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  1. Superpole2000

    S01.E16: King of Swords

    They can't kill anyone on this show. After 16 episodes, the body count is still zero. The guy with the spike through him is going to survive because everyone on this show survives, which makes his scenes so much less dramatic. The writers went "there" with Max and Helen way too early and abruptly. Leave some meat on that bone for the rest of the season! Also, I hurt myself rolling my eyes when Helen said, "We need to talk!" and the power went out. Give us a break, writers! That kind of interruption is straight out of a Hallmark romance movie. I agree with the sentiment that Georgia is a dud. The problem is that her character was introduced to us as a villain. She had separated from Max who was presented to us as a God-like character, so of course most people would dislike her. The writers haven't given us good reasons why Georgia was on the fence about Max (he worked hard and cared about others...HOW DARE HE!), and so it just seems like she's an entitled brat. Meanwhile, Helen has been presented as a well-rounded, understanding, sympathetic female character (sometimes hard to find on TV) so she comes across as very likable. And despite all of that criticism, this was the first time I really enjoyed the show. It felt a bit ER-ish, which is a good thing.
  2. Superpole2000

    S01.E14: The Forsaken

    I can sacrifice some realism for entertainment, but these two stories really insulted the viewers. Dr. Kapoor was completely inefficient and irresponsible with his time, and yet there was the show trying to tell us that his way was the correct way. And faking a heart attack is just beyond reprehensible. Then all of those other crappy stories you listed made me realize that this show has an almost perfect record of implausible or illogical stories. I wanted another ER, and instead I got this garbage that I am now hate-watching. And still, after 14 episodes, no one has died in this hospital. Death is key to a medical drama or else you might as well be filming a bunch of accountants filling in spreadsheets.
  3. Superpole2000

    S01.E13: The Blues

    In the very first episode, Max fired a bunch of people who were doing their jobs but weren't there for the "right reasons." In this episode, he discovered a different group of people who have been happily taking money from their employer in exchange for not mentioning how little they actually do...and he didn't fire any of them. Come on man, these happy-to-do-nothings aren't what you need on your payroll. Anyone in that hospital who has been busting their ass working horrible hours and trying to get too much done in not enough time should feel insulted.
  4. Superpole2000

    S01:E07 The Domino Effect

    I'd love to see someone die on this show. Anyone really. A medical show where everyone survives is not just unrealistic, it's boring.
  5. Superpole2000

    S01.E05 Cavitation

    The writers keep giving Max/Helen the opportunity to smile, joke, and be tender with each other. They have given Bloom/Reynolds nothing but sour and abrasive dialogue. The writers have essentially failed to make either character endearing by never giving them a chance to smile or be anything but upset with each other. Even at the end of this episode, she just chewed out Reynolds because they are only interested in showing them in conflict. No balance whatsoever.
  6. Superpole2000

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate tonight's early award acceptance speeches a -4, although that might be too generous. And when has there ever been a successful multi-person acceptance speech? Almost invariably, the first person to speak rambles, and then it's cringe time when the music starts.
  7. I have only watched the first episode. My criticism so far: If I just focus on the "entertainment" aspect of this episode, I would rate it quite low. The "information" from the tapes themselves was of such low importance that I'd get more from reading Wikipedia. I didn't care about the interviewer's boasting of how he got Bundy to talk. It doesn't take any great skill to get a psychopathic narcissist to talk. The show's use of eerie background music wasn't very effective. It was trying so hard to be ominous and scary, but it's tough to create that effect when the case is so old, the killer so dead, and the telling of the story so drawn out.
  8. Superpole2000

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    I struggle to care about Nicky. I'm just not interested in him, and I don't want this show to shift its focus to a character we didn't even know about when it became popular. It's not like there aren't already a dozen other characters to focus on instead.
  9. Superpole2000

    S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    The irony is that this is the entire premise of this TV show. I guess some superfans and fame-seekers would love it, but it does sound particularly unappealing.
  10. Superpole2000

    S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    Colton's fashion mistakes: A steel bracelet watch with a blue face does not match the formality of a business suit. He should have gone with a leather bracelet and white or black dial. His tie was far too skinny for his frame and much skinnier than the lapels of his suit jacket. Stop giving muscular wide-bodied dudes skinny ties! His shirt collar was too big for his neck, so his tie was crumpling it. The things I liked about this opener: Introductions - Always the highlight of every season for me. The Cuban-Floridian woman was low-key funny. I would get along with her. The Chris Harrison highlight package was kind of fun, even thought it was ultimately filler. JoJo - For shallow reasons. Police Car Reaction - One of the bachelorettes reacted to the siren with, "That's the sound of the police!" I wonder if she even knows who KRS-One is, but I still enjoyed the quote all the same. Colton - He might be too dull for TV, but he was likable enough for me. His conversations were a nice mix of light and serious, and I think he could actually be trying to find a partner. The things I didn't like: The season's designated "bitch." The constant woo/squeal-ing of the live audience. The proposals from people I don't know. Krystal - I genuinely dislike her. Ages - The show is skewing much younger this season, and I suddenly feel old.
  11. Superpole2000

    The Annual Golden Globes Topic

    I don't like the dresses split open to the navel. I'm not sure why this is such a trend.
  12. Superpole2000

    The Annual Golden Globes Topic

    Bodyguard was a pretty good show. Well worth a watch.
  13. Superpole2000

    S01.E06: Part 6

    A truly horrible episode of television that soured me on the show altogether. It was slow, it was unpleasant, it was uninteresting at times (good thing we got to see the previously unseen cop purchase some stuff from a convenience store...really exciting stuff there), and the flashback nature of it made me want to skip forward to get back to the escape timeline. If a show makes you want to skip forward then it's not doing its primary job of entertaining you.
  14. Superpole2000

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I would really enjoy ER 2.0, but this show seems too extra to compare. ER pushed into cheesy territory on occasion, but this episode lived in that territory. The clapping at the end ensured I would skip Episode 2. It wasn't awful, but they should have hired one cynical writer just to keep the cheesiness of this writer team in check.
  15. Superpole2000

    S03.E09: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

    And if she didn't kick him out of their bedroom. I don't like that attempt of conflict resolution. Too manipulative. What that couple really needs is to scale back their effort to save the world, get a damn job, put some money in their bank account, and look after their own family. The rest of the world will be just as good/bad without them setting themselves on fire. You can't be unemployed right after you adopt a kid. That's not an option. No wonder Deja wants to visit her mom. She probably has a job!