the way that the show showed us the trajectory of Beth's dancing at the school. Her father was diagnosed with cancer right after Beth had been told she was going to have to work "ten times as hard" (or maybe it was "ten times harder") when she was already working so hard. If she had quit then when she mentioned it, she would have been able to spend more time with her father instead of coming home so late every night. Instead, she was made to quit only after she didn't get a solo part. So in her head, being with her father and making her own decision weren't honored, but she was forced to quit when she wasn't good enough to get a starring role. I realize that the character of her mother didn't have that information; she just thought that Beth wanted to quit because of the cancer news. But we the audience had that information, and it influences how I viewed that situation.
  7. Mystery

    S44.E13: Don Cheadle / Gary Clark Jr.

    Maybe this: I was on my phone when I wrote before, so I didn't get to express how much I liked Don Cheadle, can't believe that he hasn't hosted before, and want him back asap.
  8. Mystery

    S44.E13: Don Cheadle / Gary Clark Jr.

    The cake sketch, with its illustrations of what the cakes were meant to look like, brought me right back to Great British Bake Off territory. Peace 47, I got the "ladder" thing; it was Pete's "horizAntal" mispronunciation that threw me.
  9. Mystery

    S44.E13: Don Cheadle / Gary Clark Jr.

    Did Pete say that he had mistakenly built the wall horizAntal?
  10. Mystery

    S03.E14: J-I-- JIMMY V-A-L-- VALENTINE

    I loved the JJ and Izzy stuff, but it's getting a little wearing hearing Dylan tell Ray that she's sorry for treating him badly, when she's done it over and over. It seemed like there was a "Love, Actually" musical cue when the helicopter was taking off with Jimmy and Maya. eta: GRChereck, your information was helpful and might explain some of the Dylan-Ray relationship progression. But I'm sorry: Blue Swede has and always will have the best version of "Hooked on a Feeling"!! Ooga-chaka! 🙂
  11. Mystery

    S06.E06: The Crime Scene

    This might have been a cost-saving episode (mostly the one set, mostly the same actors) but I really liked the idea of it and the reminder that Jake and Rosa are great detectives. Loved Rosa's hairdos. I thought she might actually mention Jake's terrible haircut, but no.
  12. Mystery

    S01.E07: All Together Now

    I thought the singers were really singing, but it seemed like LaToya was lip-syncing at the end. The vocal kept going even after she whacked Nick.
  13. Mystery

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    Pearsons! Am I right? Randall couldn't wait til they got outside to make Kate remember what really happened? He has to do it in front of strangers?
  14. Mystery

    S09.E13: Bed, Bob and Beyond

    I loved the stories. "Turns out he's not dead, TINA...." And "on the scale of one to Sir Michael Bolton...." Also, usually I just Tivo, but tonight I was watching live, so I actually saw H. Jon Benjamin's two Arby's commercials during the show, and recognized his voice. It never hit me before! And it's been going on for six months???
  15. Mystery

    S44.E12: Halsey

    As long as it annoys Trump to see people in his administration (and let's face it, they're mostly men) portrayed by women on SNL, we're going to see it. A thin-skinned person is easy to poke, and SNL will do that poking every time. I don't know Halsey from Adam, but I thought she did a good job. I definitely had low expectations, though.