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  1. Linny

    S09.E11: Peace Gathering

    This dull-ass episode came close to accomplishing the impossible: getting me to like Kail for five minutes. Her ability to laugh at Jenelle's ridiculous fire antics was great, and I also liked that while discussing Jenelle's problems and labeling them self-made, Kail acknowledged that the same could be said of her. This reasonable side of Kail is almost someone I can get behind, until I remember how she's ignoring Jo over the child support issue and running hot and cold with Javi. If Kail can maintain her composure when dealing with Jenelle and see the childishness of her behavior, then she ought to be able to recognize the same in her interactions with her exes. As Leah astutely put it, a petty tug-of-war between parents benefits no one; Kail could stand to take notes. These glimpses of her where she's normal and rational make it all the more frustrating that 95% of the time, she's a selfish cow.
  2. Linny

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I think all these layers to Willow's story are nothing more than a freshly-invented way for the show to integrate her into another story and justify her existence, but still, the actress sold it well today. I also really appreciated Chase's measured response--no judgment, no disbelief, just compassion and a desire to reassure and help. Dante's scars and his bad dream (poor Lulu, she still has shit luck even in dream form) are already 100% more interesting to me than anything happening with Kristina and DoD. Kristina is such a bad choice to be at the center of everyone's worries, since by my estimation, she's the most consistently awful Corinthos this side of Morgan. Let her rot in DoD for all I care. Really not seeing how the violent thug hit man can be considered anything more than marginally better than the narcissistic cult leader. Shiloh being an ass gives Jason no right to physically assault him.
  3. Linny

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Griffin's half-assed departure is a fitting ending for a largely shitty and forgettable character, but I didn't totally hate it. I liked that Ava was able to have the clarity to stop Griffin from hurting Kevin. No matter the pain Griffin caused Ava during their relationship, he undeniably helped get her through one of the worst periods of her life and changed the way she thought and behaved going forward. Ava paying that back by preventing Griffin from engaging in his worst impulses was a nice bit of finality between the characters. I had completely spaced on the fact that Griffin and Lucas knew each other from med school. The show really took advantage of that connection, huh? I don't want to complain about seeing Lucas, but honestly, it should have been Liz in that scene given her and Griffin's established on-screen friendship. I got zero fucks to give about the conglomeration of Willow/Shiloh, JaSam, and Brad/Julian/Wiley. There's too many components and the new revelation about Willow and Shiloh and their baby adds nothing, since that baby's dead. I can't believe Wiley's closing in on a year old and we're still so far removed from the truth of his parentage coming to light.
  4. Linny

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    "Devoin might not be the greatest parent in the world, but at least he tries, you know, sometimes." Oh, Briana, GIRL. Is this the benchmark we're using to judge fathers? He tries SOMETIMES? Please want more for your daughter. Please expect more from men. Devoin hanging around now (when MTV cameras are around and free trips to Puerto Rico are involved) is no reason to change Nova's last name. A strong relationship with her dad is more important than her carrying his last name. Devoin being more present for Nova is great, I hope it continues and I hope it's happening for the right reasons, but it's hardly enough justification to confuse Nova by uprooting her identity and her name. Kail's pathetic crying over Chris was just delicious. Oh, so now she wants a commitment and someone to come home to? Where was that desire for fidelity when she was married to Javi? Javi, for all his faults, loved Kail and their family and would prioritize them over everything else, and Kail was willing to toss that aside to pursue players like Chris. You reap what you sow, Kail; don't blame Chris for being everything you always knew him to be.
  5. Linny

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Chet is someone I can't manage to remember exists unless he's in my direct field of vision, and today's drop in seemed solely to have Maxie hedge her bets about Peter, which I'm all for. Maxie and Peter have orbited around each other for so long and been positioned as a couple despite only having a smattering of romantic moments, and I'm over it. Move it along, already. Dare I say it, but Sasha might just be the one woman Michael has chemistry with. Thinking this way didn't stop me from snickering when she bolted for the exit after he said he liked her, though. Michael Corinthos, always Charlie Brown with the football when it comes to love. Dante is pretty. Sonny is dumb and dull. ("Franco stabbed Lulu," yeah, you're in another country, but you couldn't refresh Twitter before stepping in and fucking up Dante's plan? Keep up.)
  6. Linny

