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  1. Biggie B

    S05.E10: I Am Bane

    It came late in the game, but at least Lee and Ed finally came face to face!
  2. Biggie B

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    Thumbs down on this episode. No one in my family cared for it. Yes, the Bortus and Clyden storyline was really fun and funny, but the love story was just flat out stupid. Is Gordon really that dumb to think that Laura is "real"? What did he see happening down the line, that they'd get married? How would their relationship exist outside the "holodeck" (I can't recall what they call it on The Orville)? It was almost as weird as Claire and Isaac's relationship, wherein he's only "human" on the holodeck. At least, though, Isaac exists elsewhere. How did Laura - who was, what, a hologram? - communicate with Gordon's phone, which was located outside the holodeck? On DS9, was Vic Damone able to communicate with the crew when they weren't in the holodeck? It was just too ridiculous to enjoy. I lost track of how many times we all rolled our eyes. When Gordon deleted Greg, I screamed at the TV, "You can't DO that! You've explained several times that the program isn't written by you, it's written by Laura's data - and her data does NOT exclude Greg!" However, I love this show and can happily let one crappy episode sail right over my head. It was also great to see Tim Russ! Yay!
  3. Biggie B

    S05.E11: In Loving Virtue

    Giselle and Becky are hilarious together.
  4. Biggie B

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Sorry, PepSinger; I highlighted the sentence in question and clicked on "quote selection." I do see that it was originally written by JudyObsure, who you quoted. So I quoted you quoting her, but the system didn't quite understand that, I guess!
  5. Biggie B

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I think we're all over-scrutinizing this! I recalled the scene as follows: doorbell rang - hostess answered door - there stood Beth - a flurry of explanations ensued, while hostess, Beth, and Randall (I think) were all standing, with Beth shedding her coat and such - hostess offered a phone charger to Beth after Beth mentioned her phone had gone dead - hostess and Beth walked off-screen, presumably to wherever hostess had the charger. I imagine that Beth plugged in her phone in another room, left it there, and then took a seat at the dinner table. Look, we all know the dead phone thing was a total plot device to exacerbate the already frought situation between Beth and Randall. Whether or not Beth keeps a charger handy 24/7 or not and the logistics of this one particular situation isn't worth the time spent arguing over it. The larger point is - - the stubbornness of both individuals, the incredible anger they're both harboring, the severity of how they're currently treating each other, and the tsunami that's about to occur between them. They have both said and done horrible, hurtful things to each other, with more to come. The heck with the phone charger already!
  6. Biggie B

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    As it was playing out, I imagined that when the hostess of the dinner offered Beth the use of a charger, Beth was able to access and listen to her voicemails as soon as she plugged in her phone. So while it did seem a bit odd to me that Beth doesn't have a phone charger in her car (again, agree with everyone who's mentioned that with having 3 kids, a job, etc., it would seem likely that Beth would want/need her phone to be charged 24/7), I just have to sort of suspend disbelief that at this one time, Beth didn't have the charger in her car - her phone died - she got to the dinner party and was able to fire up the phone using the hostess' charger - and was able to check her texts and VMs before sitting down at the table.
  7. Biggie B

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I'm dismayed that the writers made Beth such an integral part of to what committees Randall might or might not end up assigned. What if Randall was single? What if Beth had been out of the country, or at home sick with the flu, and literally unable to attend? This reminded me of 'Leave It To Beaver,' or 'Father Knows Best,' where the husband lets his wife know at the 11th hour that THE BOSS is coming to their house for dinner, and the wife has to scramble like all hell to prepare a stunning three-course gourmet dinner, while looking beautifully done up from head to toe. If Randall can't make a good enough impression on the more senior politician on his own, then...that's sort of pathetic. And I totally got where Beth was coming from when she explained how important it was to her to be invited out with the studio owner and her other colleagues. But...it was all about how Randall and Beth each interpreted the situation, and they clearly weren't seeing things from the same point of view. Their upcoming fight should be scathing - they both have so much pent up anger, so it should be a whopper. And they are both going to say some pretty hideous things - can't wait! Don't really care about Kate and Toby's situation. I hope for the best for the baby but otherwise...whatever. My cousin's first child was born over 2 months early and was in the NICU for a couple of months; my cousin would go to the hospital before work and then immediately afterwards, with his wife being there almost 24/7 (she didn't work), so perhaps that's the routine that Toby might settle into. Right now, less than a week after a very complicated birth, I'm not bothered at all that he is apparently there almost 24/7 (let's hope that Madison is caring for their dog). He may have a modest paternity leave from his employer. As for Kate still being a patient, that works for me - as has been pointed out, she herself may be having some residual issues or complications (while I didn't have a C-section, a modest fever was enough for my doctor to have me stay another day). I don't see Kevin as parent material, which is totally fine, not every person on earth has to be a parent, so I hope that he abides by his decision and focuses on his sobriety and his relationship with Zoe. I'm sure there will be plenty of setbacks and struggle along the way, this being a soap opera and all.
  8. Biggie B

