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  1. marys1000

    S38 Victoria Baamonde

    I suspect she would be a David, Bronx, waitress, sounds like she put herself through school. I always like an underdog.
  2. marys1000

    S38 Rick Devens

    An animal lover +
  3. marys1000

    S38 Dan "The Wardog" DaSilva

    Pretty much everything Prof Crash said. And as a vet I want to root for vets but not yet.
  4. marys1000

    S38 Reem Daly

    Interesting name 🤐
  5. marys1000

    S38 Eric Hafemann

    Really? Maybe you are being sarcastic I can't tell. He is proud of himself for being a fire fighter and fire fighters in general, which I agree with but I don't know I would run around saying I'm so proud of myself. Proud of his dad, Proud of his fathering skills....he sounds like a proud guy. But then says people who take themselves too seriously are a pet peeve. Sounds like he is describing himself.
  6. marys1000

    S38 Aurora McCreary

    Sounds like a bit thinned skinned maybe, which could lead to some drama. shrug
  7. marys1000

    S38 Ron Clark

    So maybe he really is a genuine fan. Why does this seem like some big promo for his Jim Baker like school?
  8. marys1000

    S38 Aubry Bracco

    Does everyone who has been on Survivor move to LA? Ok I know its not totally true. She annoyed me her first season, can't remember the second but I feel no love only irritation when I think of her.
  9. marys1000

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    Thought I'd take a quick look at the reddit mega thread, some random cut and pastes. The most concrete rumor we have right now on S38 is that it generally was not received well by production and the final outcome is going to be extremely controversial. Since the season was announced, there has also been tons of comparisons being made to Redemption Island (the season). Namely that the producers are trying to get some fan favorites they like a win through a poorly thought out twist. Hey, guys. I'm here again to bring some info I was told about the game. Again, take this with a grain of salt because I do not full believe this myself. My source has gotten info wrong in the past, but I just want to get this info out so others can make their judgements. As I reported last time, the final six consists of Aubry, Eric, Julie, Kelley, Rick, and an unknown. (counting Eric returning to the game through IoE) I was told conflicting reports that this fifth place finisher is either Lauren or Gavin. Personally, I lean towards Lauren based on the fact Kelley and Lauren follow each other on instagram, so they seemed to be close. My source has also disclosed to me that Aubry was taken to FTC because she was seen as someone who couldn't "finish", whatever that means. I hope you guys can make sense of this, I know it's a bit confusing. The Extinction Island twist will not be revealed to the entire cast up front. A player will only become aware of the twist once they are voted out. The players remaining in the game will not find out about Extinction Island until the merge when Jeff Probst brings out the eliminated castaways for their first opportunity to win their way back into the game. Think back to the Outcasts twist in Survivor: Pearl Islands to get a sense of how this might work. The winner of the challenge will reenter the game and join the merged tribe. The losers can choose to continue living on Extinction Island or quit. http://insidesurvivor.com/rumor-season-38-theme-and-title-34310 from a month ago
  10. marys1000

    Survivor In The Media

    Hadnt seen this said before On the other hand, Jeff’s insistence on a more fast-paced game has brought on way too many game advantages.
  11. marys1000

    Media: Dietland In The News

    I LOVED this show. I thought it was very brave in bring up a lot of unsaid and unshown things. So many moments were such truth. I feel really grieved they cancelled the show.
  12. marys1000


    I agree with someone who said the first season writers moved on. And my take is the replacement writers didn't like women. And every writer hired thereafter liked them even less. This whole show is like "Im so sick of men always being the bad guy, women are way worse they suck and I'll show you how bad"
  13. marys1000

    S09 Vanuatu

    I agree. Didn't she have to apologize and apologize and like do a whole apology tour or something? I don't get it. I liked her and I you could tell she didn't like what she had done. But she is someone that a million dollars is a LOT of money. Her son would be happy. I was pretty disappointed in Sarge's whole morality stance.
  14. marys1000

    S37: Gabby Pascuzzi

    Does she understand the Angelina hate and is Angelina misunderstood? Why did Nick beat Davie. Was Mike a big fake character.
  15. marys1000

    S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    Sure, like it or not, many fans want to see favorite players return. But the deck tends to be stacked against them as some sort of threat whether social, physical, strategic so I can see the producers trying to find some way to even things up. Not sure they have found a good way tho.