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  1. paigow

    S06.E14: The Osterman Umbrella Company

    So the Umbrellas are only good for a WEEKEND?????
  2. paigow

    S06.E12: Bastien Moreau: Conclusion

    The Highlander movie cast reunion ended badly for all involved - Hart & Lambert...
  3. paigow

    S04. E16. The One Where Jane Visits an Old Friend

    Weller and the team arrived at the hospital before the medivac chopper???? Was it arriving from Chicago???
  4. paigow

    S06.E11: Bastien Moreau

    If Agnes is still alive, Liz can afford to bribe the Principal of a fancy pre-school....
  5. paigow

    S02.E10: The Red Angel

    Why does the floor of the photon torpedo bay need to go up and down for loading? Seems like a feature of questionable value / utility.... TOS Spock sometimes spoke with a British accent...but this version is American...
  6. paigow

    S05.E10: I Am Bane

    Did Bane leave Alfred alive on purpose? It would have taken an extra 5 seconds....
  7. paigow

    S02.E10: The Red Angel

    Maybe she was allergic to makeup / prosthetics....
  8. paigow

    S04. E15. Frequently Recurring Struggle for Existence

    I must have dozed off after they had a choice between deactivating the bomb but losing the tracker or vice versa....then I heard someone say lose the tracker....then Jane says she needs to help plant the bomb because there is no tracker...then Jane is worried the bomb will explode...what exposition did I miss?????
  9. paigow

    S06.E12: Bastien Moreau: Conclusion

    Too bad Red could not request a public execution in the town square....then there could be a Pirates Of The Caribbean / Robin Hood style rescue op....
  10. paigow

    S02.E08: If Memory Serves

    Whilst the Talosians were giving themselves makeovers....
  11. paigow

    S06.E11: Bastien Moreau

    [Interior: Execution Viewing Room] Spectator 1: I am Reddington Spectator 2: I am Spartacus Spectator 3: Hey! It's Enrico Palazzo
  12. paigow

    S02.E09: Project Daedalus

    Pike was a legend because of what he did on the Enterprise....saving Starfleet as Discovery captain has to be erased when the Red Angel reboots the TARDIS...
  13. paigow

    S02.E08: If Memory Serves

    but would have been improved with "Amok Time" fight music....
  14. paigow

    S06.E11: Bastien Moreau

    Does Moreau have an island???? Should this episode be renamed "The Red Mile"??? Is Tom Hanks one of the guards????
  15. paigow

    S02.E08: If Memory Serves

    Amanda must have shown Spock 20th century vaudeville routines on her digital media player.....