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  1. DropTheSoap

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    I’ve noticed that, also. TV and mobile phones/computers seem to be the only entertainment. No hobbies. No reading. Nothing but killing time from meal to meal.
  2. DropTheSoap

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    I think there’s a glimmer of hope in poundticipants that there will be this one little change and they’ll lose weight and all will be good in the world. Some come to an understanding that it doesn’t work like that. Some don’t.
  3. DropTheSoap

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    Nope....you can still talk. Doesn’t help. I also know someone who’s totally gaining with the lap band. But, weight loss surgery is magic, right?
  4. DropTheSoap

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    Yes! He’s being honest — but she’ll show him! “I want to be out of the hospital,” [where they cut off the cupcakes and try to make me responsible for myself.] I can’t imagine going from the all-food-all-the-time to 1200 low fat calories a day. I eat about that in a day and it’s not always easy. But I also eat about that per day because I knew I had to change my health. So while I have some empathy, no one can do for Jeanne what she refuses to do for herself. As far as “grandma made me smoke”, I wonder if that was grandma’s attempt at weight control for her granddaughter.
  5. DropTheSoap

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    “I’m not one to show my emotions,” says the woman who’s perpetually whining. This has been the season of the brat. Even with the “no one is like me,” mantra, we’ve seen it often recently. If we’ve seen it, Dr. Now has for sure seen it, as he said. It was clear Jeanne was never going to change. Too easy to be a victim. Much more effort to do something. I did feel bad for Barbara. Yes, she’s part of the problem. But she’s also has taking care of an adult and enormous guilt on top of the other issues. The one adult relationship she had ended abruptly. Her health was in the toilet and she still had to wipe her daughter’s ass. It doesn’t look good for either of them.
  6. DropTheSoap

    S02.E14: Prison Blues to Wedding Bells

    I skipped the wedding. They’re awful. Speaking of awful...MMG was pretty damn smug when meeting Sarah. Then all the waterworks in front of her father. Her protests of not knowing ring as true as her statements about being a virgin. Not seeing what there was to fight about with that guy, but looks like they all want to keep the kids living in drama. Tracie and Matt should get together. They both have a great love — for meth. And it shows.
  7. DropTheSoap

    S02.E13: Sorry, Not Sorry

    I believe Marcellino's book will be titled "Marcellino Mansplains Everything You Need to Know And If It Ain't Like I Say It's Wrong." Not a fan, but he may be the most adult individual on the show, other than Sarah's friend and the grief counselor. Certainly the most adult in an intimate "inmate" relationship. I forsee in a couple years he'll be single dad, raising the new little offspring as Brittany re-enters her dating pool. I mean, gets locked up again. Even if she doesn't get locked up, I don't see her as a long termer with someone who's not going to give her an open relationship. Something is seriously damaged about Clint. Not sure if it's the parents who keep him infantilized, but it seems to be more than that. The parents paying off his problems definitely aren't helping.
  8. DropTheSoap

    S07.E09: Tiffany's Story

    Tiffany’s “I’m not used to putting myself first” self-pity whine to Lola was just bullshit. She’d manipulated her mother and then this week’s Chrissun (I know, Aaron) to be her enablers. She was passive aggressive or openly aggressive about getting someone to feed her the foods she wants. Yes, she’s not the raging bitch that Maya is, and she did figure out she needed to change. But she also wasn’t the delicate butterfly victim that she would claim. Dr. Now had her pretty much pegged as lying about her eating and her manipulating Aaron. I’m glad she got surgery and started to turn things around. Hopefully she can figure things out, and she and Aaron can keep working things out.
  9. DropTheSoap

    S09.E11 Bounty

    I'm just rather shocked that it's Samantha Morton as that grubby potato. As for the rest, I find Henry more annoying than Carl. The character was an idiot in prior seasons and I see that hasn't changed. The sooner he's eaten, the better.
  10. DropTheSoap

    S07.E08: Maja's Story

    I have a feeling that even though she really had no experience in air travel, no one could tell her anything that went against how she thought things would work out for her.
  11. DropTheSoap

    Family By The Ton

    Chitoka lost her mother and couldn't go to the funeral. Naomi lost her grandmother about the same time as the episodes being filmed, so Naomi's mother was out of town at the funeral. Even if the family member is older, it's still a loss when a close family member passes away. Obviously, this is a close family. If food's been a comfort for most of your life, it's not fully surprising that that's where someone would turn at a time stress. Hopefully everyone in the family can all figure out alternative means of dealing with stress and, in general, the realities of daily life.
  12. DropTheSoap

    S07.E08: Maja's Story

    They were all literally toddler-level temper tantrums. Lots of manipulation tossed on top.
  13. DropTheSoap

    Family By The Ton

    After Maja, a root canal would be refreshing. I felt for Naomi. She seems sweet and really wants to have a child. It's probably not something she's ready to hear, but hopefully she comes to realize that miscarriages happen, especially early in a pregnancy. The loss may have had nothing to do with her weight. I know that won't fully help, but hopefully she'll stop blaming herself.
  14. DropTheSoap

    S07.E08: Maja's Story

    “I want to focus on myself right now...” How’s that different from before that point, exactly? Doctor Now had her pegged. The secret eating. The avoidance of blame for where she was at with not losing weight and the failure of her relationship. Mom had a stroke but she’s still working two jobs. And she gets yelled at for not following Maja’s “goodbye schedule.” Well done escaping, Chris-shun. From the first time he was ordered to a sit-down on the couch and sat as far away as physically possible, it wasn’t tough to tell how that relationship would go.
  15. DropTheSoap

    Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell And Back

    There has to be other restaurants to work in in the area, right? I can see the people in small towns being stuck, but if I was one of the women working there, I’d be looking to move on. Maybe they should hit up the owner’s dad for a job. He seemed successful.