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  1. auchic


    A+ callout on the "Thoughts and Prayers" performative angst that goes around on social media after any tragedy. Jake's cynicism can be boring, but it was completely on point for me this episode. I like that he got Grace her Pinterest cake. Matt and Paige's war on who could be the most caring was amazing.
  2. auchic

    Whiskey Cavalier

    Right? I was yelling at the TV "It's Bellamy Young, of course she's involved in this somehow!"
  3. auchic

    Drunk History

    Agreed, as was the bumper with Derek quoting "Like a Prayer". I had legit tears in my eyes.
  4. auchic

    Drunk History

    Loved both stories and all the narrators this week. Fave part:
  5. auchic

    S20.E16: Facing Demons

    There's also Ryan O'Reily...not quite the same 'verse, but there was a lot of overlap. I stuck this one out for as long as I did solely for Dean Winters, 'cause I miss him on my TV.
  6. auchic

    Drunk History

    I feel like they chose that first one just to fit the dolphin sex story in, but Duncan was having fun with it and Dr. Drew was surprisingly a good host. I thought Jon Lovett did a good job with a weak story.
  7. auchic

    Drunk History

    I never knew Dog Day Afternoon was based on a true story. I like that they had a trans actress playing Elizabeth Eden. I want whatever Anais was drinking that first segment, 'cause she was loooooaded. Josh Hartnett has aged well, mmm. That last segment about Edie and Thea was so well done, I teared up as well. Kirby needs to be on this show forever, she is adorable.
  8. auchic

    Drunk History

    Again, makes sense! Thanks @saoirse and @ganesh! I just got into the show recently and I adore it.
  9. auchic

    Drunk History

    Ah, good point, didn't even think of that! But they do film at some of the narrator's homes, too? There was that episode with Paget where they were rolling around in her bras?
  10. auchic

    Drunk History

    Shit, I didn't even notice that. All the lolz. Amber Ruffin isadorable. She did Clara Barton so well last year I was crying laughing. This gif isthe best: We've seen the house Derek and Lyric were in before, haven't we? Do they film these in random sets or are they filmed in the narrator's own place?
  11. Truer words, lol. The Leave Me AlURN sketch was one of the best things I've seen in ages, especially this part.
  12. auchic

    S20.E09: Mea Culpa

    What the shit was that? Did this episode really need a hostage situation and a possible rape baby? Guess it's easier than having good writers come up with compelling and engaging plots that don't revolve around just Olivia saving the day. Gotta say, the salt-and-pepper thing Austin from Days had going on was FOINE (but my god does it make me feel old...I had such a crush on him in high school!)
  13. auchic

    Season 19 Spoilers & Speculation

    There's a Carisi-centric episode coming up, and it looks like we'll get to meet another sister.
  14. auchic

    S19.E11: Flight Risk

    Watching this episode with pilots was fun. If we'd have had to drink every time there was something inaccurate portrayed or mentioned, we'd have been drunk before opening credits and dead before the grand jury. I'm sure if they could have found a legit way to get Benson into that grand jury room, that would have been her grandstanding and pontificating. Did anyone actually write this episode? Half the dialogue sounded like it was taken from the top Tweets from the #MeToo hashtag. Only way it would have been more obvious is if he'd actually said "I did it for you" in that last scene (I so thought that was gonna happen). I love their friendship and I wouldn't be opposed to a relationship, but if that's what the show is trying to endgame, they need to have Olivia reciprocate in some way. I can see what some of you mean when you say Barba is worshiping her; he was practically begging her to throw him a bone. I missed Kressler, that snide sarcastic magnificent bastard. I also miss Carisi and Fin...can we please have them back? Soon?
  15. auchic

    S19.E08: Intent

    Yes, THANK YOU, I knew they had done something similar before and couldn't think of the name, just that it had a very young Adam Driver.