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  1. attica

    S06.E05: Public Shaming

    Same. One of my friends was hurt in a MVA, and ended up having to sue his cousin (the driver) to get the bills paid. Everybody on both branches of the fam were cool with it, and even the insurance agent admitted it was the way to go. If only there was a health-care system that might prevent the need for such internecine litigation...
  2. attica

    Season Three Talk: FFwSB

    I find it horrifying/fascinating that nobody in Britain has just said, 'you know what? We don't have to do this! We could just....Not!' Everything about the Brexit referendum/negotiations have been/are completely arbitrary, but everybody seems to be running towards the cliff because, well, because. I also found it weird that the screen card with the definition of Brexit showed its pronunciation as 'breg-zit' rather than 'brek-zit' But that's a whole other discush.
  3. attica

    S06.E02: Psychics

    I used to enjoy going to Psychic Fairs, (do these even still happen? it's been decades.) which were 20-odd people renting conference space in a hotel over a day or two and charging $20 a pop for readings. There were always posted (and printed on flyers) disclaimers "For Entertainment Purposes Only!" Which I think kept them on the legal side of the law. Of course in these set-ups, there was no chance for repeat business, so the likelihood of being bilked for thousands to 'lift curses' or whatever was minimized. And no, nobody ever told me anything interesting that was to come true, and most of what was plausible was so because it was so vague. "A blond man will send you flowers." Um, ok! That happened! Ooh! How could she knowwwwwww! My lasting memories of them were all the innovative Caftan deployments I saw. Which is, really, Work Wardrobe Goals.
  4. Both the doc (RBG) and the Jones/Hammer movie are good, imo.
  5. I heard him say '80s', not 90s, which tracks with my experience working in banks back then. We got our first machine in '83.
  6. attica

    S06.E02: Psychics

    I also love the universal response "they knew things they couldn't possibly have known!" Um, sweetie, they were watching your face as your expressions and head nods told them all the things they said back at you!
  7. attica

    S01.E20: Civil Forfeiture

    Update yesterday out of SCOTUS. A unanimous court reined in the worst abuses of CF in the decision for Timbs v Indiana. RBG for the majority, opining that most of CF falls under the 'excessive fines' prohibition in the 8th Amendment. Gorsuch wrote a concurrent opinion, placing the protection elsewhere, but: no matter. CF is toast. I think we can still keep Manafort's houses, though.
  8. attica

    S06.E01: Aftermath of Brexit

    I feel like we need the help of Association of Cartographers for Social Equality on the job!
  9. There's a story she tells in her memoir of when they were performing on stage together. She injured herself and had to perform one night either on crutches or from a chair (I forget which), and the audience gave her pluck a standing ovation. Underneath the sound of the crowd, KB escorted her down center and said in mock irritation, "That's for you, you midget gimp!" Which of course cracked Judi all the way up.
  10. attica

    MLB Thread

    I'm fulfilling a years-long dream and going to KC for a Yankee game! This year, the scheduling peeps have put the Ys in KC on Memorial Day weekend, rather than the brutal August they usually do. So I and my sis are going! Looking forward to the KC museums (Negro League, Harry Truman, Blues) and all the bbq we can stand.
  11. attica

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    I've never seen that Cory-with-hair photo. Adorable! Remember (if the rumors are true), Rosario Dawson might be FLOTUS! We could do worse!
  12. I am extremely disappointed that Dench is rhyming slang for stench. I mean, it's super logical (hee!). But still upsetting. Everything about DJD should connote every thing awesome and national treasure.
  13. attica

    All In With Chris Hayes

    "His genes are orange." I for real did a spit take.
  14. There was something about the two women running in place for most of the song that made me mad. It felt, I don't know, gladitorial, maybe? Definitely 'exert yourself meaninglessly for my entertainment, young women!' I mean, it's not like it's choreography, although I suppose that would be the defense mounted by whoever staged this thing. Blergh. Laura Linney is all right, isn't she. She seems thoughtful and interested in others. Stephen Mangan is always a good addition, and I would watch that show if it aired on this side of the pond. Saoirse and Timothee were fine. They're just both so young! (And here is where I lodge my obligatory-yet-impotent complaint about Mary QoS having a Scottish accent in films. She was raised in France!) Having a film premiere at Edinburgh Castle would be awesome, I think. Going to one there would be awesome!
  15. attica

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    Especially because she was getting obviously a little verklempt! Oh, he's only stepping down! Whew!