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  1. BusyOctober

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    UGH...Hester the Jester needs to GO! What an untalented entitled POS she is. She made her team buy all the blue tulle on the planet, then opts to use 5% of it?? AND take from her teammate's sad allotment of fabric?? Get the Hell OUT! Her "finished" outfit looked very similar to the Cinderella dress up hideousness she showed in the first episode to introduce her signature "style". It was pale blue, had sheer fabric and tulle as well. Does she have a supply of those under her bed, and just repurposes them? She must've raided every TJ Maxx and Marshalls kids' department to find all the cheap polyester and acetate Disney Princess costumes before packing them in her clown car. I don't know how her team (Nadine) kept from losing it with her. Gotta say, I'm over Kovid as well. Other than his "King Julien" voice, I don't like him as a designer very much. Too weepy and not impressed with his clothes. I'm sorry he was bullied, but so has almost every designer on this show...for being gay, for being different, for being poor...Those feelings of pain and embarrassment surely were part of making you who you are. Celebrate that you survived it and came out the other side as a competent and successful person. Don't use it as a crutch when the going gets tough. It IS a part of your history, but what happened 5-10-20 years ago can't be the weight on your shoulders to lug around for the next 20 years. I say this as a former nerdy, band geek who was (& still is!) fat, and dealt with daily torture from Mean Girls 6th -9th grade. The winning team was head & (horned) shoulders above the other teams with their designs! Sebastian's dress was Heaven! I should say he did a great job on "Tessa's" dress too. And I covet that little handbag he whipped up on the fly. Once the judges scrunched the sleeves of Tessa's top, it looked sooo much better. Awesome, cohesive look and Sebastian's dress will be one I remember. I do not understand what "neck ruffles" are though. I can see that the necklace, back gills, horns and feathers were supposed to represent implants someone (inexplicably IMO) puts under the skin, but what the heck were the ruffles?? It looked just like an Elizabethan ruff from a High School drama dpt. And if the glowing necklace was implanted subcutaneously, how would one change out the LEDs or batteries when they died out? Frankly I don't understand ANY of those "body modifications" or why someone would need/want 6" vertical protrusions from their shoulders. But, I am old. I thought I was a rebel when I got my ears double pierced in college.
  2. BusyOctober

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    I posted about B’s grief and mourning last episode, and I am back at it again after this one. B says she & Dennis were super secretly engaged in April 2018. Dennis died 8.10.18. Maybe B and Dennis were in their “off again” status July-ish to August while they were “working out” things in the relationship (like finalizing his divorce perhaps?). This season looks like it kicked off in September, Dennis has been dead for 4-6 weeks at the most. While wearing the super secret engagement ring, she is discussing how she wants to date again, there’s a guy who’s definitely interested in her (of course he is), and she’s moving on because that’s what Dennis would want. Yah, that is a normal response of a bereaved fiancé or widow....after several months of mourning, not WEEKS! Even if they weren’t a couple at the time of his death, it still seems odd to be discussing your next relationship so soon after the funeral. And if they weren’t a couple then, or she was questioning the status of their relationship, why did she still have the Rock of Gibraltar in her jewelry box? Did she try to give it back, and Dennis told her, “ No, you keep it. It will be a great cocktail ring/conversation starter/ excuse to weep uncontrollably when you get called out for being a bitch to wear to your filmed events with your frenemies. And here’s a tiny copy for Brynn in case you need extra ammo in your emotional hostage takeover kit.”
  3. BusyOctober

    Spring Baking Championship

    Before this premiered, my friend (who lives several states away from me) and I said we would watch this with a glass or two of our favorite wine and sip whenever we heard Nancy Fullaherself pronounced the proffered baked good wasn’t “spring-y” enough. Well, we both forgot about that, but it’s for the best. We would have passed out before the halfway point, thanks to Nancy AND Lorraine bitching over not “getting Spring”. Do they want these bakers to jam fondant tulips and buttercream daffodils on top of every single thing? I don’t understand setting up stupid themes with even stupider twists if the judges really only want to see very limited ideas vs. celebrating the potential creativity of the contestants
  4. BusyOctober

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    I watched the 20/20 episode and this doc. A lot of the info on 20/20 was repeated here and expanded, but the HBO doc brought up something 20/20 didn’t cover. The scientist that Elizabeth and Sonny used, then shut him out of the company once he got wise to the fraud committed suicide! The poor man may have had other issues weighing on his mind, but his depression and despair over the absolute bullshit Theranos was peddling was too much for him. And that cold cyborg bitch never offered a word of condolences or comfort to his wife. She just demanded his confidential papers were returned to the office. It is too bad that widow couldn’t get some compensation from this. I am fascinated by this story, and how deluded Elizabeth Holmes is. It is staggering that she was still pushing her fake technolog, despite being called out as a fraud. She kept insisting the Edison machine worked as promised. She insisted the lab work was done with her technology vs. other biotech company products or devices. I do have to wonder what her parents are like, and what their take is on this monster they helped create.
  5. BusyOctober


