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  1. Nothing like being away from this site for a while and coming back to yet another period of non-news about non-publication! It's gone past lame at this point to something entirely different (not from the posters here, but from the author). And you, sir are no Dickens. Or Tolkien. Good day to you.
  2. polyhymnia

    S07.E06: Beyond the Wall

    It was pretty lame and out of left field. Also, her character up to this point wouldn't be so chatty about her suspicions. If she thought Sansa were really a traitor, she'd just figure out a way to kill Sansa. And where is Bran during all of this? Just hanging out in the weirwood constantly? I like this interpretation of this but I wish it were written a little better. Yes - people having actual conversations like they would instead of the dialogue servicing the plot. I also wanted Sansa to counter the Game of Faces with a Game of Slaps. Or the Hound, Gendry, and Jon not talking about that little spitfire Arya whom they all know and love. And the Hound and Gendry both know that the other one knows Arya. You think they'd mention it to Jon Snow during the long (maybe) trudge to the frozen lake. I am going to miss Thoros. Also, it sucks to get your only wizard killed off. With one episode left this season I do not think they are going to be able to satisfactorily wrap up the Littlefinger plot. He hasn't made sense to me from the moment he let Robyn Arryn out from under his thumb. He may talk a mean game about chaos and ladders and yes, he certainly got the wheels going on the war of the Five Kings but he doesn't seem to be able to bring it home. And it really doesn't make sense. Maybe Sansa should have mentioned that she helped poison Joffrey. I mean, she did it unwittingly but Arya might be impressed by it.
  3. polyhymnia

    S07.E04: The Spoils of War

    And honestly, after her encounter with Bran (who is very changed) it is probably jarring. She isn't naive anymore (or as naive) but it probably is still a surprise that both of her siblings have changed so much and been through so much. I would love to see her show up later with her father. I don't think there is enough plot time to make this happen but that would be pretty awesome. And really, the Plantagenet family was Norman and Angevin so in a way it was the French v. the French anyway. I always figure that Jon Snow would be the one to come back more dead inside because of his resurrection (just from what happened to Cat and the different things that Beric Dondarrion said about losing pieces of himself). Maybe it is just very, very distracting being plugged in the weirwood network. Is he plugged in all the time? I think everyone already answered this by the time I typed - Varys and later to Tywin. One thing that made me laugh a little was that Cersei couldn't get through even a pleasant meeting with the bank of Braavos without needing to drink some wine. How is that liver doing, Cersei? Also, Jaime was disgruntled about, what exactly, during his first scene when Bronn is trying to talk to him. Killing Olenna? Olenna killing Joffrey? Cercei being a cold-blooded murderer? If Jaime somehow ends up Dany's prison it would make absolutely no sense for her to do anything but roast him. He killed her father and even though she might not think her father was anything but the mad king, there is no reason why she wouldn't execute Jaime on the spot. ETA: I really think it defies belief that the Dothraki horses don't get spooked by giant Drogon flying over them in the initial charge. I guess you could make some argument that they are used to the dragons by now but, well, you can't really get used to the dragons.
  4. polyhymnia

    S07.E03: The Queen's Justice

    When she arrived in episode 1 I turned to Mr. Polyhymnia and wondered if she would find Melissandre's room of weird potions and the creepy bedroom of jarred fetuses because I cannot imagine Stannis and Selyse took those with them on the trip North.
  5. My daughter is now old enough to watch the series and I have told her if she wants to read the books to basically just read the first three books unless/until the last two are written.
  6. polyhymnia

    S03.E10: Somebody to Love

    I agree - I think Varga represented something more shadowy and cannibalistic and said something more about economics than politics (or specifically Trump) but I thought the political take in the review interesting. I think this was an interesting season. I hated the ending at first but I actually don't mind endings that leave things up in the air (or open to your interpretation) so it is growing on me. However, I just convinced Mr. Poly to watch the first season of Fargo and he didn't like how that concluded so I probably am not going to encourage him to watch this season. Although everyone needs to see Season 2. It is amazing.
  7. polyhymnia

    S05.E13: Chapter 65

    I almost want to believe that he is making it up to save his ego, "NO, I am the author of my own fall!! MWHAHAHA." Jane was the only saving grace this season. She is definitely the power behind the power with no interest in being part of the real political apparatus and I like that the Underwoods may or may not be being played by both Usher and Jane. Who may or may not be on the same team.
  8. polyhymnia

    S05.E12: Chapter 64

    I thought the same thing. I was a little surprised that Claire killed Tom timing wise but not the least bit sad to see him go. Such a dull freaking relationship.
  9. polyhymnia

    S05.E02: Chapter 54

    I found this episode hard to follow for some reason (not the Claire/Ken/Frank/Tim bit) as in I didn't really understand who they were trying to blackmail. I must have blinked because I did not know whose chief of staff she was supposed to be.
  10. Might be my all-time favorite so I am glad you are recapping.
  11. polyhymnia

    S02.E10: Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire

    Seriously - no way after Quinn survived the last time they fought would Sunny not have just cut off his head to make sure. It sort of cheapened the rest of the scene for me.
  12. polyhymnia

    S10.E04: Knock Knock

    For whatever reason, my dvr peters out on the last 30 seconds of the show so the slowly revealing mystery of whomever is in the box is an even bigger mystery for me. I know there's a box, but not much else. At least this episode there was a little more about it before the very end. He brought whatever it is takeout, too, right? I have to say that I like Bill and that I have actually enjoyed 4 episode in a row of Dr. Who which hasn't really happened since before Clara. Go Bill!!
  13. polyhymnia

    S03.E04: The Narrow Escape Problem

    It's strange - I am not generally bothered by gore but vomit? No thanks. I loved the use of Peter and the Wolf. That was amazing.
  14. polyhymnia

    S01.E13: Tape 7, Side A

    Also, he is a mandatory reporter on the sexual assault and I think many teachers and counselors would err on the side of caution and report it. Consent is a defense to sexual assault but unless it is somehow established that Hannah was older than the age of consent (whatever it might be in California[?]) I would think a phone call to law enforcement would have happened.
  15. polyhymnia

    S03.E01: The Book of Kevin

    I had to go read all about them which lead to reading about the 7th Day Adventist split-off and The Watchtower's many predictions - including the end of the world in 1975.