    S15.E17: And Dream of Sheep

    I, too, kept waiting for something (good or bad) to happen with Alex's mom, but all she was was a gateway/vehicle to Jo's impending story line about finding her birth mother. Which is about as interesting to me as a bag of hair. We've already been shown one gigantic bombshell from Jo's past - her abusive husband. Now what? Linc looks way too much like Tom Brady to me (QB of the New England Patriots, and someone I detest with the heat of a thousand suns/nuns), so I have issues with him just from that. Although, I do think he's basically an OK guy. He did a nice job being around Meredith's children and seemed to truly enjoy that, so - I think he's as OK as a soap character could be. Amelia doesn't want their romp to be anything serious, so I suspect he'll develop deeper feelings for her, which she'll rebuff (although maybe a bit grudgingly?), and we'll have yet another story line of non-communication/crossed wires leading to disastrous results. I've never, EVER liked Carina, but I have to admit, I did truly feel bad for her when Teddy gave her that big dressing-down. I get where Teddy was coming from, but wow, she really laid it on thick. Speaking of that story line, I was thinking that Teddy should've backed off the pregnant lady and let another doctor handle the situation - it was probably even MORE painful for that poor woman to have a pregnant doctor - a literal reminder of what she has now lost. I'm sure that never even crossed Teddy's mind. All she could think of was showing Owen that she was capable mentally and physically of handling that patient's situation. It didn't seem to occur to her to see things from the patient's point of view. And yes, it does seem that Teddy's constant cradling of her own belly and rubbing the small of her back would be the most un-subtle foreshadowing of complications to come.
  9. Biggie B

    S06.E11: Bastien Moreau

    Actually, I found that the best moment of the show. Red kills with laser-like precision most of the time, with ice water in his veins. He kills the way most of us blink - without thinking twice about it. He's good at it, and takes it seriously. I felt as if that brief 'outburst' at the prison doctor really reminded us viewers that for all of Red's affectations, stories, and nonchalance, he's also capable of great viciousness. Killing got Red to the top of his game. It's insulting to him that someone else pussyfoot around it. I thought the way Spader delivered those lines was excellent - gave me chills.
  10. Biggie B

    S05.E10: My Fault Is Past

    It sure felt weird watching this episode, wondering how they're going to write Jamal out of the show (I assume that's what's going to happen). I'm very glad that Cookie and her sisters are all back together. I always like their scenes. If Tiana and Hakeem have split up, she has no right to be all jealous of Hakeem and Maya's budding relationship. Glad the show is back but it sure feels awkward.
  11. Biggie B

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    Awful episode. I have no problem with an episode which is totally dialogue-driven, I actually sometimes prefer that now and then, but this was just wretched. I really didn't want an hour of people sniping at and attacking each other. And absolutely nothing came of it. True, this wasn't a guided therapy session in a controlled setting, but still - it was just stressful and unpleasant, and made me dislike each character even more (with an exception here and there). Also - were we viewers ever, ever, ever supposed to even think for a SECOND that Kate's life was in peril? Unless the actress is leaving the show, we know she's staying alive. Thus, any suspense or tension over her life is effectively removed. Yeah, yeah, maybe she'll suffer some residual issues from the pregnancy, but we saw, way back in another episode, a flash forward in which Kate was just fine, walking and talking without a problem. So to write this episode as if something could go wrong with Kate was a waste of time and effort. If anything, it seemed that something is wrong with Rebecca, cognitively. Yes, she was exhausted and hadn't eaten or slept, but still - something's off with her and haven't there been some direct and indirect mentions of some issues with her? That's something to focus on, not Kate or the baby. I came away from this episode less interested and less invested with this show and its characters. I realize that drama and tension and stress make for more compelling viewing - no one wants to watch happiness, it's boring - but the way it's being done and/or written is so off-putting. In order for me to care about these characters, I have to feel like they're worth fighting for, even when they're behaving in the worst possible ways. But right now, I'm not interested in rooting for any of them...there seems little chance of a decent return on my emotional investment in these characters. I'm not seeing much of a light at the end of anyone's tunnel.
  12. Biggie B

    S06.E10: The Cryptobanker

    The ruse was that Red was going to try to avert a strike by the prison laundry workers, and that his two fellow inmates would be best to talk to about that. So that's the explanation they could give as to why they were in the Warden's office. And Red instructed them to say that he (Red) then threatened their lives if they tried to stop him from escaping. So they were made to look completely 'innocent' in the whole scheme - as far as anyone knows, they were there to talk about the laundry strike.
  13. Biggie B

    S05.E09: The Trial of Jim Gordon

    I wish Harvey had officiated at my wedding! Donal Logue was great, and I feel as if he ad-libbed some or all of that scene, and had a great time doing it!
  14. Biggie B

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    I wish there would've been one throw-away line at the end that explained what happened to the "daughter." What did they do with her, especially since she's such a danger?
  15. Biggie B

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    I think sometimes TV portrays the water breaking as some sort of flood gate opening, with a gigantic gush that soaks everything in its path. I can only speak for myself, but my experience was just a small trickle of fluid down the inside of my leg. TMI, I know - but it's like morning sickness - TV shows every pregnant woman vomiting profusely at all times during the early stages of pregnancy. Not so - only around 15% of women experience morning sickness, and it's also hereditary. I never had one moment of it, ever, nor did my mom or my sister with their pregnancies. I was severely disappointed with and angry at Randall for telling Beth to "put a pin" in her teaching of dance. Didn't he that very morning give her huge encouragement? I guess he hadn't yet crunched the family finance numbers. But what a horrible thing to do to one's partner. He really wasn't making a suggestion so much as a pronouncement. It was horrible. As everyone's already pointed out, there are various other solutions they could explore. The first step is identifying the problem, and then brainstorming to come up with a strategy that BOTH partners have to buy into and work towards. I find it a huge shame that the writers have turned Randall into someone so unsympathetic and off-putting. At this point, the only iteration of Randall I like is the teen Randall, and even then, it may be only because the young actor is doing such a good job in the role. I don't think Kate and Toby's baby will die but I think there will be an extended stay in the hospital for the baby, which will no doubt put a huge strain on Kate and Toby's marriage, as well as on each of them individually. Just my guess. It would be too "blah" to have the baby be just fine and dandy and go home quickly - this is a soap opera after all, and what better way to be dramatic than to have a newborn's life hanging in the balance?