    Re. Caryn's b-day party pic above...I guess Jacob and his GF weren't invited? I know Molly escaped the insanity and lives further away, so she has the perfect excuse to never have to show up.
  6. BusyOctober

    All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    I deleted it once I read the description. A “mentalist”??? Doesn’t Phil take delight in stupid-shaming those dumb lonely women and men who get catfished and bilked out of their life savings? He has such a twinkle in his eye as he slowly reveals the poor sap’s twu wuv is actually some Nigerian scammer typing away to 20 different similar saps. And he has the balls to bring on some scum bag who does cold readings as a vetted guest?? So I guess he has just given up any remaining credibility he had circling the drain.
  7. BusyOctober


    Another batch of products that don’t mean anything to me. The floating pod thingy would be fun to try at a spa, I guess. I don’t have any pets, so the vegan dog food was nothing I have any knowledge about other than I thought dogs were carnivores. Selfie gadget was cute impulse buy, but it for sure, it is easy to knock off. And I am 100% on your side , LuvMy Shows. He looked like he was realllly trying to squeeze out those tears. The good behavior tchotchkes I do not get at all. I have a child who is now 12. I never had to give her stickers or bribe her to behave or listen. Lavish praise and silly dancing is all it took to get through potty training. We did have a chore chart for a brief time when she was in preschool, but we all kind of forgot about it. We just asked (or told) her to do something, and she did. She certainly had tantrums or and can take her sweet ‘tween time’ to do what I ask, so she isn’t a perfect Stepford Child. But in our house there are consequences for the choices we make. She doesn’t want to eat something? OK. She still has to sit at the table and be part of the discussion...and is responsible for helping clean up. If she got hungry later, there’s always Cheerios, but no additional meals offered or prepared. If she threw a fit over bedtime or brushing teeth, she was given a chance to calm down and choose: do it or lose a privilege (iPad time, play date, bedtime story, etc.). my husband and I stick to the rule. If she misbehaved, we followed through. When she was 4, she missed a birthday party with ponies and princesses because the day before she had a major tantrum and broke her cousin’s doll. People called me mean for doing that, but she has grown up knowing she can trust me and her Dad to keep our word, for better or worse. “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.” is our motto. IMHO, giving kids prizes for doing something they are supposed to do is setting them up to expect ‘rewards’ for everything. Kids have to do certain things for health/hygiene reasons, religious beliefs, being a member of a household or community, for their education...it’s part of everyday life, not bonus behaviors. A future employer will not be handing out stickers or badges for showing up on time for Chrissakes.
  8. BusyOctober


    I can confidently say I would have never in a million years been conned by this woman. It’s not because I’m smarter than anyone who was, or because I have degrees in medical technology. I just have a very low tolerance (zero actually) for annoying voices. I couldn’t have spent 10 minutes next to her in a coffee shop, let alone work for her or be an investor and have to spend any time listening to her speak. My ears would have declared independence and succeeded from my head in revolt. I found her eyes creepy. Not beguiling, not enchanting, not filled with light and philanthropy....creepy, cold, conniving, calculating are more apt. And what the eff was she subsisting on? Were those kale smoothies or some synthetic cyborg Jamba Juice? What an egomaniac. Why did no one ever called her on her stupid black turtlenecks or the other Apple copycat behavior? What she did was criminal and she should serve jail time. Whether she gets put away for the investment scheme, or the fraud, or the endangerment of patients she should be held accountable beyond losing all her money.
  9. BusyOctober

