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  1. kieyra

    Supernatural Media: I Observe, With My Eyes

    Season 15 will be the last. 😕
  2. kieyra

    The Good Fight

    Also, putting Gretchen Cutler’s sunglasses on Maia doesn’t make her Gretchen Cutler.
  3. kieyra

    S04.E01 Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

    Is there any chance this is a failing of the actor? I’ve never thought about it too hard because I mostly watch this show for Taylor (and Wendy when she had a soul), but yeah, Wags never quite sells me on his razor-tongued badass schtick. Are we supposed to see the self-loathing and substance abuse just under the surface? Or are some of us just still seeing sweet natured Gale from Breaking Bad? I really can’t tell, but either way the character comes off more as court jester than right-hand man.
  4. kieyra

    You're The Worst

    My husband finally fell as much in love with this show as I am, and now it feels like our whole relationship is riding on the outcome.
  5. kieyra

    The Good Fight

    The Kings have indulged in this kind of whimsy before in the show, I’m pretty sure. If not, they did it in TGW and also Braindead. I remember a couple of songs they tied into the plot (and then the credits) in TGW. I remember thinking the NDA song sounded like Jonathan Coulton, and I’m pretty sure he did a song for the show last year. ... Google says yes to both: https://www.vulture.com/2019/03/the-good-fight-recap-season-3-episode-1.html
  6. kieyra

    S04.E01 Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

    Yeah, I can’t tell if the show has Bobby so careful about pronouns because we’re still supposed to root for him (because?? In what world is this guy a hero?), or because he and Wags (and apparently Grigor now?) have enough respect for Taylor’s abilities to get with modern times and terminology. I’m sure it doesn’t go down like this in the real world, though. Gloves would be off. I thought Asia Kate Dillon did a fantastic job with the femme drag. Looked just the right amount of awkward/uncomfortable, but also predatory.
  7. kieyra

    S04.E06: A Timeline and Place

    So this is not a good show to binge part of, get impatient when they go to Narnia, skip a bunch of episodes and try to catch up on Wikipedia, just because you’re trying to get to the romantic “slash” ship you read about somewhere recently. Seriously, there are *so* many characters, so many guest appearances, and ugh the timeline/multiverse stuff. I do see the Eliot/Quentin appeal, but as a new viewer I’ve of course landed right in the plot to keep them apart. (Their chemistry is tangible, and it’s been a long time since I shipped anyone at all, except maybe Gretchen and Jimmy in You’re The Worst.) I really liked the first season and the writing was unusual. I wish they hadn’t blown up the initial premise so fast, and introduced so many potential “alters”. The Narnia stuff feels like Pylea from Angel (down to Cordy as Queen), and that was my least favorite part of Angel. They have some strong and fantastic central characters, and I wish the show focused on that more instead of this weird fractured ensemble thing where *so many* side characters pop in and out at random. (I remember being so excited when I thought Anne Dudek was going to be a regular.) I liked the modern world/urban fantasy stuff. The Narnia stuff was too low-budget looking, and I just couldn’t. TL;DR: new viewer with probable ADHD heard about Elliot/Quentin stuff elsewhere, tried to binge, failed, so confused, wishes show had remained set in “magic university” only. Will probably end up skimming through new episodes for E/Q/Margo and Alice, but don’t care about the rest. (Bear with me, the binge only started this weekend, and I have no idea how many people are even still their original selves.)
  8. kieyra

    You're The Worst

    When I realized this would be a Paul/Vernon/Becca bottle episode (ish), my first thought was: "Okay, what's the weirdest thing they can have these three do? Oh yeah, end up in a thrupple." But I never saw the Handmaid's Tale thing coming, so I was screaming while watching from behind my hand. Full credit.
  9. kieyra

    The Umbrella Academy

    The real purpose was that her vocal cords were magically severed but not her carotid artery. So they neutralized one of their most powerful players right before the big finale, to avoid superpower bloat, I guess. (Mind-control tends to trump all.) I was thinking about how frustrating that must have been for the actress. 🙂 It was also frustrating from an 'arc' standpoint. When we didn't see adult Allison use her power at all (unless I missed it in one of the five thousand Allison/Luther scenes), I assumed it was so it would have more impact when she used it in the finale.
  10. kieyra

    The Umbrella Academy

    Don’t know the source material, coming into this blind. I’m on episode 7 and this just feels agonizingly slow. I feel like we’ve spent forever in the same material. So much time is spent on the least interesting (to me) characters (Allison and Luther), while Klaus spends so many episodes tied up/tortured/incoherent. Five is super watchable, but goes missing for long stretches. Vanya is obviously the key so early on, and her boyfriend is obviously a bad guy so early on, and you just have to spend soooo much time waiting for the show to realize we already know this. Legion was so much more surreal and stylized than this could ever be, so a lot of that part is lost on me or fails to land. (I recognize that Legion (probably?) had a much bigger budget.) I understand the idea of “family psychodrama first, supernatural elements second”, but Haunting of Hill House just did that so much better a few months ago. (Dysfunctional family reunited due to death of a member. One sibling outcast for writing a tell-all. One sibling an addict. One sibling has a legit superpower.) HHH also handles the fractured-timeline narrative structure much better, and each episode has a clear arc. It also layers in the supernatural elements appropriately. I don’t think I’ve seen adult Allison use her powers once. I also wish that mid-season timeline reset wasn’t necessary. It really feels like this only had enough material for a movie. And finally ... the retro conceit of no one having a cellphone was unearned. I think I’m about to skip 8-9 and at least see what the finale is like.
  11. kieyra

    You're The Worst

    As far as I could tell, any financial talk (Jimmy whoring himself out to Hollywood) was because of the suddenly-introduced plot point of Gretchen having a ton of unpaid credit card debt. She seems to have moved up in the PR company, hence hiring Lindsey as her new Gretchen.
  12. kieyra

    Sex Education

    I’m only partway through so I’m skipping posts to avoid spoilers. I kind of like what the show is doing. I’m even giving them lots of leeway on this “80s American teen sex movie turned campy British teen dramedy” thing. But man, the actor playing Adam seriously looks thirty. These days, with good skincare and sunscreen, he could be 35. My only theory is that they wanted to be very clear they weren’t really showing a real teenager’s penis? I don’t know how those laws work. Also: that’s a wig they’ve got GA in, right? ETA: Oh, show. You can’t top Ian and Mickey in Shameless, I wish you wouldn’t have tried.
  13. kieyra

    S09.E08: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Alibi

    Are we supposed to believe that the same people are writing this show as were writing it 4-5 years ago?
  14. kieyra

    You're The Worst

    I believe this is the final season. Hopefully it makes up for S4, whatever happened there.
  15. kieyra

    S08.E01: Episode 1

    Another Harlots alumni this week, the sister of the botched abortion victim. (Amelia from Harlots.) There must be a community of period-piece television industry folks over there.