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  1. MissLucas

    S02.E06: The Sounds of Thunder

    Forgot to add that I was underwhelmed by the revelation that the Red Angel is humanoid. Everything we've seen so far with our non-Kelpian eyes indicated a humanoid (only the mechanized suit is new). And time-travel should have been on the table a long time ago. Maybe the Red Angel is a severely malfunctioning Tardis?
  2. MissLucas

    S02.E06: The Sounds of Thunder

    uh... I guess it's not a good sign when I'm siding with Section 31 - since they are at least honest about their dubious moral standards. This was the first time I felt really frustrated with the show since the narrative was blatantly manipulative. We never get to have a good look at the Ba'ul or their culture - they are literally kept in the dark, their history of near extinction by the Kelpians only narrated to us by proxy. They look like evil mutants left behind an oil-spill to maximize the juxtaposition with the flower-loving Kelpians. Of course it's handled that way so that we can applause the Discovery walking all over General Order One and have its cake and eat it. I can only wish we would get to see some fall-out in the future: on a meta-level on Kaminar where the Ba'ul and Kelpians are (to the surprise of exactly no-one) unable to find a peaceful way to co-exist despite Discovery's helpful advice of 'Kumbayaaa-all and tata' and on an individual level when an increasingly belligerent Saru is giving everybody a good lesson why the Ba'ul were freaking out on hearing he's past vahar'ai. But since this is not the season's A-plot I doubt any of this will come to pass. Random notes: There's nothing wrong with a good old fashioned steady-cam - give it a try. Shazad Latif's job this season consists mainly of standing around looking concerned. At least Tyler landed a good zinger on Pike and seems to have inspired (along with Saru) Burnham to go home and have a good look for clues about Spock's whereabouts. Could we finally have him meet with Doctor Culber now? Speaking of Doctor Culber: that's a plot I'm much more invested right now than Saru's ganglia/evolving spikes. Kudos to Wilson Cruz for making the best of the short scene he was given. He truly looked like a man not feeling like himself. I would like to know more about Nebula Lt. Commander Airiam. I liked Michael's white sweat-shirt.
  3. MissLucas

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    You haven't - or at least only a little bit with regards of the survival of some characters. However I think Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom is the stronger series.
  4. MissLucas

    Positive ID: The Cast In Other Roles

    Luke Mitchell's new show 'The Code' got a release date - sadly the beard is gone, stupid grooming regulations.
  5. MissLucas

    S02.E05: Saints of Imperfection

    I think they just needed human DNA - any old bit would do since they had Hugh's essence (or whatever) stored on their side. Well that and a bit of Handwavium. I feel your pain - I went through the same during the Voq/Tyler discussions - ultimately I just gave in and accepted that the pretty lives on. I guess that's the way to go here too.
  6. MissLucas

    God Friended Me

    The intricacies of baseball drafting are as arcane to me as hacker-lingo but I still enjoyed this episode. I wonder what assistant priest's reaction will be once he stumbles across Miles' podcast. And for those of us paying attention to fashion - the show made it finally to worn on tv!
  7. MissLucas

    S08.E06: Episode 6

    She was obviously traumatized by the experience of her first birth - so I give her a pass. Also: teenagers are not exactly known for making rational decisions. Her parents on the other hand can go and rot in their little shop of decency. I can understand why they decided to give her first baby away - single mothers didn't have it easy and the social stigma was real. But from what we've seen of them I doubt their daughter's well-being was really their first concern. Their reputation was and their kid's emotional pain was probably considered a just punishment. She got no help and decided to cope with her loss the only way she could. Get pregnant again. Of course those two paragons of virtue never even paused and listened why she did it but went straight to more or less calling her a slut. They've now lost two grandchildren and their own kid to their righteousness. But at least they got that dingy little shop and each other.
  8. MissLucas

    S08.E06: Episode 6

    It's been a while since the show tackled an issue of social history (not related to obstetrics). It's easy to forget that the Nonnatus ladies also work as district nurses. And although we're entering the 60's with a booming economy this was a good reminder that things like safety and health regulations in workplaces were still not a given. When the young girl arrived my first thought was 'not another botched abortion'. Her story was heart-breaking but I wondered about her legal situation. Could her parents still force her to give up the child like they obviously did when she was 15? IIRC she was 17 and I think that meant still a minor. Too bad the show can't give serialized plots to non-regular characters. Her story would have been interesting to follow. At least Miss Higgins got another opportunity to shine. Her advice to Lucille was very good. However I wish they had given that story to Nurse Crane, who grew up with a single mother and all the stigma of being born out of wedlock. Mother Mildred is not letting me down and enjoyed her presence even if it came at the price of Nurse Crane's lumbago (sorry Phyllis). But I'm glad she ran into some stumbling blocks - I find it tedious when those salt-of-the-earth types can just waltz in and since they're about to do good works steamroll others feelings and concerns and obligations. Glad she got called out and was willing to learn a lesson. And we finally got some more background on Valerie - though I'm not sure we really needed so much medical detail on her grandmother's backside. I wonder grandma and her problems will become relevant later on. I wish I could feel more enthusiasm for Lucille's romance. And Sister Monica Joan got off way too easily for creating so much trouble.
  9. MissLucas

