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  1. ottoDbusdriver

    The Perfectionists

    Considering it's Oregon, where's all the hipsters ? That was definitely smirk-worthy. Beacon Guard gives off a very 'Cabin in the Woods' vibe to BHU -- and the fact that Mona is "in on it" is even more confusing. From that video wall it looks like they have cameras EVERYWHERE -- in the upper right corner you can see a couple making out under a blanket on a bed. Wouldn't surprise me if Hotchkiss Technologies is behind Beacon Guard -- for some nefarious purpose that is yet to be revealed. Does that mean that Mona was monitoring students before she moved to Admissions and Recruitment ? Of course, Taylor Hotchkiss faked her death. Yawn. Now where have we seen that before ? Next thing your know Taylor will be seen wearing a red coat. Per her obit, field hockey captain, calculus tutor, student body chairperson, Oregon beach cleaner and volunteer at the renowned Hotchkiss Industries Safe and Security Dept. That last one seems awfully suspicious. The general consensus is that Taylor is definitely dead since they know it was a suicide (not that she just disappeared). Was there no body at the funeral ? Or was that a clone or something else ? Because I'm thinking the dead Nolan impaled on the fence is also a clone. Considering that Ali has been at BHU all of 1 or 2 days, she is getting WAY too involved in her student's lives already. It was all about the blackmail with Nolan, which is kind of what used to be Ali's MO used to be. Contrary to Caitlin's plan, if one of your mom's becomes President they don't usually fill their empty Senate seat with the college-age child with no political experience of the previous seat-holder . They generally have elections for that kind of thing. Mona should know how to cut a pie, yet she sliced right through the aluminum pie pan with that knife. Taylor Hotchkiss was the town's only suicide -- ever ?? Only it turns out not so much. Per Ali's TA seating chart, there is an Emily 2 seated rows behind Caitlin. That might get awkward when she calls on her. The jump scares in this show were just stupid and unnecessary, especially the 2 by Alison. Wouldn't be a PLL show without a creepy doll sighting -- there was one in Taylor's cabin. So who on campus drives a white Mini Cooper ? The car that followed Nolan to Taylor's cabin. I guess all the foreground characters (Nolan, Caitlin, Ava, Dylan, etc.) are all in the 2nd year of the same program at BHU ? Which seems unlikely, yet they are all taking the same English Literature course.
  2. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E14: The Osterman Umbrella Company

    They probably only work during weekends in the country.
  3. ottoDbusdriver

    Orvillian Media: Wireless Telecommunications Facility

    Love the updated title of this topic :)
  4. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E12: Bastien Moreau: Conclusion

    That's the thing -- even DNA tests have been faked on this show so they can't even be trusted. Maybe Lizzie and Jennifer need to secretly 23 and Me/Ancestry DNA themselves, and see if any connections are discovered independently. It would be hilarious to find out that they don't have a common parent, and that both of Lizzie's parents are still alive somewhere.
  5. Irshad Manji has been on Real Time before, but it has been a while -- I believe her last appearance on Real Time was in 2011, and then she was on twice in 3 weeks.
  6. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E14: The Osterman Umbrella Company

    Episode Description: Note: This is the second hour of 'a 2 hour event' (oh those NBC promo weasels and their fancy titles).
  7. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E13: Robert Vesco

    Episode Description: Note: This is the first hour of 'a 2 hour event' (that's what the NBC promo weasels are calling it).
  8. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E12: Bastien Moreau: Conclusion

    This show has to get better at some point.
  9. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E12: Bastien Moreau: Conclusion

    Red wasn't very subtle once he got of prison -- if you wagered that Red would be discussing talking about masturbating tigers, ding, ding, ding, you are the winner. I laughed when Red got our of prison and Lizzie was genuinely shocked that Red had no idea where to find the assassin that killed the German Intel chief. Really, Lizzie, this is not the first time Red has bluffed to get what he wants.
  10. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E12: Bastien Moreau: Conclusion