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Valentin the all-knowing and all-wise on everything concerning Anna got tired for me a long time ago, and today was no different. Can we not retcon Peter (assuming that's where this is headed) without an extended, needless conversation with Valentin smugging all over the place about how well he knows Anna? Molly screeching the word "cult" over and over again in the middle of Charlie's had me begging for Julian to wander in and ask her to take her protestations away from his drinks and his avocado toast. Seriously, Molly, choose a better time and place. "I should go pick up Danny and Scout. I do have kids." The writers are straight-up trolling us now, guys. Should I be in suspense that Dante will shoot Sonny? Their relationship has already survived one bullet between them, surely it can survive another.
  7. Linny

    S06.E10: Gintars

    I spent the whole episode waiting for Charles to have the realization that his role as Nikolaj's father could not be threatened by Nikolaj bonding with another man (be that Gintars, Jake, or anyone else he may be close with), so to have him say he wasn't Nikolaj's "real father" was hugely disappointing. It doesn't matter that Jake corrected him; by allowing Charles to feel inadequate that he's not a biological father, then the show is perpetuating the notion that DNA is what makes a parent a parent. That's a patently false premise belying any understanding of adoptive parents, including Charles' established relationship with Nikokaj (walking him to school, singing him lullabies, etc.), and I can't believe the show dropped the ball by including it at all. I didn't like that Jake set up Gintars to be arrested. Actually, what I really didn't like was that Gintars was a criminal at all. The whole depiction of Gintars as the wacky foreigner ('cause anywhere other than America is weird, right?) who's conducting illegal activity and gets booted out of the country was over-exaggerated and lacking sensitivity. The Amy/Holt pairing was fun (mine that opportunity more often, show) and the Terry stuff was nonsensical yet visually amusing, but none of it was enough to save this episode for me. I guess I just expect more from this show and there wasn't enough good to hide the fact that this week, the show let me down.
  8. Linny

    S05.E11 Reevaluation Realness

    I thought Jazz was pretty likeable with her respectful comments to the kids at the support group and her excitement over wearing a bathing suit to the beach, but then it all went to hell when she started whining about moving out. I'm of the opinion that it wouldn't matter if Jeanette and Greg made out a budget for Jazz to let her see just how much of a financial obligation she'd be under. Jazz clearly only lives in the here and now, and right now she has what I'm assuming is a sizeable nest egg from TLC/social media, so the hard numbers of independent living wouldn't mean much to her. Doesn't matter that eventually the show will run its course and the money won't be coming in, doesn't matter that she's got no career path, Jazz is so shortsighted that all she can see is that in the moment she can afford when she wants. At age 18, Jeanette and Greg really can't stop her from picking up and leaving. The one card they can play is that if she leaves, she's not coming back. She's on her own for everything, cell phone, car insurance, college included. If Jazz's so damned sure she can handle the responsibilities of adulthood, then let her, but hold firm on the boundary that they will not be her safety net. She'll figure out the hard way that being an adult entails more than just having money to toss around on whatever you want, whenever you want.
  9. Linny

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    The show glossed over Jason's retelling of the showdown with Ava and Ryan pretty quickly, but I gotta press pause for a moment. "I couldn't let [Ava] die in front of Laura." Um, WTF? So Ava's rescue was conditional on Laura's presence? Is this how Jason is justifying his actions to Carly, who we know would be thrilled if Ava died, or would Jason really have watched a woman fall to her death if there had been no other witnesses? Either way, it's a shitty thing for our supposed "hero" to say. Ava was Ryan's victim just as much as Carly, and whatever Jason might feel for Ava personally, there's no acceptable way he could have NOT saved her. I don't know why the show wouldn't allow him to show some humanity by just saying this outright instead of couching it in terms suggesting he acted out of begrudging obligation.
  10. Linny

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Oh, Ava...her deep denial transitioning into acceptance and revulsion of the full weight of Ryan's deceit was so perfectly painful. It was every bit as over-the-top as it should have been. Everything Ryan gave her--unconditional love, safety, and the promise of a happy future--has been erased, and even worse, Ava will now bear the guilt of betraying her daughter's memory by unknowingly falling in love with her murderer. Ava failed Kiki in life many times over and has now failed her in death, and the one support system she wants to help her is gone, and was only ever a mirage. She SHOULD scream and sob until her lungs give out under the gravity of these circumstances. "If you don't want your fiancé on the serial killer suspect list, I suggest you get a fiancé who's not a reformed serial killer." I hope you all could hear me shout "YES, girl!" at this line. Jason and Carly, who cares? That's an evergreen statement, but really, ain't nobody got time for their sacred best friend bullshit when there's MW knocking it out of the park to behold.
  11. Linny

