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  1. Loandbehold

    S06.E12: Bastien Moreau: Conclusion

    Thank god I wasn't the only one. I flipped away when the show went to commercial and flipped back just as the scene began. I was about to flip away again until Red spoke.
  2. Loandbehold

    S06.E11: The Therapist

    The first time we saw this was early in season 1. It's when we learned that Charles is actually a good detective. Another of the things I've appreciated about this show.
  3. Loandbehold

    S06.E11: The Therapist

    I agree. The therapist was too clever for his own good. Unless someone knew he'd been shtupping the patient's wife there'd be no reason to suspect him of the disappearance of either body. Although there's also the problem that his DNA was where at least the wife's body was buried in the park.
  4. Loandbehold

    S06.E11: The Therapist

    In many states, therapists and psychiatrists have a legal obligation to break privilege if they believe their patient is an imminent danger to cause harm to themselves or others. So, if his patient had actually told the therapist he was going to kill or harm his wife and the therapist reasonably believed he might do so, the therapist should call the police.
  5. Loandbehold


    My cousin is a huge sci-fi fan. He's even written novels and short stories as well as movie reviews. It took me years (and my old DVDs) to get him to watch. After four or five episodes, he was complaining about why he was watching muppets. I told him he was just getting to the point where the series takes off and he'll forget those two characters are muppets. He did and he loved the show.
  6. Loandbehold

    S06.E11: The Therapist

    Spoiler Alert!!!
  7. Loandbehold

    S06.E11: The Therapist

    I sure hope Capt. Holt doesn't find out that Jake conducted an illegal search of the therapist's office. The look of disappointment on his face (as opposed to the look of joy he would give Jake for proper police work) would be devastating.* I did enjoy Boyle and Jake working the case together. Even though Jake id'd the therapist as the perp, it was Charles who saved the day. Rosa and Holt are always good together. Holt realizing that he had been judgmental just seven seconds before was awesome. I'm glad that the Amy-Terry story was the C story. I love both characters, but this was just filler. I'd rather have seen more Rosa-Holt. I'm sure some nice person will put up side-by-side screen caps.
  8. Loandbehold

    Whiskey Cavalier

    Yeah, that bothers me as well. It's ridiculous to have a bar as a cover location, but it's never open to the public. And I mean ridiculous even for this kind of show. You should google "ugly bridesmaid dresses." Not unusual for this. A friend of mine was once maid of honor for a Winnie-the-Pooh themed wedding. I still shudder at the description of the bridesmaid dresses.
  9. Loandbehold

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    You're right. She did.
  10. Loandbehold

    S05.E06: Family

    Wouldn't that be two of the very few positive things? Asking for a friend. And, on that point, why didn't Willow describe Cousin Amy as a "cleavagy slut-bomb." It wouldn't be the first time she used that expression.
  11. Loandbehold

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    I'm wondering if it will be the IA officer. I was also shocked by the captain's death. And after she broke her thumb to escape the handcuffs, which was after holding her breath for 58 seconds underwater. BAMF she definitely was. *salutes*
  12. Loandbehold

    The Enemy Within

    I'm not as bothered by Erica's thought process as others. We found out in this episode that the four agents were close to Hanna - spending every birthday w/ her. So, if Erica said that she gave the names of the agents to protect Hanna's life, not only would Hanna feel that mom was a traitor to save her life, but that she was personally responsible as a result for the deaths of her friends. That could elevate her guilt by several orders of magnitude. Actually, that was the second time this episode that Kate proved herself to be competent. She was also the one to realize that the intended target was the Senator. I really thought Erica was going to figure that one out. Who knows, its possible that by the end of the season, each of the supporting members of the team will have their singular (or doubular?) moment of competency.
  13. Loandbehold

    S03.E06: Band Candy

    Cars, yes. But I doubt Cordy would have been very impressed by Buffy driving the Geek Machine.
  14. Loandbehold

    S04. E15. Frequently Recurring Struggle for Existence

    They renumbered the rooms on the floor. How they managed to change the numbers on the elevator remains a mystery to me.
  15. Loandbehold

    Buffy Calendar

    I'm glad I'm not the first to think that Uncle Rory could use a B-movie chin to complete the character.