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  1. Mifltn47

    S01.E02: River Escape

    Just watched this episode. There r bears in the mountains, you never have food outside unless u want the bears to visit your place. Even leaving the grill out will attract the bears. And now they put a fridge on the deck, just asking for trouble. Bears have known to break into cars to get to the food. Also the mosquitos would be a major problem. Saw the link to the airbud. Looks like they aren't living it but renting it out. Just my observations.
  2. Mifltn47

    S05.E09: Baby, It's Cold Outside

    Hospital bed scene, she was having a abortion.
  3. Mifltn47

    "The View": Week of 01/26/15

    Re Chris Kyle. I saw the movie, very intense. Did not read the book. I was curious about Chris Kyle, so I did some research on him. Found out about the law suit. It was filed before Kyles death, the trial took place after his death. Kyle was questioned on tape re the incident and that was played at the trial. Seems Kyle story kept changing, other people who were at the bar at the time of the incident said it never happened. In any case, the jury found in Ventura favor. Kyle wrote in his book re the car jacking and the hurricane Katrina sniper job. It has be proven these two things never happened. I find it so sad Kyle felt the need to fabricate stories re himself. In any case, he was a solider, did 4 tours of duty, and performed his duties he was sent to do. Is he a hero? Some people will say yes and some people will say no. whatever your opinion about him, he served our country in an unnecessary war and deserves our thanks.