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  1. realdancemom

    Where Are They Now?: SYTYCD Alumni's Current Projects

    Don't know if there's a judges thread but Vanessa did a really good job in Rent. Saw Robert but I'm not sure if I saw Hannalei in it. Still not impressed with Vanessa as a judge but she did impress me in Rent.
  2. realdancemom

    Choreographers and Their Work, Then and Now

    Sonya choreographed the TV version of Rent. It worked really well for Angel's dying scene.
  3. realdancemom

    SYTYCD in the Media

    Yay!! Glad that it was renewed.
  4. realdancemom

    S18: Tristan MacManus

    Happy for him. But I admit when I saw his thread go up, I was hoping he would come back. OTOH, I don't think he was happy being on the US version of the show. I can see him being happy as a judge.
  5. realdancemom

    In The Media: DWTS

    Also looking forward to Rent.
  6. realdancemom

    In The Media: DWTS

    Those two are the ones that did have flirting happening during her season. But then I thought of John Cena who is HOT too and didn't think nothing of it.
  7. realdancemom

    Season 15 Discussion

    I don't think Adam had anybody in the finals last season either. ETA - I agree with everything you said LucidDreamer. I see a bright future for Kennedy and Chevel. But the latter really needs to enunciate. Sometimes, I like Kirk but he's off key a lot. I usually like the songs that Chris picks but agree about being a band singer.
  8. realdancemom

    Season 15 Discussion

    What's weird with Blake is that he is sometimes too friendly. He keeps kissing and hugging Chris a lot. He's done it ever since Chris made the lives.
  9. realdancemom

    S01.E09: The Finale (Holiday Special)

    Wow if this is true!!
  10. realdancemom

    Season 15 Discussion

    I agree with those that said that Reagan not only sounded awful but she looked scared in both Monday and Tuesday shows. It really showed when she did her duet with Kennedy since the latter was having fun with it. I think anxiety really got to her. I'm not going to say that Adam is creepy but I call bull on everything being fine with DeAndre. Aside from this, Reagan really needs to work on her low notes. Even before this week, her verses or the beginning of her songs sound terrible because the notes are lower. The other three teens have a lot of potential although I agree that they would be even better in a few years. I don't like country but I can see Chevel as marketable. Kennedy at this age is similar to Danielle when she won the Voice. They have great voices but sometimes they are robotic. Their performance quality will improve with age. As it is, Kennedy comes off older since she is polished. She did remind me of a young Whitney when she sang GLOA and I did enjoy her dancing in Me Too. Sarah Grace has a lot of musical talent. Her Amazing Grace was controversial but I loved it. Don't know why Chris is in the finals but I do like Kirk. He's hit some bum notes but does sing emotionally. I thought MacKenzie and Kymberli had beautiful voices. Loved their duet on Monday.
  11. realdancemom

    S01.E09: The Finale (Holiday Special)

    Great season. After watching the first show, I wasn't sure if I would like it. The kids were good but even the kid pros still danced like kids. It's because some of them are still growing and they don't have full control of their limbs yet. But in the end, I liked it better than the adult version especially since I didn't care which of the four won. With the adults, I thought three of the finalists were good and of course, the one that I thought wasn't won. The little ballroom dancing that JT learned made him a better partner than Aryton. As others mentioned, you could tell most of the pros are mostly jazz/contemporary/hip-hop dancers not ballroom dancers. Really like MacKenzie's freestyle but there is no way that Gleb choreographed that. He hasn't produced a really good jazz/hip-hop number in the adult version and can't see him doing that for the junior show. Also didn't like Ariana's freestyle and unfortunately I can see Brandon choreographing that. I do think that he has choreographed other good pieces though. Maybe having to use holiday songs hindered some of the choreography. I think Alan did a great job giving Sky/JT choreography that they can handle and look clean. I would rather see a simpler routine done cleanly than a more difficult routine that is not polished. As I previously mentioned in another episode thread, this show gave really good exposure to Brandon and Alan for the adult version.
  12. realdancemom

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    That's sad. It should be about Sky and Jt. Congrats to Alan are also o.k. But it definitely shouldn't be about Bobby.
  13. realdancemom

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    I agree. I also didn't see Apolo in his regular season but I liked him during All Stars. They always gave Karina/Apolo the no chemistry criticism. I'm sure that he had a different chemistry than when he was with Julianne since Julianne and Karina have different personalities. But I thought Karina and Apolo were fine together. He doesn't seem like a complainer to me and he didn't say anything even when Karina was really anxious about getting hip-hop. He's a hard worker and I'm sure Karina appreciated that.
  14. realdancemom

    What can be done different for season 28?

    This show is ageist. Every time, one of the previous pros come back, they give them old people. There are some exceptions like Cheryl and Mark getting Lindsey. I'm sure if Derek comes back, they would probably not give him an older person although he did get Marilu. Since she danced, I'm assuming they wanted her to be like Jennifer Grey.
  15. realdancemom

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    I didn't see Gilles during his regular season but he seemed like a douche during All Stars. Good dancer but not a fan of his personality. James has a nice funny personality.