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  1. This special series is returning on March 5 with a new lineup of celebrities.
  2. Athena

    S06.E01: Aftermath of Brexit

    Since 2013 with two series (seasons) per year. They are about 15 eps per series. I'll be honest; I've never watched a full episode. I've seen clips over the years, but John reminded me to try and watch a full episode or two. The US/Canada adaptation they made was "The People's Couch" which has since been cancelled. I never saw any of that so not sure if it stuck to the original adaptation. I think the Australian one is supposedly much more aligned to the UK model.
  3. Athena

    S06.E01: Aftermath of Brexit

    Gogglebox is popular in the UK and some of the participants have become minor celebs as a result of it. It's interesting that Oliver spoke about it this week because it's actually returning for a series premiere in a few days. The Brexit issue is very complicated. I've lived in the UK and was recently in the UK when they held May's vote of no confidence from her own party. It divided the Conservatives as well as the whole Parliament. I am close to people who are pro-Brexit and still have not changed their opinion. I've started to understand why people do want to leave. I would say it's more an emotional stance, but there is a belief system that is distinct and relates to Britain's view of itself. John is right about the referendum being flawed to begin with. There is a large population of Britons who feel left out. Even those who do are a bit more knowledgeable about the EU have issues with it and still want to leave. I don't think Britain is alone in that. France is having similar issues as well. However, the whole aftermath has not gone at all what anyone expected or wanted. Representative democracy has suffered a lot in Britain as a result.
  4. Athena

    The Great British Sewing Bee

    Another thing I like about this show is that it teaches you a lot about how to spot good workmanship on clothing. Now with fast fashion everywhere, Esme and Patrick's critiques and tips on garments is valuable to consumers of clothing while shopping. My mother was a sewer and she taught me a little of that (what to watch out for in stitching etc.). This does it even better. I've watched Project Runway but I prefer this show; I feel I can learn more. I loved Juliet's jumpsuit. It looked like it came off a runway. A lot of designers could learn from that great use of cultural pattern mixing and style.
  5. Athena

    Fighting with My Family (2019)

    A biographical sports film based on the 2012 documentary The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family, depicting the WWE career of professional wrestler Paige. It stars Florence Pugh as Paige, along with Jack Lowden, Nick Frost, Lena Headey and Vince Vaughn, and is written and directed by Stephen Merchant. Dwayne Johnson executive produces and also appears in the film.
  6. Athena

    Couples That Should Have Been

    They did an excellent job with that friendship and character developments in the movie. The movie will be getting two sequels so there is a high likelihood of romance between Judy and Nick.
  7. Athena

    Mary and Edith, Edith and Mary

    MOD NOTE: Please take a break from this discussion. This dead horse has been beaten for years. If you have stated your opinion more than a couple times on it lately, it's time to step away. Thank you.
  8. Athena

    S16.E00: EastEnders Special

    Which thread? We have this whole forum for his show.
  9. Athena

    Masterchef (AU)

    Speaking of MKR, I started a thread for it here. This will be my first year following it and not sure how many others on PTV watch it, but I'll be following along.
  10. The forum was deleted in the last migration. S1 is still on Netflix and S2 is currently airing in the UK, please discuss the show here.
  11. The original MKR and one of the most popular shows in Australia. Discuss it here.