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Today was a great example of why I'm always going to root for Ava and think she could never be on as low a level as Carly. Carly: remembers Sonny's vile words about Ava and uses them as motivation to save herself. Ava: worries over Carly's safety and speaks out to help her not because Jason's threatening her, but because she knows it's the right thing to do. Ava's still human. Yes, she's done terrible things, but she's also grown as a person. She knows right from wrong and cares about that distinction. Carly only cares about herself and about holding herself superior to all others. She runs on vitriol and ego, that's it. I can't believe that in a moment where Carly's hurt and vulnerable and deserving a smidgen of sympathy, the show STILL can't help but have her be awful by leaning in on some good old-fashioned Ava hate.
  12. Linny

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    It makes me mad that Cam's legitimate problems with Franco--his insertion into Liz's family, his preferential treatment of Jake and now Aiden, his sordid past--are likely going to be swept under the rug once Franco's name is cleared. Cam's feelings are valid, regardless of Franco's innocence, and it's Liz who needs to be hearing (and respecting) these thoughts in place of Trina. Jason was pushing it today with his judgy attitude to Kevin and his threatening of Julian. He should save his outrage for the people who died at Ryan's hands and stop acting like Carly didn't court every bit of her troubles by repeatedly sticking her nose where it didn't belong. I'd donate a kidney to Jordan if it meant Ryan and Ava could alley-oop Carly into Niagra Falls. Her forced position of prominence as we reach the climax of this story is obnoxious.
  13. Linny

    S05.E10: Enemy in the Family

    Jazz's conversation with Ahmir's mother was hard to watch, and I think Jazz's approach to the issue was unsophisticated and lacking. The question "what about me being transgender do you not understand?" is too simplistic and not very helpful. Ahmir's mother (and others like her) understand the concept of being transgender just fine, they just don't recognize it, accept it, or respect it as being valid. That's the problem Jazz will always face: a giant asterisk attached to her identity that labels her as different, as less than, despite all evidence to the contrary. Convincing people like Ahmir's mom to accept her is a tough task, because it's hard to overcome deeply entrenched prejudice. It's hard to rewire a brain to not see gender and biology as either/or, and to see that there are areas where the lines are blurred and that's okay. Jazz has to be firm in the face of her dissenters, acknowledging their feelings without giving up in exasperation, while steadfastly living her truth. Change is not going to happen in one phone call. A constant diligence to the reality that transgender people are legitimate, present, and worthy is the slow road to reshaping ignorance.
  14. Linny

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Hee, we unlocked action sequence Sonny today! This version was as laughable and unrealistic as it gets, but it was stupid in a fun way. I wish Robert didn't have to hang out with Sonny, but I'll forgive it since they were working on behalf of Dante (and since the alternative to Robert assisting here would probably be Jason, I'm content with Robert). How fortuitous for Laura and Kevin that they were stashed in their very own escape room, clues and all. I'm going to overlook the plausibility of no employee at Ferncliff ever discovering those clues or the freaking TUNNEL attached to the building and just be happy that Laura and Kevin are getting to rescue themselves. Ryan mocking the many, many marriages of Carly and Sonny was fantastic. Despite my complaints about this story, I think Ryan himself has been an asset. He's murdered one of my least favorite characters, set up a romance with Ava that's sure to end in fireworks, and been unafraid to call characters on their shit. That makes him more valuable than a lot of other characters I could mention.
  15. Linny

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    We finally get confirmation that Jason is aware of what's going on with Franco, and his only comment is...Carly shouldn't think about such awful things because it's bad for her baby, whose safety is paramount. I want to throw something, y'all. Continuity problem: Lulu said Deborah Jones and Suzanne Smith were murdered in Texas at the time Ryan was known to live there, yet Suzanne's license that Ryan was holding said it was issued in 2006. I don't why I'm bothered that the show gets the small details wrong when heaven knows they can't get the big details right either, but here I am, complaining anyway. That brief fantasy of Ryan getting showered with adoration while Felicia sulks on the sidelines was bizarre yet really funny to me. I've enjoyed these intermittent flashes into Ryan's mind, it brings some needed levity to the situation.