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  1. Chicago Redshirt

    S08.E16: Harvey

    Alex best watch his back.
  2. Chicago Redshirt

    S08.E15: Stalking Horse

    Donna is COO, and that would put her in the ranks of c-level executives. (C standing for "chief" rather than like a letter-grade C.) She was the one who broke privilege, and so she should have been the one to pay for it, IMO.
  3. Chicago Redshirt

    S05.E15: Please Say No One Else Is Dead

    The logic AK explained in one episode or another was that if it came out that she had a prior relationship with the person who killed her husband, particularly one that went beyond student-teacher, it would cause the authorities to re-examine Sam's killing and consider her possibly involved. To try to put it in context, AK wanted to adopt Wes desperately. Sam didn't want to adopt Wes. As far as we know, Wes has no idea about any of this. But it wouldn't be too hard for someone to imagine that he did. That AK told him. That AK still carries resentment from not having been able to adopt Wes, and from not being able to have her own children with Sam. That AK also carries resentment from Sam cheating on her and getting that other woman pregnant. Someone could come to the conclusion that AK and Wes were in cahoots.
  4. Chicago Redshirt

    Orvillian Media

    https://io9.gizmodo.com/by-avis-the-orville-is-getting-its-own-comic-book-1833140121 Here's a link to another story: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/foxs-orville-flies-comics-july-1192981
  5. Chicago Redshirt

    S05.E15: Please Say No One Else Is Dead

    Given the revelations of this episode, all Miller had to do when Nate confronted him was reveal the truth and he'd still be alive today. Nate: Admit it! You tried to have my pops killed! Admit it! Miller: I tried to save your pops! Xavier Castillo was the one who arranged for his murder. I tried to stop it but he outsmarted me. And here's all the proof. Nate: Oh.
  6. Chicago Redshirt

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    I believe it was Jay Leno. The joke was like, "Our greatest philosophers: Socrates...Plato...and of course, [Blah-blah blah of Altair IV" The Orville was on a landing pad attached to the planet, or at least to a structure off the planet. So all he had to do was go through two of the airlocks and he was on the structure. Now, how an 8-year-old could do that in general, let alone without the Orville or the Kaylon realizing it, is not so easily explained.
  7. Chicago Redshirt

    S04.E12: Menagerie (2019.02.17)

    I'm confused. James's reaction, as I recall, was basically what you are saying here. To paraphrase, "No matter how open-minded I might try to be, partnering up with the government to make humans super is a BAD idea and I won't support it." I don't see that as a nonsensical reaction. Rather, I see Lena's breakup in response as one, given the evidence that the government will veer between incompetent, corrupt, short-sighted and plain evil, and as a billionaire on verge of a discovery that would be worth billions more, she literally gets nothing from pairing with the government and only stands to lose out. For this to be the dealbreaker that would shift her from "Let's do a last-minute romantic trip to Paris" to "This just can't work out. GTFO of my limo" didn't work for me at all.
  8. Chicago Redshirt

    S05.E14: Cause and XS

    Thanks for pointing out about the newspaper. I hadn't realized that there apparently is a full story there. Since Barry and RF's disappearances are linked, she could believe that it's in RF's self-interest to avoid having Barry disappear, and thus having to disappear himself.
  9. Chicago Redshirt

    S05.E14: Cause and XS

    Eobard can be a charismatic guy when he wants to. Also, apparently neither Iris nor the Flash Museum nor the public record revealed to Nora that Eobard murdered her grandmother and framed her grandfather. Also, it's been implied that Eobard was the one who revealed to Nora that she'd been chipped to turn off her speed and taught her how to use it. So she could have been more inclined to trust him than she otherwise would be. I don't know if the future article implies that RF was linked to Barry's disappearance, though. Clearly RF monitored it as an important part of the timeline, but that's not to say he helped bring the disappearance along.
  10. Chicago Redshirt

    S02.E07: Deflectors

    From what I remember of the previous episode, few people knew Klyden was born female. He himself did not find that out until he had a medical screening on a Union ship relatively recently. So while his parents might have instilled ultra-conservative beliefs to compensate for his being born female, Klyden himself wasn't compensating for that. I kinda wish that the guy had fallen for Kelly. That could have made for some interesting dynamics.
  11. Chicago Redshirt

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    Shakespeare is a pretty one-of-a-kind talent, and the average person probably only knows his more famous plays -- Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, Othello, MacBeth and a few others. Strikes me as unlikely that people would know the deep cuts of Shakespeare's contemporaries. The recent Krill episode had Billy Joel references too.
  12. Chicago Redshirt

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    This is one of my pet peeves about the show. Not only would there be the 400 years of Earth pop culture, but also thousands of years of Moclan, Xelayan, etc etc pop culture that would be part of the fabric of our characters' lives. Having our heroes not just be familiar with things like Journey, Singing in the Rain and the King and I (like the average person today might be familiar with Bach but would be potentially pressed to name his "greatest hits"), but love and actively spend time listening to them seems a stretch.
  13. Chicago Redshirt

    S04.E11: Blood Memory

    The thing is, many of Supergirl's enemies are in her weight class. As much as Alex, Jimmy, Brainy and so on can take care of themselves against an average person on a good day, they would have little to no chance against a Reign or someone with powers on that level who knew how to target them because they were Supergirl's friends/virtual family. Heck, there was that episode where rando-person from Midvale used his knowledge of Supergirl's secret to abduct Alex, and he didn't really have any special knowledge or resources. It's pretty self-explanatory that people who are more organized or powerful could do the same thing. In terms of pretending that she doesn't have a life beyond being Kara Zor-El, unfortunately SG has already failed to close that barn door. If she had initially said that, it might have worked. But by taking the position that she would not reveal her secret identity because it would risk the lives of those close to her, she has acknowledged that she indeed has a secret identity beyond Kara Zor-El of Krypton.
  14. Chicago Redshirt

    S05.E13: Goldfaced

    Cicada's strength ebbs and flows when it needs to for plot purposes. So when he needs to break free from Killer Frost's ice or break XS's spine, he's got it. Otherwise, he doesn't necessarily.
  15. Chicago Redshirt

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    Overall, I liked the episode but felt like it missed a lot of opportunities to let us get to know more about Isaac and the Kaylons. We learn, for example, Claire's from Baltimore, likes rain, her favorite food and a bunch of other trivia about her. I don't think that there was much in the way of new information released about Isaac or his world. Another issue I have is that it seems to me that Isaac's belief in the superiority of artificial intelligence should be a dealbreaker for a woman as sophisticated as Claire. I at least can't imagine a romantic relationship with someone who thinks you're inferior.