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  1. Valny


    Too bad they are ending it with season four,,because I know I'd want to see more, but I respect them wanting to go out on top(hello Breaking Bad). According to Sharon Horgan- "Sometimes I feel like it’s a good idea to quit while you’re ahead, I mean, we might not be ahead by the end of this season," she said. "It might go horribly wrong! The stories came to us really easily and we enjoyed writing it, I suppose we didn’t want to push that. We didn’t want to force stories." I just watched the first ep this morning(going to take my time because I know it's so easy to binge this) and I found it just as funny and well written as the previous seasons...didn't skip a beat. I read the finale is "breaking the internet." I don't know how true that is but I am expecting something emotional.
  2. I actually saw it today and thought it was pretty good. It's all subjective. Glenn Close was very good in it. Before I saw it I was picking Colman because she was just amazing. I would have had no problem with Close winning, was actually pulling for her..but hell, it could have been a tie! Loved Colman's speech and her nod to Glenn. Ha I think she felt bad she took the Oscar from GC.
  3. Valny

    Dirty John, The Dirty Truth (on Oxygen)

    Thanks for the info Thisgirllovespasta. I was bummed to find out Dirty John will only be on Netflix Canada....at least for now. It's not on Demand anymore. 😞
  4. Valny

    Dirty John, The Dirty Truth (on Oxygen)

    Is she still working with dogs? I love her dog Cash. I found the doc very interesting too. After watching I now want to watch the series again just to compare. I've even gotten a little obsessed with it and trying to listen to other different podcasts about the series or real life case. Netflix is supposed to have the series out today. But I don't see it there yet.
  5. I would definitely put Olivia Coleman in there also IMO. Her performance in The Favourite was so good. I'm rooting for Close and if not her,then Coleman.
  6. I'd rather him than Sam Rockwell. Wish the Best picture was 10 noms. I suppose eight is fine but 10 gets two more worthy I know many critics now are cringing that Bohemian R got in,only because they're scared of a possible win,which I don't think will happen,fingers crossed. I'm betting Roma.
  7. Valny

    Killing Eve

    Man, I thought Jodie Comer was going to take the Critics Choice tonight. What does this woman have to do to win?!! (or be nominated?!) I really thought the critics loved her performance even more over Oh's. I am glad Sandra singled her out in her acceptance speech though.
  8. Never in a million years would I think Glenn Close and Lady GaGa would be TIED for a Best Actress award win!! But when Dafoe said it was a tie,right away I thought it's going to be those two....same with the tie between Amy Adams and Patricia Arquette. Very bummed that Jodie Comer didn't win for Killing Eve. Sandra Oh keeps winning this!!
  9. Valny

    Killing Eve

    I was very happy about that! (I noticed she didn't single out Jodie in her acceptance speech, not that she has to,she did acknowledge the whole table,but I just thought she would) Now all we need is Jodie and the show to get some award lovin' She and Sandra have noms in this Sunday's Critics Choice awards, he show also. I know just about all critics I've heard/read acknowledged how amazing Jodie's performance was (and were mad/surprised at the awards snubs) so I have a good feeling she may pick up an award. But I won't get my hopes up too high yet. She is up against: Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Deuce Elisabeth Moss, The Handmaid's Tale Sandra Oh, Killing Eve Elizabeth Olsen, Sorry for Your Loss Julia Roberts, Homecoming Keri Russell, The Americans and the show is nominated with The Americans Better Call Saul The Good Fight Homecoming My Brilliant Friend Pose Succession
  10. It sure made ME happy! I picked her originally but then switched to GaGa since she was the fave with many critics. Damn should have went with my heart. Now I have hopes for the Oscar she has longed deserved. Please make it true Oscar gods!
  11. Shocked that Bohemian R won! Shocked I tell you! I thought for sure A Star is Born was going to grab it. So I have hopes something other than that film will win the Oscar now.
  12. So happy for Sandra. I wasn't sure she'd win since the show didn't. Woo hoo!
  13. Valny

    Dumplin' (2018)

    bilgistic- that's the best song in the film! I was definitely singing that days after I'd seen the film!
  14. Valny

    Dumplin' (2018)

    Danielle Macdonald has a small role in the latest Netflix film that just dropped yesterday called Bird Box(it was really good!) but I first saw her in the critically acclaimed indie film, Patti Cake$. She was very good in that playing a girl from Jersey who wants to be a rap star. I couldn't believe she is Australian, she does a great American accent. Yet again I was fool buy another non-American doing a flawless accent. Dumplin was a sweet little movie. The kind they don't make anymore. I enjoyed it. I couldn't think of where I'd seen the actress who played one of the friends(the tough,oddball one) then I realized I'd seen her on the MTV series Scream. She reminds me of Pamela Adlon,they could be sisters.
  15. Valny

    Season 15 Discussion

    Chevel and Kelly press conference Kelly looooves to talk! She cracks me up.