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  1. Loandbehold

    S06.E06: The Crime Scene

    Yeah, I love the Jake-Rosa relationship and they work so well together on cases. But we can still see just how good friends they are. I was thinking that the killer would be a vegan and then thought it maybe was mom. It's hard to trust parents who seem to be way too invested in finding out their child's murderer. And CSI guy was definitely wrong about The Wire, but Jake and Rosa did give off a McNulty-Bunk vibe as they reconstructed the crime scene. It's just a shame that NBC wouldn't allow them to do it just using f-bombs.
  2. Loandbehold

    S06.E07: General Shiro

    I think I saw this episode on Fringe. Maybe Olivia will show up to teach Liz how to be a real agent.
  3. Loandbehold

    S01.E12: Heartbreak

    Bradford was certainly less dickish that he has been all season. The thing that didn't ring true about the scene b/w Bradford and wife was that he seemed surprised that she was "making amends." That's pretty much standard procedure for AA or NA. Given that he's been a patrol officer long enough to be TO for Bishop, he must have had experiences w/ cops going through the 12 steps. So many cops go through the program.
  4. Loandbehold

    S06.E06: The Ethicist

    I still watch b/c of Spader and also a friend was an extra on the show in the first season and I hope that she'll get on the show again.
  5. Loandbehold

    B99 In the Media: News, Interviews, Awards, And MORE!

    Cheddar in his off hours. Riding on a Pony
  6. Loandbehold

    S06.E06: The Ethicist

    Remember, Liz is a profiler extraordinaire. I often forget this, especially since the writers long have.
  7. Loandbehold

    S01.E11: Redwood

    They killed Emma Thompson's mom? Those bastards!
  8. Loandbehold

    S06.E06: The Ethicist

    Well, if he waited and shot Ressler, he wouldn't have been "The Ethicist." Either that or Liz knew that, despite saying he was only 10 minutes away, it was going to take hours for Ressler to arrive, since it was the dead of night when he got to the trailer.
  9. Loandbehold

    Always Late With Katie Nolan

    This past episode (2/6) was only 13 minutes long. I hope it was just due to the combination of Super Bowl hangover and being ill. Katie's a big reason why I signed up for ESPN+.
  10. Loandbehold

    S06.E05: A Tale of Two Bandits

    Me too. It brought back memories of the WKRP episode where Venus and Johnny are taking the drunk driving test w/ the cop. Johnny starts out slow in hitting the button, but, the more he drinks the faster he hits it, and the angrier the cop gets. MF is so great, no matter which drink Amy she's playing. Someone upthread pointed out that was Rob Riggle (who I guess took over for Patton Oswalt as the firefighter nemesis from Season 1). Fun episode and a great rebound from last week. Trudy Judy rules!
  11. Loandbehold

    S04. E12. The Tale of the Book of Secrets

    Well, if NBC decides to cancel Blindspot, this episode could serve as the backdoor pilot for the Patterson and Rick Dot.Com show. And I'm not complaining. The actors have good chemistry and their banter is a lot of fun. So, is Jane actually cured? I hope so b/c I don't want to have watched twelve episodes only to find out that she can relapse and there would be even more episodes of her having the shakes, headaches, hiding it from the rest of the team, and then another scavenger hunt for the "real" cure.
  12. Loandbehold

    S06.E04: Four Movements

    Best part of the episode for me. Yep. And, I'm not the biggest Gina hater. More of "a little bit of Gina goes a long way" person. Although I believe the show did quite well in the episodes w/o Gina. If this isn't the worst episode, it definitely ranks in The Bottom Five for me. Agree about the Holt scene, but that's b/c Andre Braugher is a freakin' acting genius. This. I've enjoyed many of the Holt-Gina scenes b/c they humanize each other. But this scene felt stilted for much of it. Maybe b/c it was so long. Holt trash-talking is great. And this one time he got through to Gina that you mention was the other good part of the scene. I think this episode was more for the cast to say goodbye to Chelsea, then it was for the audience. I wish CP the best, but I'm not going to miss Gina too much. I'm kind of hoping that the statue remains in the precinct, but Scully and Hitchcock find different uses for it. And yes, I'll leave that thought up to everyone's imagination.
  13. Loandbehold

    S03.E13: Pandemonium

    Maybe and maybe not. She might have died in a car crash when she swerved to avoid hitting a pedestrian, but drove into a large beehive killing the queen and many drones, and was stung to death by the remaining bees (remember Shawn said her death was hilarious). As a result, the entire Down Under ecosystem was negatively impacted. Meanwhile, the pedestrian was a serial killer. Or someone who hated Foster's and never cooked shrimp on the barbie. Chidi could provide guidance on why avoiding the pedestrian violated this or that philosopher's rules.
  14. Loandbehold

    S06.E04: The Pawnbrokers

    Now, y'all are being facetious, but when the rat takes down 6 prisoners, 4 guards, and forces the warden to unlock the gates, you'll be gnawing out of the palm of his paw.
  15. Loandbehold

    S03.E20: The Prom

    This would be my guess. Not only is he at the prom, he comes w/ a date. Either she was part of his group therapy or she hadn't heard that he brought the rifle to campus. I am bothered by him being in the final dance scene. You have Buffy and Angel, then close by is Willow and Oz, then ... Jonathan and date. No Xander dancing close by his friends. I always found that jarring. Unless he and Cordy are dancing together on the side while Wesley and Anya stand next to each other in uncomfortable silence. Then I'd allow it.