    S17.E01: Premiere

    Oh...another season with a designer from a clown school contestant. I just don’t have the energy to deal with that kind of manic personality. And my eyes cannot process that much color at one time. i did like Tessa’s a lot. Bonus...She looks like a real life human Mavis from Hotel Transylvania! Cavanaugh was a good choice go. However, Frankie had better Step. It. Up! if she wants to be here. I usually don’t have any room in my teeny tiny heart for sob stories, but damn if Frankie’s didn’t get a rise outta me. I would love to find that ex BF of hers and kick his ass. What an asshole to do that to someone you’ ve dated and lived with for NINE years! So far, I am liking this Bravo version, Karli and Christian and the judges. Or maybe I’m just so over the sadness of Alyssa Milano’s hair and outfits over on Lifetime. And the almost 2 year old dragged out, stale “All Stars” season.
  10. While I'm sure Bethenny's shock & grief over Dennis' death was real, I do not think she spent every waking moment in despair over it. I know they weren't married or even officially/publicly engaged, so I wouldn't expect her loss to be treated the same as Carole's or Dorinda's or Jill's loss of their long time partners and husbands (although, per Bethenny's ME! ME! ME! personna, she did compare her being "alone" to Jill's being widowed...at Bobby's funeral) . Everyone grieves differently. Bethenny certainly had feelings for Dennis and I'm sure his sudden death was a real blow to her. However, she was off onto another man within a month or so after Dennis died. She started dating the real estate dude who saved her life in Sept/Oct I think. Dennis passed in August I think? Again, everyone grieves differently & there is no "right" time to jump back into the dating world. I just hope that every time Bethenny gets into a tricky situation with these women that she doesn't pull out the "Dead Dennis" card to absolve herself from being held accountable for her nasty words or actions. I'm pretty sure they were still filming RHONY when she started her latest romance, so all of the cast & crew would know she wasn't shrouded in black or in secluded mourning like some Victorian war widow. But I would KILL for Bethenny's Hampton houses. She does have an amazing sense of style. Romona's house is just so uninviting in my opinion. She doesn't have a sense of taste or that touch to make her surroundings comfortable or personalized. She also had NO idea what she was talking about when she dissed Bethenny's choice of a house "on the highway". Shutty, Romona! That place is Ahhhh-MAZ-ING. Barb the Builder should partner up with Queen B. Lu is most definitely back in Countess mode. Her haughtiness and swelled pumpkin head is what pushes Bethenny back over the friendship line. It's nice she's had some success with the cabaret act, but I'd bet the majority of people going to see her shows are Looky-Loos who want to see a TV personality vs. hear her warbling words of wit & wisdom. But let's face it - Luann is no Patti Lupone or Elaine Stritch. One would think after being publicly humiliated So. Many. Times Luann's brain would activate the one tiny strand of DNA that contains the humble gene. Biggest laugh of the night for me was Romona's "Mermaid Descending a Staircase". OMG! That needs to be a GIF (with apologies to Mr. Marcel Duchamp).
  11. BusyOctober

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    This whole clan should be called the PainInTheAssSons. WTF with the entitlement in the hospital? The staff cannot hand out info willy nilly, no matter how fucking awesome you think you and your family are. For the love of God, I'm really hating these people (except Beth). I was never a big Kate or Kevin fan. I loved Randall until the stupid BS 'I'm gonna buy a building and get elected' plot. Now I'm getting ready to board the I hate Randall train if he keeps up the selfishness. The only people who came out of this episode were Madison & Miguel. I'm not a completely heartless witch. Being in a hospital waiting room while a loved one is undergoing treatment is horrible. You feel frustrated, impatient, useless. You feel like you need to stay put and feel like crap for even thinking about leaving for a few hours. My sister delivered my nephew at 27 weeks due to a hospital mistake. She had been to the ER 4 days earlier with signs of eclampsia. We found out after she delivered the Dr. wrote the wrong prescription dosage on her meds, and the pharmacy didn't catch the error & filled it. She was basically poisoning herself and the baby by taking 4x's the daily dose. She was taken by ambulance and rushed into OR. The doctors had to ask my brother-in-law if it came to it did he want them to save his wife or the baby. My family sat in the waiting room for 22 hours (we did rotate getting each other food/coffee). When the baby was delivered, he weighed 1.2lbs. My sister was OK, and we waited for 24hr to see if Tyler would make it through his first day. He did, and in fact he wasn't even on a ventilator after 3 days. He did have to stay in NICU for 90 days, but he really thrived. He's now 15, is 5' 9" and is an honor student. Other than needing reading glasses, he didn't suffer any developmental delays or effects from being born 13 weeks early. (PS- My sister and brother in law looked into suing the hospital and the pharmacy for almost killing her & Tyler. They were told by several lawyers that they didn't have a case...because both the mother & baby survived.)
  12. BusyOctober

