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  1. Chyromaniac

    S07.E16: Star City 2040

    The opening training montage was fun, and Nyssa is the best as always. But would it have killed them to switch up Katrina’s outfit a little? Unless the idea is that for 14 or so years, that’s just more or less what she wears when they do that. Like, she’ll drop by in a hoodie and jeans for book club or whatever- but the long coat and leather means it’s kickboxing with Ninja!Aunt. Oh, and apparently they only work out at like 3pm during ideal weather conditions... Surprisingly, I now think I would also be down for an Arrow Babies spin-off. I think it was the mother/daughter stuff that finally sold me- Mia has been a bit too one note, but I felt Kat showed some range in her scenes with EBR. I also really enjoyed the trio of her with Ben and Joseph this week. Hey- maybe Nora West-Allen can make a pit stop on one of her trips to the future, and bring Connor/William/MIA back to 2019 to fix whatever caused the dystopia.
  2. Chyromaniac

    S04.E14: Stand And Deliver

    My money’s on Zack Snyder.
  3. Chyromaniac

    S05.E15: King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd

    That was like watching the Universal Sudios tour kick its own @$$- more please.
  4. Chyromaniac

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    Agreed. This show obviously has connections to Star Trek. Some of the actors (including Seth), producers, directors are Trek alumni. There are certainly some aspects of the show that are homages to, or parodies of, Trek- and the show has been (unfairly, imo) promoted as basically a spoof. That being said, there seems to be this impulse every week to try and assign a Star Trek (or some other property) equivalent for every story, character, race, etc... I don’t feel that’s necessarily fair to this show. Sci-fi (particularly space exploration) shows have a particular set of themes, language, and images they use to tell their stories, so there are bound to be similarities from one to another. That does not mean that how one show uses those concepts has any impact on any other. Personally, I think it comes down to specificities and intent. Bortus needs to return to his planet to pee? That’s a Star Trek joke. Robots revolt against their creators? That’s just sci-if.
  5. Chyromaniac

    Season 16 Discussion

    Personally, the show is called “the voice” - as in a singular thing. It’s fine if they have these people sing against each other in the Battles, or do group songs on elimination nights- those are actually some of my favorite parts of the show. But when it comes to the overall competition, I’m only interested in seeing solo artists. I admit that this is my hang up, and that it’s overly nit picky - but please just allow me to be annoyed by it...
  6. Chyromaniac

    Season 16 Discussion

    A couple of years ago the Swon brothers were in the finale here - the fact that a few such contestants have been successful doesn’t make it any less stupid to me. Look, I will fully admit that I’m being pedantic about this, but I feel it’s ridiculous for the show to suggest that three people can constitute one voice.
  7. Chyromaniac

    Season 16 Discussion

    Hey- do you know what’s just as dumb as two people competing to become “the” voice? Three people.
  8. Chyromaniac

    Season 16 Discussion

    I’d add no more duos- it’s only ever a gimmick on this show, one singer is invariably stronger than the other, and logically, two people cannot be “the” voice. I mean, why not have a whole choir try out at that point? Otherwise, I actually found this to be a decent start- it felt like there were no real head scratchers (apart from Lisa I suppose), and it doesn’t feel like anyone is being hyped as a presumptive winner (yet). There were mostly just a bunch of good performances, which is all I really want from season 16 of this show.
  9. Chyromaniac

    S02.E07: Deflectors

    So wait- they didn’t offload the non-essential/civilian personnel before the shield test with live weapons?
  10. Chyromaniac

    S07.E13: Star City Slayer

    I think it’s a testament to how much I blocked out the tedious slabside arc, that I just realized that our prison pals are Stan and Ollie...
  11. Chyromaniac

    S05.E13: Goldfaced

    I don’t know if it’s necessarily Chris Klein’s fault- I feel he’s been fine in the two flashback episodes where he’s been allowed to act “normal.” But yeah, the Cicada stuff is not working. Maybe it’s his acting- but he’s also not getting much to work with from the writers, and there are directors and producers who are green-lighting this performance. I have to imagine that this is what they all want for his character, and it’s just so weird...
  12. Chyromaniac

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    I thought it was weird that both Finn and the alien doc kept referring to what was happening at the hospital as “c-section,” given its etymology. I actually paused the show to look it up, and apparently there basically is no other way to describe that procedure- so I guess the translator tech gets a pass on that one.
  13. Chyromaniac

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    First, an observation: I don’t know if anyone else here follows Critical Role, but I think Palicki would make a great live action Beauregard. I guess my problem with the episode is that I don’t know what point it’s trying to make. A society driven by astrology is an interesting premise- but when the solution is just to throw an additional layer of BS on to their beliefs, then what exactly are we saying here? I think the closest we get to a “message” is when Kelly and Bortus decide to break out- the point being that the system has transformed them into the very things they were accused of being. Which, great- you’ve just turned two main characters into Rambos. But I don’t know if the show even supports that, considering that practically all of the Gilliacs (sp?) in the prison are sheep. I think a stronger message would have been that the circumstances of one’s birth should not determine their opportunities. At the very least, they could’ve pointed out that the actual sociopaths on that planet were the ones who called in the SWAT team in their dinner guests. I suppose this whole thing just feels like a missed opportunity.
  14. Chyromaniac

    S07.E10: My Name Is Emiko Queen

    I have it on good authority that every Suicide Squad story is now required to feature a tattooed dip$#!t that no one actually likes.
  15. Chyromaniac

    S04.E10: Suspicious Minds

    Uh oh- looks like Col. Umbridge got Agent Cho Chang to spill the beans about Supergirls Army in the Interrogation Room of Requirement...