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  1. lh25

    S06.E18: The Beverly Goldberg Cookbook

    Have they ever addressed the issue of a Jewish family who is at least observant enough to celebrate some holidays having Shrimp parm as a family staple dish? Or am I offbase about shellfish and Judaism?
  2. lh25


    To be fair, CB hadn't seen the movie yet either, and just assumed it would be great.
  3. lh25

    S08.E12: You Give Love A Bad Name

    I also think that in cultures that do this, divorce is not an easy option, if an option at all. Couples are expected to work out how to be together. I also wonder if they place as high a value as we tend to on romantic love? As opposed to being compatible and a good match.
  4. lh25

    God Friended Me

    That's what I was hoping for. I had an issue with the investors pulling out without knowing why the liquor license had issues. They immediately assumed she'd done something wrong. It could have been a simple mistake on the city's part, or of course sabotage.
  5. lh25


    I thought they talked about other people being able to put money in the account from their website? If so, that could be a complicating factor.
  6. lh25

    S08.E10: D Day Comes Early

    I am SO happy for you!! Enjoy your life now.
  7. lh25

    S08.E10: D Day Comes Early

    Fingers and toes crossed for good news. That waiting is the hardest part.
  8. lh25

    S.08 E.09 One Month Down, Forever To Go

    I kind of agree, I think it's that she didn't instantly recognize him that killed it for him. He wants to think he's that special, that no one would forget him.
  9. lh25

    Sex Education

    I knew I loved this show when that scene made me both laugh out loud and cry at the same time. Hubby started watching this first, we ended up watching them all yesterday and today.
  10. lh25

    S08.E03: Part 2+ Married at Second Sight

    This! I just don't get people who come on this show either 1)with a very specific list of things they must have, esp. when they don't always share that list or 2)don't like being in the spotlight or claim that they are private/shy.
  11. I didn't really like any of the wedding dresses, Jasmine looked really close to having the girls slip out a lot of the time. Do they get paid more each time they talk about being nervous, brave and what a big risk they are taking? They could have made it a one hour show, and covered all the weddings just about, if they had edited that down a bit.
  12. While I get the "everything on the display should be edible", seems like they could not eat the little bit of isomalt in these cases.
  13. That struck me as such a coward move. At least talk to her face-to-face
  14. lh25

    S1.E06: Behind the Counter

    Thank you! I was wondering but hadn't looked it up yet.
  15. lh25

    Season Five Episode Talk

    I TOTALLY agree. This was so unfair. One person gets shortbread, and poor Sherry gets green apple, and a nasty version on top of that?!! I was yelling at the TV "They better not judge her for the flavor of that syrup!!". They did more then was fair.