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    I'm still on my No Texxxess No Dog cleanse. The whole "storyline" is stupid and I am using more willpower than ever to refrain from commenting on it. If this dumbass war of words continues for the rest of the season I will be so disappointed. Other things I found interesting under the the rubble of Doggy Drama: Aaron is attractive, but looks like a California gigolo to me. Someone up thread called him a "star fucker" and that sums it up. I also don't like it when people trash their soon to be exes and claim how miserable their marriage was (or "TORTURE" if you are Bethenny Frankel), and then turn around to immediately get hitched or shack up with their new fuck buddy. I would think if marriage and dissolution of the marriage was so awful and traumatic, you'd want to take a beat to recover and figure out a few things. Who you are without that trauma inducing person? What will make you happy now that the main cause of your unhappiness is gone? What opportunities can you take advantage of or be open to now that the extra weight has been lifted? But no. Some people just need the drama and attention I guess. And I think many celebrities are more needy for outward attention of the tabloids, fans, friends focusing on their new relationships vs. having to spend time with their vapid, undeveloped selves. Denise is one of the "two-face" women. She looks great in some lights or angles an like a complete freak show in others. I imagine Dr. Nasif & Dr. Dubrow looking to line her up for "Botched". I think it's her lips/mouth/cheeks that are kinda deformed or over worked. Nose - up she is very cute and has beautiful eyes. When her face is relaxed & not smiling, she looks great. PK & Dorit...I do not think there are any two more UN-self aware, lying social climbers in the universe. PK with his man-splaining of LVP's machinations to his dim bulb wife is one to talk about "manipulation". At least all of his manipulation of bankruptcy laws and finagled loan (NOT!) repayments have backfired. And telling her she did "nothing wrong"??? YOU & Dim Bulb started this shit storm! Loved Dorit having to be the One-Upper on the trail ride too. Of course she's been enamoured with horses since she was a little girl! Of course she's ridden horse all around the world. So if she is such the horse woman, 1) why didn't she know to lift up out of the saddle while a horse is peeing? 2) why hasn't she been shown riding with LVP 3) why for the love of GOd was she dressed like someone who has been told to "dress horse-y" for a play? She looked like she was going on a low-rent Ralph Lauren photo shoot for crissake. They were going on a trail ride, not a dressage show.
  13. BusyOctober

    S06:E10 Smithlfly Designs

    I'm not outdoorsy AT ALL, but I can see the appeal of the floating tent. It would be cool to put it out on the water (anchored or tied to a dock or boat) and toss sleeping bags in there for a unique camping sleepover. My kids would love that. However, it was a half-baked idea. He definitely needed to have an pump, anchors and paddles as part of the package. Or at least have them as add-ons at POS. Can people stand up in that tent? Can a blow up chair with cup holders be added? Or do the tent occupants just sit/lay on the bottom of it? The color options were a good idea too. Definitely camo for the audience he's going for, but hunter's safety orange, and other colors would appeal to more people too.
  14. BusyOctober


    Late to comment on this episode... I agree that these were all kind of boring businesses. The Goat Yoga thing has been around for at least 4 years where I am. My cousin was doing it at a farm near by. It was outside, next to the goat pen. The goats were free to roam between their pen and the field where the class was. This meant that their little hoofs were covered in mud, hay, poop and poop-riddled muddy hay and God knows what other stuff as the climbed on the backs of my cousin and her fellow new-age hippies with money. The classes were expensive and I imagine all these well to do hipsters wearing their Athleta & LuLuLemon "workout" fashions while goats pooped and peed on them (my cousin was peed on a few times). I haven't done regular yoga in years, but I thought the main tenets are mindfulness, getting in tune with one's body, peace and achieving zen-like state of being. I don't think I could be 'mindful' or 'zen' if I've goat a dirty goat on my back or a cute little baby goat trying to nuzzle with me. The toga thing did solve a problem and was the only product I could kinda relate to. I don't have pets to bake for and my hair goes from pin-straight or ball of frizz depending on the weather, so Curl Mix wasn't for me. I did not like Dry Bar lady. I found her incessant name dropping of her company annoying as Hell. And if she's been in the hair industry for all this time, why did her own hair coloring and styling look so awful? Was she going for a combo of (out-dated) trends; showing dark roots & ombre color fade?
  15. BusyOctober

    S07.E10: Climate Quick Change

    I don't know who's more tired, me or Biddell. Or maybe I'm just bored. Nothing was (or has been) memorable. Michelle is the Golden (one-way) Monkey with her basic shapes and hideous fabric & color choices. I love me some Dmitry, but his constant fall back to Granny's lace tablecloths and her flouncy drapes (from the guest room that no one ever used) are just getting old. AR and Irina. are...still there, I guess? And Mr. Last International Sewtestant had better have his Passport ready for stamping because he is gonna be auf'd shortly. There is no way a non-American designer doesn't win. "Win" being a questionable term since JCP and their promise of riches and rewards disappeared as fast as their credibility as a fashion Mecca. Add the fact that this dreck is TWO YEARS OLD and no one cares who eventually won. The programming genius who decided to greenlight the airing of this snoozefest lackluster season was probably shown the door . Maybe he/she is now working the register at a JC Penney as karmic justice.