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  1. I have only watched the first episode. My criticism so far: If I just focus on the "entertainment" aspect of this episode, I would rate it quite low. The "information" from the tapes themselves was of such low importance that I'd get more from reading Wikipedia. I didn't care about the interviewer's boasting of how he got Bundy to talk. It doesn't take any great skill to get a psychopathic narcissist to talk. The show's use of eerie background music wasn't very effective. It was trying so hard to be ominous and scary, but it's tough to create that effect when the case is so old, the killer so dead, and the telling of the story so drawn out.
  2. Superpole2000

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    I struggle to care about Nicky. I'm just not interested in him, and I don't want this show to shift its focus to a character we didn't even know about when it became popular. It's not like there aren't already a dozen other characters to focus on instead.
  3. Superpole2000

    S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    The irony is that this is the entire premise of this TV show. I guess some superfans and fame-seekers would love it, but it does sound particularly unappealing.
  4. Superpole2000

    S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    Colton's fashion mistakes: A steel bracelet watch with a blue face does not match the formality of a business suit. He should have gone with a leather bracelet and white or black dial. His tie was far too skinny for his frame and much skinnier than the lapels of his suit jacket. Stop giving muscular wide-bodied dudes skinny ties! His shirt collar was too big for his neck, so his tie was crumpling it. The things I liked about this opener: Introductions - Always the highlight of every season for me. The Cuban-Floridian woman was low-key funny. I would get along with her. The Chris Harrison highlight package was kind of fun, even thought it was ultimately filler. JoJo - For shallow reasons. Police Car Reaction - One of the bachelorettes reacted to the siren with, "That's the sound of the police!" I wonder if she even knows who KRS-One is, but I still enjoyed the quote all the same. Colton - He might be too dull for TV, but he was likable enough for me. His conversations were a nice mix of light and serious, and I think he could actually be trying to find a partner. The things I didn't like: The season's designated "bitch." The constant woo/squeal-ing of the live audience. The proposals from people I don't know. Krystal - I genuinely dislike her. Ages - The show is skewing much younger this season, and I suddenly feel old.
  5. Superpole2000

    The Annual Golden Globes Topic

    I don't like the dresses split open to the navel. I'm not sure why this is such a trend.
  6. Superpole2000

    The Annual Golden Globes Topic

    Bodyguard was a pretty good show. Well worth a watch.
  7. Superpole2000

    S01.E06: Part 6

    A truly horrible episode of television that soured me on the show altogether. It was slow, it was unpleasant, it was uninteresting at times (good thing we got to see the previously unseen cop purchase some stuff from a convenience store...really exciting stuff there), and the flashback nature of it made me want to skip forward to get back to the escape timeline. If a show makes you want to skip forward then it's not doing its primary job of entertaining you.
  8. Superpole2000

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I would really enjoy ER 2.0, but this show seems too extra to compare. ER pushed into cheesy territory on occasion, but this episode lived in that territory. The clapping at the end ensured I would skip Episode 2. It wasn't awful, but they should have hired one cynical writer just to keep the cheesiness of this writer team in check.
  9. Superpole2000

    S03.E09: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

    And if she didn't kick him out of their bedroom. I don't like that attempt of conflict resolution. Too manipulative. What that couple really needs is to scale back their effort to save the world, get a damn job, put some money in their bank account, and look after their own family. The rest of the world will be just as good/bad without them setting themselves on fire. You can't be unemployed right after you adopt a kid. That's not an option. No wonder Deja wants to visit her mom. She probably has a job!
  10. Superpole2000

    S03.E07: Sometimes

    Bad life choices indeed! I can escape my cynicism for the road trip because they need something interesting to show us, but singing in the car with accompanying tears was over the top even for this series. I was cringing and just wanted it to end.
  11. Superpole2000


    I liked the series. This episode was the weakest of the bunch, though. A few of the twists became too much for me in terms of keeping the show sort of believable: Budd dropping the vest and being able to escape an army of police officers Breaking into Chanel's home was really easy for Budd, so easy that we didn't even see it Affixing a complicated bomb vest to Budd and getting him revived in a short time frame was a major stretch Nadia being the mastermind was unnecessary for the plot and seemed like one big, "Ahaha, we fooled you!" moment But I got past those twists with just a few eyerolls. The thing that ultimately made this a weak episode for me was how much the show pushed Budd's isolating frustration onto its viewers. It's the part of Line of Duty that I dislike the most as well. Everything became "Me against the world!" and "No one believes me!" I was also never satisfied with the depiction of Julia's bomb death in Episode 3. Why was the one security agent running toward the stage before the explosion? Did she spot the guy with the briefcase? He was a known ally of Julia's, so charging the stage seemed like quite an overreaction. That scene was pivotal to the entire series, so it always bugged me that it felt illogical.
  12. Superpole2000

    S03.E05: Toby

    I took it the same way, but I realized this show's writers may not have intended it like that. They are a little more on the nose with their depictions of everything. Subtlety is seldom a part of this show. This was the first Season 3 episode I enjoyed. There were flaws, but I liked some of what I saw. I really liked Beth getting emotional in her interview (happened to me once), but her leaving the interview was over the top. This is another example of the show hitting us over the head with something where subtlety would be more welcome. Have her voice change, show her getting emotional, but let her complete the interview like the strong character she is.
  13. Superpole2000

    Season 15 Discussion

    I tuned in for the final 10 minutes or so, and it was a tough watch. I despise the "block" feature of this show, and Kelly was absolutely shrill when using it tonight. The bickering between judges has always been a bit self-absorbed, but it's fine when it happens in small doses or after the audition. Here, they mixed the audio to make the judges louder than the audition itself, and the audition disappeared into the background because of it. Maybe they did that because the final singer didn't really "nail" the song. I can see why Adam didn't bother turning around. The Whitney version was miles ahead of this.
  14. Superpole2000

    S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    Franco Harris' inclusion in this episode was a bit too Forrest Gump for me. I hope this show doesn't keep going down this path and force a connection between him and the fictional characters. It's so over the top.
  15. Superpole2000

    S05.E11: After Paradise

    Almost all of those women booing him off the stage would say yes to him asking them out on a date. It's hilarious.