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  1. Kindred Spirit

    MLB Thread

    It's big truck day! It's big truck day! And pitchers and catchers report in a week! Hurray!!
  2. Kindred Spirit

    Clyde: Artistic Clothes Tortoise

    Thanks for the link, Driad! I never think to check out CBS' website.
  3. Kindred Spirit

    MLB Thread

    According to Puig, Hundley provoked the altercation. Yasiel should have controlled his temper better, but he has a reputation as a player who leads with his emotions, which I'm sure Hundley was well aware of, and exploited. Witness the fact that last night, when Posey was behind the plate, with MadBum on the mound, nothing even came close to exploding. And Puig and MadBum have a history, well-fueled by Bumgarner's psychosis. Hundley wasn't innocent, and I'm pretty sure both players will get to enjoy some time off.
  4. Kindred Spirit

    S15.E12: Nut Allergy

    I'm a very proud Angeleno, and Las Vegas is still probably my favorite season of this show. So it always dismays me that the Voltaggio food I have easy access to is cooked by the brother whose product I have no interest in sampling. His attitude, particularly towards my beloved Kevin Gillespie, always turned me off. I was very happy to see Bryan, again. I wish he and his food weren't all the way across the country. I've gotten to the point where I wonder if the producers hate LA-based chefs. I swear, the asshole is always listed as being from Los Angeles! I was skeptical of Joe Sasto from the get-go, and then, when he proved to be a complete douche—by trying to take over Chris' dessert—I screamed at the screen. I was relieved, a little, when it turned out he had moved here from SF. At least his assholery isn't native! ;^) And of course he forages illegally in Golden Gate park! That said, I was moved to tears by his and his dad's still-fresh grief. Lung cancer is evil. I was so thrilled that Adrienne won this challenge! I think she's following a path similar to Shirley's, where this show helped her have faith in her voice and her flavors, and took her off the "shadow chef" path. I was sorry to see Carrie go, though she left in possibly the most upbeat, positive manner of any cheftestant, ever. It warmed my heart to hear how succeeding in this contest boosted her confidence in her skills and her food. I hope she goes on to great success. And a way to help her parents, particularly her dad, as she would like to.
  5. Kindred Spirit

    Season 15 Last Chance Kitchen

    It did, and I like my lamb rare, though not quite as rare as I prefer my beef!
  6. Kindred Spirit

    MLB Thread

    Pitchers and catchers report today! Hurray!!
  7. Kindred Spirit

    Season Three Talk: FFwSB

    I really enjoyed the square dancing unit in my junior high PE class. Now, I feel racist, as well as guilty, for said enjoyment. Especially because I'm a POC.
  8. Kindred Spirit

    Season 15 Last Chance Kitchen

    I knew I liked Joe Flamm, but I had no idea how much I had come to despise Brother's "I'm a badass" demeanor until this double episode. I'm sure he feels he's showing his mettle, and the editors are probably showcasing the braggadocio for effect, but I'm just finding him to be an asshole whom I have no wish to see in the finale. I preferred the confident, but more modest, Brother Luck they showed us in the beginning. Now, I'm wholeheartedly rooting for Joe. I'm not sure I can even honestly assess my opinion of their dishes, since Mr. Luck is so out of favor with me, his chicken looked way less appealing than BearJoe's lamb. Though I must admit that I love lamb, so that preference influences my bias, too.
  9. OMG! I was laughing so hard by the wigs on wigs/matryoshka doll segment that my stomach hurt and I couldn't breathe! Obviously, Stephen should have more old friends with whom he wrote less-than-successful series on the show more often. I had to pause the recording because I was laughing too loudly to hear anything else.
  10. Kindred Spirit

    Late Night With Seth Meyers

    I missed the first Thanksgiving show, and I'm so sorry, but I thoroughly enjoyed this year's and last year's. Amber was hilarious as Classandra, (sp?) plus she looked like she was having fun. How adorable was that video of Ash and Frisbee?!?!! Well, mostly Ash. Cutest turkey in the universe!
  11. Kindred Spirit

    LSSC: Season One All Episodes Talk

    The blanket fort bit was adorable! I'd be okay with it becoming a recurring bit, as long as any other denizens are as cute as Will Arnett.
  12. Kindred Spirit

    S28.E02: You Look Like Gollum

    I freely concede that I'm old, and I'm issuing a preemptive "Get off my (non-existent) lawn!" to all kids in the area. :^) So, you won't be surprised to learn that I hadn't heard of or seen any of the participants before the Race began. I gather that Tyler is a big deal on YouTube? Or some place where he feels obligated to explain his every move? Because I was glad he and his partner won the leg, just so that I didn't have to listen to him, any more. I'm glad he was so supportive of Korey, but the constant narration, and especially all the repetition had me telling him to "Shut up!" through my television. A lot. And he still didn't hear me! Otherwise, I'm so impressed by how supportive all the teams are of one another, as well as the teammates of each other. I didn't have much faith in this gimmick, after being endlessly annoyed by the Blind Date version, but so far, I think production did a much better job of casting, this time.
  13. Cry. Oh, you mean activities for Dave? Sorry, cheap joke, I know. But it's been stuck in my head since before he retired, and it hasn't gone away, yet. There are definitely still days when I long for my dose of Letterman, and Paul!, at the end of the night. Even though I'm learning to enjoy Colbert.
  14. Kindred Spirit

    S21: Victor Espinoza: Jockeying For Position

    I'm being silly, since I'm sure he'll never see this post, but congratulations to Victor for riding American Pharaoh to victory in the Breeders' Cup! They're calling it the Grand Slam of horse racing, and Victor and American Pharaoh are the first to ever achieve it. Amazing! (Everybody drink!)
  15. Kindred Spirit

    The Crimson Field

    I continue to be impressed by Matron's compassion, and understand why Colonel Molesley (sorry, don't wanna call him anything else!) promoted her over Sister Quayle. I also find myself impressed by the depths that Flora, the apparent flibbertigibbit, has. She may or may not have grit, but she certainly "has sand". (I believe that's a British colloquial phrase of the era.) I'm totally rooting for a Miles-Kitty romance, even though the narrative is pointing towards matching Miss Trevelyan with Thomas. I cheered Thomas' confrontation with that idiot, Yelland, though, and particularly relished the way he pronounced the blowhard a "waste of skin". Very apt, and said in that delicious Scottish burr--the contempt just dripped from the phrase!