    That was underwhelming. Sure, we knew all along that Red wouldn't be executed, but it was just all so boring. I'm pretty sure that Anna McMahon from Main Justice is shtupping the President. And the secret service agent in the White House is the assassin that killed Moreau. so he must be one of her minions. What's The Princip Initiative ? Don't know. Really don't care. All we do know is that the flash drive is under a chair in the house of a teenage girl. Is McMahon trying to initiate a false flag attack on the US to justify attacking another country ? Because that's what I think she is up to. And somehow Miles found out, and told the German Intel chief. I thought for sure that Samar was going to jump off the roof, after enjoying that one last cigarette. Instead, she just up and quit instead of telling Cooper. Lizzie was basically useless all episode. She put through Red though all of that -- prison, trial, and threatened execution -- to exact a confession about who he was, and she couldn't be bothered to ask the question because she didn't want to know anymore. How's she going to explain that to Jennifer ? I wonder where the jar of bug juice is ?? At least Vontay got a pardon, so something good came out of all of this. Still no sign or mention of Agnes or the dogs. :)
  11. ottoDbusdriver

    S02.E10: The Red Angel

    You just know that Michael is somehow going to end up in that Red Angel suit at some point. So that the bioneural tag will in fact be correct at the time it was sampled.
  12. ottoDbusdriver

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    If anything to see if her music career took off, or if she stayed with Greg. Tuvok !! I really thought that was odd as well. Especially since they were in such good condition after 400 years and considered so rare. That was funny. Other items in the time capsule beside the iPhone, newspaper, New York Yankees cap, and cigarettes: -- empty can of Coca Cola -- can of Spam -- Adele 25 CD -- a hardbound copy of Fifty Shades of Grey -- a bottle of 5-Hour energy drink -- a CFL lightbulb -- a Snickers bar -- a bottle of red nail polish -- a bottle of Purelle -- a one dollar bill, 2 quarters, 2 dimes, 2 nickels and 2 pennies -- can of Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion -- pair of wireless headphones -- pair of flip-flops -- diecast model of a mini-van -- a Happy Birthday card -- a stethoscope -- tube of whitening toothpaste -- eyeglasses and eyeglass case -- a Fitbit -- a bottle of ibuprofen -- pair of sunglasses -- X-men T-shirt -- box of Double Stuff Oreos -- menu from pizza restaurant -- menu from 'The Hungry Diner' restaurant -- copy of US magazine -- Minecraft video game There was a weather photo of a massive hurricane on the back page of the USA Today. There was also no date on the front page of the newspaper.
  13. ottoDbusdriver

    S02.E10: The Red Angel

    Oh ok, I thought we were supposed to recognize her from a previous episode or something.
  14. ottoDbusdriver

    S02.E10: The Red Angel

    Yeah, about that whole identity of the Red Angel thing -- swing and a miss. Tilly needs to get her shit together -- she is always flustered and its becoming annoying. Liked Culber's sitdown with Admiral Cromwell. So Michael's mom didn't really die at the hands of the Klingons -- does this mean daddy is alive as well ? I still don't buy the whole we were working on this project 30 years ago, but the Red Angel suit was destroyed and your parents killled -- apparently neither things were true. It really is all about Michael, and the Red Angel has been protecting her all this ...... time. Are they ever going to go check out the location of the other signals ? Or have they now become irrelevant ? Did the Federation and Klingons really have some sort of temporal technology arms race ? Yeah, I'm not really buying that either. ETA: I'm drawing a blank about why it was such a big deal when Lt. Nillson walked on to the bridge.
  15. ottoDbusdriver

    S05.E17: Time Bomb

    Seriously, Nora is supposed to be in her later 20s, but that is definitely the blog of a teenager, and I really can't stand the use of shrap and schway. Some of the future stuff in those screen grabs was pretty funny. "I had Chipotle for the first time today!!! Man, that's some good schrap. I wish it were still around in 2049 -- curse you, 2023 Chicken Plague! Fast food here is so different. It's fascinating to me that Subway sells sandwiches here. After they embraced the whole 'yoga mat chemical' thing and became a yoga empire, the sandwich artists lost their jobs." The chicken plague could possibly be a thing, but WTF is the deal with Subway in the future ? Oh noesss, the sandwich artists lost their jobs. Did they become yoga instructors ?