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  1. aemom

    Will & Grace

    Why on earth did they go there and make Grace's dad a homophobic ass?
  2. aemom


    I could definitely see some people baking treats for their dog. Some people will go to great lengths for their pets including fancy birthday parties. I think goat yoga is nuts and I'm surprised that they are only jumping on this train now which surely must be moving on to the next fad soon. I can't fathom who wants a goat walking all over them when they are trying to exercise. The shower toga seemed like a useful tool in a few circumstances. I think she can sell some, but I can't imagine that they are living their lives going from town to town living out of a Fifth wheel. Her kids should be at university or working real jobs where they can make a decent salary. I've always wanted curly hair so I can't comment on the product. I have never heard of Dry Bar or Dry Bar Lady but I cannot believe what they charge for a blowout - and in $US to boot. My salon charges half of that for a wash and set. Clearly people are willing to pay that or they'd be out of business. I wash my hair daily, so it would be a waste for me unless I wanted something fancy for a special occasion (which I would probably still do myself). I think that part of being a guest shark is that you're allowed to shill your company X times per episode because we see all of them do it every single time. If I have to choose a guest lady shark, I will take Alli over rigor mortis smile Spanx lady or loud and obnoxious Bethanny any day. However, I was really surprised to see her wearing an ombre hairstyle. Hasn't that one come and gone already (thank God!?)
  3. aemom

    S02.E18: Trampoline

    I did not see Andrews of all people going to bat for Shaun. That was unexpected and nice. I am glad to see that Dr. Dick is fired. DDK did a great job playing that character because I really hated him. That kiss with Lim and Melendez was so weird and awkward that I was sure that we were watching someone's daydream. I was shocked that it was real, because it was poorly done. I like that Melendez found out that Lim was being offered the job and then booked over to her pronto to make sure that she would take the job if it was offered BEFORE she was actually offered the position. It will be interesting to see how this affects their relationship now because she is now his boss. I felt really sorry for Ida. She was clearly so lonely and sad that she had to make up lies to pretend that her life was better than it was. I agree with other posters that she needed a referral to a therapist (at minimum). With Glassman, I wanted Debbie to tell him: "OK, you know what? I'm willing to try dating you again and we'll see how it goes, but I am NOT marrying you anytime soon." The writers have made her look like an idiot with a man who won't take no for an answer. I really don't like how this plotline is going at all. I absolutely loved the look on Lea's face when Shaun asked if he looked nice and then left to go see Carly with his loot. I really hope that they just keep them as good friends and roommates and that she doesn't get all weird and hurt now because she had her chance! Good for Shaun that he went to ask Carly on a date. That is nerve wracking enough for anybody to do for the first time and for Shaun it would be so much harder. Thank goodness she said yes! But if I was Carly, I would have called him back to give me the flowers and the chocolate! Looking forward to next season.
  4. aemom

    Will & Grace

    I am just not feeling Estefan. I just do not see Jack with him at all. I can't believe of all the boyfriends that Jack has had, that this is the one he is going to marry.
  5. aemom

    S02.E08: If Memory Serves

    I agree that it makes sense that Craft is the Red Angel otherwise that Short Trek really makes no sense. Anson Mount is killing it as Pike and as an added bonus, he's very easy on the eyes. Indeed. So adorable!
  6. aemom

    Dragon's Den (Canada)

    I was also surprised that they gave away so much equity. Manjit has been the new Kevin for a while now. I think that the problem is (which bothered me too) that these chemicals are alongside food. Does the food absorb these chemicals while the packet is combusting? Also, they were right about the fact that people these days don't want to cook something in disposable plastic. She gave away a lot of her company, but she seemed happy with her decision, so I guess that's all that really counts. I am also surprised that in this day and age that different flesh tones are still so hard to come by. The gong show urns for the pets were nice, and I think that she might have been ok had she stopped there, but making jewelry and clothing with the fur of the dead pets was.... weird.
  7. aemom

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    At least a regular sized person could crawl through a Jeffries tube. What happens when something breaks down in there and needs repair? Not to mention the other crewmembers that were killed when the Kaylon took over the ship. This reminded me a lot of when Voyager teamed up with the Borg to defeat Species 8472. I liked how this was resolved and opened things up for some interesting stories with the Krill. I also liked how things aren't all peachy keen with Isaac - I definitely want to see some evolution of the crew slowly accepting him again.
  8. aemom

    Dragon's Den (Canada)

    Honestly, I will never understand buying those containers of chemical frostings in the store and this one at $10 a pop is crazy expensive. It is really, really easy to make frosting. All you need is butter, icing sugar, and vanilla. If you want chocolate flavour then add cocoa powder. That's it! The baseball thing looked cool, but I am not their target market. The custom phone covers and wallets, etc. were really nice. They seemed really hard on him. I don't like hot sauce, so I cannot get excited about this one at all. Halibut House. I was a little shocked by their valuation since so many of the pitchers were way off on this, but they are already doing really well and I liked them and am glad that they got a deal.
  9. aemom

    S02.E06: The Sounds of Thunder

    I feel like a broken record but I would like to learn more about ALL the bridge crew. There are so many interesting stories there I'm sure. Never watched HIMYM, but I'm with you for BSG and Lost and would add Dexter to the list. That is interesting! I've been wracking my brain to try and figure out how they would tie in that Short Trek and that would make a lot of sense.
  10. aemom

    Will & Grace

    Hopefully, he finds out what a creep his husband is soon so that curb-kicking can happen. It depends on how good creep is at covering his cheating tracks.
  11. aemom

    S09.E11 The Hobo Games

    This all really started to go to hell when the writers thought that we would forget that Fiona (in a multi-episode storyline) petitioned the courts to be made the legal guardian of her siblings. Since then, they had her get married and move out, had her move out again where she lived with her married-boyfriend, and got arrested multiple times - just to name the major issues. It's insulting to the viewers to just make up random storylines and forget the history of the characters. Fiona is really this upset about losing Ford as a boyfriend? He was like watching paint dry. And her loss of her apartment building was her own stupidity. You don't spread yourself that thin. But still, she wasn't bankrupted with someone coming after her for payments - the resolution wound up with her breaking even. Her spiral makes no sense at all in this case - she has had far worse happen to her. I understand Lip being angry with what happened with the visit and his friend, but in this case, but it really wasn't Fiona's fault.
  12. aemom

    S02.E15: Risk and Reward

    I don't know if DDK has done anything to his face, but he does look different. I've liked him from way back on 24. His character is indeed a total dick. He knows it too. He smiles at you while he's being a total dick. Shaun actually did a good job of not freaking out at the bus stop about being moved to pathology, because that's the sort of thing that would send someone with ASD into a tailspin. Heck, it would do that to anyone. The one good aspect of that is that it will probably be interesting from a story line perspective. I suspect that when it's all over, Shaun will be back in surgery and Han will have grudging respect for him - Melendez 2.0
  13. aemom

    S02.E07: Deflectors

    This argument of Kelly's has been bothering me for a long time. Ed is still in love with her and will always be in love with her. Does Kelly really think that because they are not married or dating, that he will be able to command her to her death or sacrifice her life any differently than if they were married? I truly think not. They would have to be on different ships. They should just get back together already. Perhaps the show is going that way since they had Kelly break up with Cassius.
  14. aemom

    Will & Grace

    I've noticed that the last few episodes have had one story line that is heavily dependent on physical comedy. I think that's a smart move, because that is one thing that I have always found that these four actors are very good at.
  15. aemom

    Will & Grace

    They would have recorded the singing first in the studio, and then during filming, she would have been lip syncing with her own vocals. So, she was kind of lip syncing.