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  1. kathe5133


    WTF did I just watch?
  2. kathe5133


    Where does she get the money to: bathe in 50 gallons of milk? have a tat removed? pick up the check for the dinner with Ally? She's unstable, undependable and the most stable relationship she has is with her ex drug addict baby daddy. I'm not sure where this show is going.........
  3. kathe5133

    S04.E10: I Can Work With You

    I've been told that they have folks on the sets called "baby wranglers". These people are responsible for taking care of the baby between takes, making sure they are changed and tracking feedings, etc. Most parents, though desperate for their child to be filmed, don't always understand how filming works so the baby wrangler handles all of that. The babies are given toys to amuse them. When they want the baby to cry, the toy is snatched away and they call "action". Though that isn't as bad as telling a child their pet dog is dead, (Shirley Temple or Jackie Coogan, or some other child star I don't remember claims this was done to them) it is sort of mean. I'll never understand what motivates parents to put their babies and young children on display that way.
  4. kathe5133

    S04.E09: I Need Some Balance

    I can't get into new Greg either. I imagine the current actor performing Greg's drinking song, or "tap that ass"....... I just can't see it. The old Greg had a snarky cockiness the the new one doesn't have. I feel bad, I know they couldn't get Santino Fontana, but......... Oh well, it's still entertaining.
  5. kathe5133


    Dying to know what everyone thought of the premier!
  6. kathe5133

    S32.E24: CT's Getting Married - Part 2

    What? CT??? Isn't he like 45 now? Sad, sad, lives these famewhores lead
  7. I think the depiction of how the children are treated is in line the the times. "Children should be seen and not heard....". Parents didn't play with their children or even talk to their children. Of course looking at it through our modern day eyes, most are apallled. But, I'm the age that Midge's children would be now. Seems right on target to me. I'm not saying it was right, but it was just how it was.
  8. kathe5133

    S02.E10: All Alone

    I admit. I don't know a lot about Lenny Bruce. I saw the movie "Lenny" with Dustin Hoffman when it came out. I knew how he died. Knew he had a daughter, who dated Freddie Prince in the 70's by the way, but that was it. When the Lenny character began to sing on this episode I was dubious as I'd never heard that Lenny Bruce sang. I googled "did Lee Bruce sing", with no results, so I chalked it up to the shows poetic license. I just opened google and since that was my last search...... saw a hit for "lennybruce,org" touted as the "only website approved by Kitty Bruce" (his daughter). There is a clip of him singing "All Alone"! So I surely don't know everything!
  9. kathe5133

    Kate Plus 8

    No wonder Collin has special needs! Jesus Christ. Way to torture a kid!
  10. Oh don't get me wrong, he was all that, but he lived his life on the seedy side. Maybe we could say that Midge could have changed all that, but maybe he could of dragged her down with him. I get that they want to tie in that like Lenny, Midge is a groundbreaking performer, but if they are going to use a real life character, make him real, or don't use him. Mention him like they do Bob Newhart, but don't portray him.
  11. Every time "Lenny Bruce" is on the screen I see in my mind his last photo. Dead, next to the toilet, with a needle in his arm. Knowing how the real Lenny Bruce lived and ended his life, I don't understand why we need to see more of him.
  12. kathe5133

    Crazy Quotes: Body Rolls Are Hard

    "I eat my own eyelashes"
  13. kathe5133

    The Royals and Company: The Cast Thread

    Emerald Fennell? She's such a classic beauty and Camilla is....not. Puzzling.
  14. kathe5133

    S09.E07: Down Like the Titanic

    That's her problem. Good credit and a sound investment doesn't mean anything to her. She was looking for wads of cash. Selling the landromat at a profit and buying the building, with a built in hunk who would do her restoration work for sex, made it all seem so easy. Taking her only 100k and risking it like she did was just stupid. She's lucky that investor guy took the building off her hands. She can still turn some profits on that deal. It just won't be over night. Hopefully, when she sobers up she'll see that. And poor Carl. His own room was so close!
  15. kathe5133

    S09.E07: Down Like the Titanic

    So, she just left the dog to wander the hallways of the apartment building?