    S09.E15: Blues

    This sure felt odd - was this written by different writers? Or was the writing room just experimenting? I haven't kept track of how many perps Danny has killed in the line of duty without batting an eyelid. Sure seeing him finally crack would have been interesting but that would require more nuance in the writing. And the juxtaposition with the case of the mother who killed her son just felt weird - especially since we never got an explanation why she did it. It felt as if her whole plot was just added to advance Danny's man pain. I did not mind Grandpa's words of wisdom that much since I also detected a hint of regret which I thought intriguing. Also: I haven't forgotten about the bossy ME. So how did Frank handle the fall-out of pissed off guy going to the press? That's the second plot they did not resolve. That said I enjoyed Anthony and Eddie working together. That's a pairing we haven't seen before and it worked pretty well. I also loved his words of wisdom to Eddie in the end. And finally: 'Trust me you don't want to freakin' know' would have gotten 8 year old me in trouble with either of my parents (despite their general style of parenting being much more relaxed than the Reagans). I can only conclude that was the moment Frank decided to no longer waste his time with the belligerent little freak.
  10. One thing I always liked about this show was that the wardrobe for its female characters was reasonable and job-appropriate. So Tani can keep her grotty jeans.
  11. MissLucas

    S06.E15: Sparkling Banter and a Failing Steel Town

    IIRC Charlotte had to eat a considerable portion of humble pie before Harry was willing to get back with her after that outburst.
  12. MissLucas

    S02.E04: An Obol for Charon

    There are youtube channels that review the show without the toxic agenda mentioned but in general I stick to other outlets for reviews. And over the past season I got a good grip which reviewers were trying to give the show a proper chance and which ones weren't. Not to say the show should not be criticized - it's far from perfect - but as soon as 'This is not proper ST' - 'The Orville is so much better' pops up I'm out. Some reviewers were also allowing annoyance about the show's distribution model cloud their judgement but that has settled down now. I wasn't familiar with Tig Notaro either and when all the fuss about her started I checked out some of her clips on youtube. Slowspeak is her natural cadence and I think Jett's deadpan snark suits her well without being a simple copy of her stand-up. AFAIK she's not about to become a regular which is fine by me. I enjoy Jett but I can see why a little goes a long way with her character.
  13. MissLucas

    The Dragon Prince

    I binge-watched season one only a couple of weeks and was spared the agony of waiting so long for season two, he! Now I'll join the waiting club for season three LOL! Non spoilery observation: Why is there no Azymondias doll available??? Seriously, I'd buy that in a heartbeat but all I can find is Bait. What's wrong with Netflix's marketing department??? As for the rest:
  14. MissLucas

    S02.E05: Saints of Imperfection

    I wonder how that will play out and hope for a surprising twist. Maybe once they get over the whole 'I killed you/You killed me'-thing they could bond over their weird experiences and PTSD. They both died and are now within bodies that are not really theirs (oversimplifying here). That could make for an interesting - and to the rest of the crew infuriating - buddy dynamic.
  15. MissLucas

    S06.E15: Sparkling Banter and a Failing Steel Town

    I really liked this episode - even though Wendy did not get an interesting plot she was the only one who called Marjorie to make sure Marjorie did okay not because she needed some advice. And while we've seen Christy and Bonnie's argument many times I don't remember Bonnie ever making an actual effort to listen. So that was sweet and I hope it sticks. There's been a lot of character growth for Bonnie over the past few seasons - early Bonnie was sometimes funnier but sometimes also much harder to like. As for those thinking it's wrong that Violet hasn't forgiven Christy when we expect Christy to move on - the difference is roughly 20 years. I hope Jill gets another chance with Andy. And if not then I hope we'll get to see how she manages to put the experience to good use and grow. As Marjorie said she really should move on and drop friends that are basically toxic. And I also hope Marjorie got to the end of 'Notting Hill' - and now I just realize that Notting Hill's plot is damn close Jill's plot, duh! Oh Jill, why did you not go with the 'I'm just a girl...' speech???