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  1. funnygirl

    S11.E15: Let's Make It Official

    I love that Lil Mo song!
  2. funnygirl

    S09.E15: Hotheads and Hookahs

    It's called her willingness to do a*n*a*l.
  3. funnygirl

    S15.E13: I Walk the Line

    Owen is a selfish prick. They should've gotten rid of him instead of April. He'd have a nice life in Germany with Teddy and their child instead of us having to suffer through season 1000 of his man-pain. Andrew is a predatory prick. May he one day crash his motorcycle and be Seattle Grace Mercy West Grey Sloan Memorial's next casualty. Link was so non-essential to the "love triangle", he was omitted from the episode and there were no consequences for Meredith standing him up except a throw-away line that she had apologized to him. Guess they needed the screen time for Andrew to leer at her around the hospital. The Meredith and Maggie sisterhood is on the cusp of adding "Eskimo Sisters" (look it up) to it's repertoire.
  4. funnygirl

    S11.E14: Lost in translation

    Nene can be salty at LVP all she wants, but LVP saved her from a failed business venture. What does Nene know about running a bar/restaurant? LVP had two prior to Pump (and they're still going strong). Not to mention, the location is close to the famed LGBTQ bar The Abbey. Nene would've never stood a chance, while LVP at least has the business clientele and reputation in Hollywood to survive in the competitive market.
  5. funnygirl

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    Meredith wasn't thrilled about Andrew freeloading on her couch and being messy, but now all of a sudden he's the one who "turns back time" for her? GMAB This "love triangle" was never really a triangle. Link wasn't stalking Meredith around the hospital. He made his interest known, she was wishy-washy with him, hence his surprise when she asked him out on Valentine's Day. He helped her with little Bailey's party out of the kindness of his heart because he saw her in a jamb. He's attracted to her, yes, but it was Jo who initiated wanting to hook up her friends. Link was barely in this "Andrew vs Link" fight, and Andrew bogarted nearly every scene he was in. Foolishly, tptb had made up their mind about Meredith and Andrew at the start of the season, which is unfortunate for many reasons, least of which is that she quickly developed better chemistry with Koracick out of all current prospects. I find it funny how we no longer see Meredith and Koracick interact, and Link - the other guy - has come out looking better than the alternative because of the show's heavy-handed attempts at making Andrew "the one".
  6. funnygirl

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    Lest we forget that a mopey Andrew crashed on Meredith's couch for a short while after his intern lover fled to Switzerland. I forget how he ended up there, but I do remember Zola making a comment that he smells. So he's very much aware that Meredith has three children at home, he's just too selfish to care.
  7. funnygirl

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    Lifetime is currently airing season 3 in the afternoon, and it is striking how great the romantic parings, friendships, and professional interactions used to be. Aside from Alex/Jo and Miranda/Ben (and not counting Richard/Catherine), the current pairings are overly manufactured and lack a certain spark. Ratings be damned, season 14 may have been a breath of fresh air after the abysmal 13, but the Grand Canyon-sized cracks are showing again. After everything Meredith's been through, it really is a shame that the best tptb can think to do is stick her with Andrew. Andrew, who's only character trait is speaking Italian and is otherwise incredibly dull. Andrew, who dated and sexed up her sister. Andrew, who had a crush on Jo and who her best friend (Alex) beat the crap out of. Andrew, who completely disregards the fact that Meredith has three kids at home and asks her to go have a drink on Christmas Eve. He acts like a pouty, petulant child. And I'm not implying that Link is or should be "the one", but in comparison, at least he's shown to be thoughtful and considerate to Meredith - like giving her the Christmas cookies - without being pushy and predatory. Turns out, Meredith doesn't deserve his kindness. I actually respect the guy even more for ordering wine and presumably staying to have a nice meal alone despite having been stood up. And just like that, Tom Koracick is less charismatic when paired with Teddy. I do not understand the logic behind bringing her back and have her pregnant with Owen's baby yet not be with him. Miranda and Ben and the tree house was a sweet moment, and I appreciate that bit of continuity from last season. Betty/Brittany, who cares. Have they not wasted enough screen time on this random ready-made family? Please give Alex the attention, instead. That lipstick was not working for Meredith.
  8. No matter who wins now, it will be the wrong All Star.
  9. funnygirl

    S09.E12: Mudslinging In Mexico

    I have a feeling Danielle pledged her undying allegiance to all-things Teresa last season when she was allowed back as a friend-of, and it's benefiting both of them. Teresa likes nothing more than to not only have control, but to have someone on her side at all times. And that is Danielle, who obviously sees Teresa as her meal ticket to relevancy.
  10. funnygirl

    S15.E11: The Winner Takes It All

    Underwhelming. Thank goodness for Tom Koracick and his candor. Annoyed that after all these years, they bring Thatcher back just to kill him off. At least tptb remembered that Molly exists. "I miss Lexie. I miss her so much." Me too, Thatcher. Maggie and the "sisterhood" will never compare.
  11. funnygirl

    RHoBH in the Media

    I can't find it now, but there's a video of Lisa Rinna on the mic SCREAMING at everyone to get the f*ck up and dance on a table. And then she called out Nene from RHOA to get the f*ck up. (coincidentally, on WWHL Sunday night, when Andy asked Nene who she'd go head-to-head with from another franchise, she said Rinna. Nene would wipe the floor with her.) I actually used to really like Lisa Rinna, she was Billie Reed!, and I respected her hustle. But as her time on Housewives has gone on, she's become more and more insufferable.
  12. Real Housewives of New York City Returns with Explosive Season 11 Trailer Jovani! This hot mess returns March 6. Sonja never disappoints. Bethenny is a huge hypocrite calling anyone insufferable when all she does is promote her Skinny Girl products.
  13. funnygirl

    S15.E10: Help, I'm Alive

    Between Teddy, Meredith, and Miranda, this is the season of regression.
  14. funnygirl

    S15.E10: Help, I'm Alive

    The unbelieveability of Andrew being any sort of father-figure to the Shepherd kids is one of many reasons why I find him unsuitable for Meredith. But they highlighted this at the end of the episode where, Meredith's home hosting her son's birthday party after a day of work and, even if Andrew didn't know that the event was taking place, he completely disregards that she has three kids at home by sending her a nighttime booty call because he did a thing all by himself for the very first time. Meredith is in a whole other league, on a whole other level. But the tea leaves tell me that tptb are set on making that square peg fit into a round hole regardless of there being better options out there for the Leading Lady. And I agree, Casey Parker is the best intern of that group. I'd place Dahlia Qadri in second, but because both have been severely underused, we don't know much about them. The other two are incredibly annoying but I think we're supposed to think they're funny? (I don't.)
  15. funnygirl

    S15.E10: Help, I'm Alive

    Every time they referred to Catherine as Dr. Fox, I was like "who?" Why is Teddy back and pregnant with his kid if Owen's just going to end up with Amelia? I guess throwing Tom Koracick into this mess keeps him away from Meredith where there's potential to overshadow tptb's plans for Meredith/Andrew Deluca's tru wuv. I'm warming up to Link. His laid back attitude is refreshing in that he's confident but not in a pompous way. Brownie points for not bowing down to Meredith, but he was also kind and is open with her without being too pushy or overstepping; unlike the aforementioned Andrew who's only personality trait is leering predatorily at Meredith and invading her personal space. At least Link is fresh and new, he makes her laugh (as did Koracick), and he didn't date her sister. If Derek Bailey Shepherd, who was born at the end of season 9, is just now turning 5, then tptb are clearly ignoring the huge time jump after Derek died. And then some. The GA timeline is wild.