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  1. 40Love

    S07.E07: Pure Imagination

    Right?!! How in the hell was that in any way functional? Why were the judges tripping all over themselves to praise a raincoat that I wore in the 2nd grade? Mine just didn't have any markers. LOL! I'm not a fan of AR's either... He really lost me in the first episode when he used his poor recently deceased grandmother as an excuse to stay in the competition. He also lost points with me when he tried to instigate a fight between Michelle and Dimitry, all the while claiming his intentions were pure.... when his sole purpose was to stir shit up. Michelle's design was basically a sheath dress and a big giant circle with a hole for the model to stick her arm through. It was more of a balancing act than an actual design. I preferred all the safe designs to the ones they chose.
  2. 40Love

    Kids Baking Championship

    Not a fan of Jaxson after seeing him repeatedly steamroll Madison. He was pretty condescending... and that little grin on his face when he was talking down to her...so irritating. Grrrr! Karthik didn't win any points with his behavior 1either. But he seemed to be playing more to the cameras. Loved Paige and Nyah together!! Great teamwork!! Davis is one wacky dude. His faces are cracking me up. His OTT expressions during the 2nd confessional with Jenna were wild. He may be consuming too much sugar. Heh! But, I think it's genuine; just him marching to a different beat. 😊
  3. 40Love

    Kids Baking Championship

    I don't think we're ever going to get an answers to these questions. Contestants are under strict orders not to reveal anything about the procedures, timing and production of the show. A contestant from the adult Baking Championship show mentioned she wasn't allowed to share that kind of information.
  4. 40Love

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    Seems like the judges were tripping all over themselves to justify keeping Anthony Ryan in the competition. They made it seem like the most innovative design of all time. IMO it was not... average as best. I liked Seth Aaron and the Canadian guy's best. But, the designer from Canada didn't even make the top 3. So what do I know. Heh! If Sonny had thrown in just one layer of blue in that pretty yellow dress... he would still be in the competition and Irina would have been sent home. It's a shame because I was looking forward to seeing other designs from him.
  5. 40Love

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    Awww, I liked his old nose. Oh well...Maybe the fillers will settle in as others have said. Still love him. As someone who recently lost a grandparent, I agree wholeheartedly with this. My grandmother was 96 and even though it was expected, we were pretty close. One month later I'm still deeply saddened by the loss. Can't imagine how sad I would have been 3 days afterwards. That said, he probably should have declined the invitation to the show. Or they should have given him the time to properly grieve by sending him home. Even after the save, he should have bowed out gracefully. That outfit was ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous. I'm sure Issac would have been over-the-moon to allow him to return to the next iteration of the All-Star show.
  6. 40Love

    S04.E09: The Birds & The Bees

    Okay, this!!! I was saying "Please don't touch her face... please don't touch her face. Oh no, he's touching her face. Nooo, he's touching her face again. For goodness sake, stop touching her face Jaime. We all know where your hands have been. Ewww!"
  7. 40Love

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    Right?! That was exactly my reaction. And the way it was done... like the two who came out were some kind of badass designers that the others should fear. What did I miss? On another note... It seemed like the designers from the other countries were nicer and more humble than the ones who won the U.S. version. Loved the winning dress... Has Dimitry had a little work done to his face? He looks a little different.
  8. 40Love

    Coronation Street

    I know right?! It's so ridiculous. The writers dropped the ball on this story-line. I know they need a new conflict now that they're not fighting with Rana's mother over their relationship... but Kate's desperate need for a baby before they've even walked down the aisle is just too silly! Mainly because it came out of nowhere... The farce surrounding the marriage proposal was even manufactured drama. Ugh! Just think of the drama when they break up... A) Right in the middle of the insemination procedure B) Right after the insemination procedure C) After one of them is pregnant D) All of the above They'll get back together when one of them is rushed to the hospital during the child birth. Oh the hilarity from that scenario will be just great! Lol!
  9. 40Love

    Season Five Episode Talk

    LOL! A good one! :-)
  10. 40Love

    Season Five Episode Talk

    I've seen Lorraine take bites of the desserts... and think some of the fork scraping is just her re-tasting the dish. I also think her eating style has more to do with trying not to ruin her lipstick than her not wanting to eat ala-Giada. She's a former model who probably never changed her habits after having to preserve her makeup while snacking at a photo shoot.
  11. 40Love

    Season Five Episode Talk

    IKR... plus is just me or doesn't he have TWO daughters? The other one doesn't inspire him too? Lol!
  12. 40Love

    Halloween Baking Championship

    I really like Lorraine and Carla. I've never seen Lorraine's show on the Cooking Channel... but like the authority she brings to the show. She's super critical... but, to me, it seems like she tries to find something nice to say too. She and Carla seem to get along well too. Not like the older woman, who seemed to base her critique's on whether she personally liked the contestant. I agree with you about Zac. He seems to be trying too hard... whether he's trying to be funny, clever or snippy. He just needs to pull it back some. Carla can be a little over the top sometimes... but, in the end gives thoughtful and constructive critiques. I was rooting for Jamal... but I'm cool with Lindsay winning. Her cake looked the best... I knew she was going to win, if her cake was tasty too. It was so nice to see Jamal give Lindsay a big congratulatory hug. I think we'll see both of them again. Unfortunately, I think Michelle will pop up a few times too. No way the producers are passing up on that camera mugging and attention grabbing personality.
  13. 40Love

    Halloween Baking Championship

    It may be my imagination... but it seemed like the other contestants were over Michelle and all her theatrics last night. All three could just barely muster a smile or reply. Seems like Jamal was tired or really spooked by the superstition associated with Tarot cards. Because he was really off his game. Hope he gets some sleep and comes back strong. I loved when Lorraine and Carla shot down negative Zack over Jamal's panna cotta. Steven was the right one to be eliminated. He might be a great baker, but he seriously lacks imagination. Why in the world would you apply for a Halloween decorating show when you hate scary or gory designs. Do they just sign-up to be in any competition and don't find out what the holiday is until after they get picked? Because seriously... this show was not meant for him.
  14. 40Love

    Halloween Baking Championship

    Yep... you're so right! He had the big notes on the side of his cake. Thank you!
  15. 40Love

    S05.E02: A New Life

    I think Roberta overreacted too. It's not like he stabbed and beat Murphy to death. Like he said, "Okay I was wrong... I'll apologize to the guy and we can move on". But, she just kept raging at him. I didn't get it... especially after he says I know something about you that no else does. I wanted to know what he was going to say. Maybe someone she really loved once messed over her in the past and she was afraid of going there again.