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  1. Katherine Kegel

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I don’t know...I assume Suzanne has been in the business a long time and is pretty savvy. I can’t imagine her sticking her neck out and campaigning for someone without first making sure they would actually be interested in the job. I can absolutely see her wanting someone (anyone) else, but to be that blatant about it seems like career suicide (both in this role and in future jobs). Unless WW specifically told her she’s not coming back and to start working now on finding someone she would want to work with long term. But that’s what a close friend would do, and WW has no friends (except Reg. Allegedly.) so I can’t see that being the situation.
  2. Katherine Kegel

    The Wendy Williams Show

    At this point it feels downright disrespectful to all of the people who have supported her through the years for her to not come out and make a personal statement of some kind. It doesn’t even have to be tea, just SOMETHING. I was giving her a pass when it seemed like she was seriously ill, but now that she’s been spotted out and about she’s clearly healthy enough to get on social media and make a statement every now and then. How about “thanks for the well wishes”, or “thanks to the revolving door of hosts who have kept food on the table for my staff” or “thanks to the staff for doing such a great job keeping things going”. I am confused by her complete silence and it comes off as a total lack of appreciation toward the people she will need and expect to be there if she ever does come back. Although as we rapidly approach the 2 month mark, a return seems less and less likely, which is maybe why she’s not even bothering with the bare minimum of pretending to care anymore.
  3. Katherine Kegel

    S10.E12: Episode 12

    If the Montessori woman’s goal was educating children she could have done it much better with simplification and a model that could be adapted to a wide consumer base. Level 1 could be for people who just want the basic concepts of Montessori. When I was pregnant I got weekly emails telling me “your baby is now the size of a grapefruit. This week it grew ears. You might begin to experience trouble breathing as your grapefruit pushes your lungs up to your neck”. That sort of thing could work for a basic Montessori introduction. “Your baby is 5 months old and is beginning to learn about object permanence. This is what object permanence is. These are games you can play. Here are common toys that teach this concept”. Make it cheap and accessible for a wide group of people who just want the basics. Level 2 includes Level 1 plus videos. Maybe access to an online educator for questions/demonstrations. Maybe a monthly group play date/session with a local Montessori educator. Something like that. More robust than Level 1, for people who really want to learn/use Montessori principles but for whom Level 3 will never be within reach. Level 3 is her current model with all the bells and whistles, for those who are really serious about Montessori and are willing and able to go all in. The whole thing seemed really over the top for what it was.
  4. Katherine Kegel

    S10.E11: Episode 11

    If I’m paying that much for a dress there is no way in hell I’m wearing it to play outside with my children and have it get covered in grass stains. On the other hand, my daughter tells me I dress “boring” and “sad” and “not fancy” so perhaps I’m just not their target audience.
  5. Katherine Kegel

    S16.E05: Restaurant Wars Part 2

    My understanding was that he chose that dish because it would be sous veed, so it just sat in water at the correct temperature until it was ready to be plated. I think the time consuming part was the preparation before it went into the water; once that was done it was just a matter of pulling it out, slicing it and serving it (and adding whatever else was in the plate). Which would make it a good choice for someone working front of house, and also why no one else was given credit for it (at least, that we saw).
  6. Katherine Kegel

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    I hated Sean’s dress. It was ill fitting and it looked like my dad spilled his tackle box on a white sheet. i am really curious about the Indian school. I know that the thing with JCP is no longer happening, but what about the donation to the school? Did they auction it off a long time ago (which would have been dumb, because no one would have known to look for it and it wouldn’t have made any money)? Or are we to believe they’ve held onto it for 2 years (unlikely)? Or is the school just SOL at this point? If they are still going to sell it it’s really a bummer Seth Aaron didn’t win. I could see a lot of people wanting/wearing/ bidding on his dress. Not so much that itchy orange and blue lace non-dress. Either way it seems like he school got screwed on this one.
  7. Katherine Kegel

    S10.E09: Episode 9

    I agree completely. I too used an Ergo and it was great. I don’t know why they think regular carriers are so cumbersome, the ergo had a clip around the waist (which to me is easier than what appeared to be Velcro on the tush baby) and one clip in the back. Super easy and kiddos were secure (and often fell asleep, another way the tush baby falls short, heavy sleeping kids now have to be in your arms). The only thing I liked was the amount of storage (pockets big enough for diapers) but if my hands are free carrying a small bag just wasn’t that big a deal.
  8. Katherine Kegel

    Season 5 Discussion: Got Nose?

    They just had a girl on who had a port in for a long time and they made a big deal about how that wasn’t the purpose and it needed to come out. I’m surprised they didn’t talk to her about removing it so she couldn’t make them any larger. Or was her skin stretched so much even that procedure could have caused problems? I don’t remember them discussing it with her at all. Could the port be used to get rid of some of the extra filling later on so her skin isn’t stretched so tight?
  9. Katherine Kegel

    S09.E05: Stripes and a Stripper Pole

    Meh. On a scale of Vern to Hildi I rate this one a Frank. Not my thing but could have been much worse.
  10. Katherine Kegel

    Last Man in the Media

    I will get it if I can have some closure. Petition signed!
  11. Katherine Kegel

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Especially when the book itself was titled “I’ll never change my name”. The book not only had his full name on the cover in huge letters, it was a book about his name.
  12. Katherine Kegel

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Jerry was a bit much, but he grew on me. I appreciated his sincerity about wanting to do a good job and listening to feedback (even though he couldn’t quite calm himself enough, I give him credit that he was trying to improve). I think if he had more time and could get more comfortable he might have relaxed a bit more. Still may have been too OTT for me but I found myself a little bummed the week was over. I did love the jacket the staff got for him, it seems like they genuinely enjoyed him. I have no reason to believe Wendy’s medical issues weren’t serious and real. However, now that she says it’s all worked out I am expecting her to be more prepared and focused. I’m tired of housewives and rappers, that seems to be the main things that interest her and that she can speak to without a ton of assistance from Norman. That and Lifetime movies.
  13. Katherine Kegel

    The Kitchen

    I think “that guy” refers to Kalen Allen. He mentions salt and pepper in this video where he’s watching The Kitchen. For your viewing pleasure, because if you haven’t watched it you must!
  14. Katherine Kegel

    S01.E12: Superhero Fashion

    What is the point of the judges?? They could save a lot of time if the designers showed their clothes and then the mentors played Rock Paper Scissors to determine who leaves each week. This show is dead to me.