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  1. SadieT

    The Perfectionists

    Even if the series does have a long run I wouldn't put it past Marlene to smack Emison back together at the very end, either on or off screen depending on Shay's willingness and availability. Whatever love interests Alison might have throughout the series will probably be temporary but it'll be interesting to see how the fans react to these potential love interests. Emison being on a break makes sense from a practical standpoint, but Marlene botched the handling of the situation when she came out of the gate making promises and reassurances she had to know she couldn't honor. Now since Alison is our protagonist and Emily exists entirely off-screen in Rosewood, I hope they use the break to explore Alison's character and growth. Emily not being able to get past who Alison was at 15 is kind of lame honestly and it would have been nice if she came to that realization before she pressured Alison into having those babies, so I'd like to see Alison exploring all that she's been through now that she's on her own, including the trauma of the pregnancy.
  2. SadieT

    The Perfectionists

    I'm assuming that depends on what direction Shay's career veers off into. But I wouldn't put it past Marlene to string along Emison fans for the entire length of the series and then slap them back together at the last minute off-screen with Alison returning home to Emily and the twins in the series finale.
  3. SadieT

    The Perfectionists

    I thought it was entertaining enough to warrant a watch of the next episode. I don’t hate the new characters but I’m definitely more interested in Alison and Mona and their dynamic. Nolan sure was a busy boy. Was there anyone on that campus he wasn’t sleeping with? Other than blackmail and his parents’ money I’m curious as to what exactly about this guy drew Ava, Dylan and Caitlyn to him. I know it’s only been one episode but he appears to have no redeeming qualities. At least when Alison was the dead bully on the first couple of seasons of PLL, the show did a good job of showing why the other liars cared about her, she had a way of making them each feel special. Nolan just seems like a run of the mill tool. When Mona first looked directly into the mirror and spoke I was like oh hey she’s crazy again, but good to know she’s just talking to super fancy high tech campus big brother who’s watching their every move. Also I chuckled when she said her reasons for being in Paris “escaped” her. Guess we’ll see where that goes. Alison freaking out because the not dead girl looks vaguely like her...that’s a specific type of “oh shit is this person might be related to me” panic that only people from Rosewood are familiar with. Also Ali getting all upset because Nolan knew who she was....like the story of a pretty white teenage girl in suburbia going missing, then being found dead, then showing up alive, then being arrested for murder, then being freed from jail cause the murder never happened wouldn’t be national news. Anyone with a phone or computer would probably recognize Alison’s name.
  4. SadieT

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    My niece and nephew were both born around 27 weeks (not twins, born 2 years apart) so I totally felt the family’s terrified panic while waiting for news about Kate and the baby. My nephew was unfortunately stillborn but my niece is now a bright beautiful 7 year old, who suffered no complications as a result of her premature birth. I echo everyone’s sympathy for Madison, who is honestly becoming one of my favorites on this show. I wish someone had gone and dragged her back into the waiting room, which is where she belonged because Kate wanted her there. I understand the bickering in times of high stress and emotion but I was glad when Rebecca finally told everyone to shut the hell up. Just wish we didn’t have to endure her sad waiting room speech because try as it might, it didn’t make me feel anything. I’m actually kind of over Jack’s death, which might sound insensitive but the show has been grieving him for 3 years now and I’m tired. Randall was not his best self this episode. Seriously, dude was annoying. Kevin too, but I guess he at least had the "excuse" of being drunk. Randall was a sober jerk. Hasn’t Miguel had a similar "outsider" conversation with Toby? Miguel is like the official Pearson family ambassador who has to perform community outreach and comfort all the people the Pearson cult hurt with their “no outsiders” mentality. They’re not that great of a family, in fact as a whole they’re pretty self-involved and insensitive, so not sure why anyone even wants a seat at that table.
  5. SadieT

    S09.E11 The Hobo Games

    Especially since the unattended kids in the playpen and the hole in the floor were actually Debbie’s doing, and yet Lip made it all about Fiona not scheming to keep the caseworker out of the house.
  6. SadieT

    S09.E11 The Hobo Games

    I'm annoyed they're wasting Fiona's last episodes with this dumb repetitive downward spiral storyline. Also if you're going to do a retread of a previous storyline at least acknowledge the past and play it off as part of a pattern for the character. Instead of Debbie bitching about the money Fiona owes and Lip screaming at her for shit that's not actually her fault, how about someone reminds her that last time she went down this road she almost killed her baby brother. Do they think we forgot Fiona's last downward spiral? At least the first time I actually had sympathy for her, now I just don't care.
  7. SadieT

    Bull in the Media

    Still kind of bummed this show has yet to be canceled and is currently airing new episodes. Not sure if they’re waiting to ride out the season or what not before making a decision but it looks like Weatherly’s going to get a pass for being a creep. I guess CBS is only willing to make moves behind the scenes while letting the talent slide as long as ratings are good. Anyway Vulture published an article on some more trouble at CBS, this time concerning NCIS: New Orleans and a couple of executive producers/writers who have been fired for shitty behavior. Michael Weatherly and Eliza Dushku and the problems at Bull are mentioned throughout. https://www.vulture.com/2019/01/adam-targum-fired-ncis-new-orleans.html From the Vulture article: So Les Moonves apparently made it known that he wanted to sleep with Eliza Dushku prior to her being offered a role on Bull and this producer guy Kern made that known to anyone who would listen and basically ensured that Eliza would be treated with zero respect when she finally did land a gig at CBS. I feel like it’s not much a stretch to think Michael Weatherly took his cues from the top concerning Eliza, considering he and Moonves are supposedly close so I’m sure he was aware of Moonves’s interest in her (not that it sounds like it was much of a secret). If the president of the network views an actress as a sex object and random producers are discussing her as such, it's no wonder she was treated so poorly on set. Another quote from the article: The previous Vulture article investigating sexual harassment at CBS published last year even mentions Moonves wanting to hire an actress because he wished to sleep with her, but she isn't mentioned by name. I wonder if Eliza was made aware that her name had come up in a human resources investigation prior to her ever being hired at Bull. And for those people who think she was making too big a deal out of MW’s “jokes” or being overly dramatic, this just goes to show everyone knew what kind of atmosphere she was walking into and yet no one did shit make sure she was treated professionally. ETA: Just to add to my rant because I forgot to mention the actresses that went out of their way to publicly support Weatherly on social media, indirectly trying to diminish Eliza Dushku’s experience....you know maybe MW was nice to those particular actresses on set and maybe they all got along swimmingly and were great friends.... but maybe, just maybe, he behaved differently towards Eliza because of the talk that surrounded her and her hiring at the network. Maybe he figured that’s what she was there for and he didn’t feel compelled to show her any respect because his boss didn’t and he knew he’d get away with it. Maybe he objectified her because she was in a vulnerable position and it was easy. Maybe he’s not the type of guy to treat all people poorly, maybe he’s selective and it would be nice if people would realize that just because person X is nice to you, doesn’t mean they’re nice to everyone.
  8. SadieT

    Bull in the Media

    She stated to him directly that she was uncomfortable with his line of joking and instead of respecting that, he doubled down and retaliated in a cruel and vindictive way. That shows that his intentions were never light-hearted. It seems that one way or another he was determined to demean and undermine her when all she wanted to do was perform the job she had been hired to do.
  9. SadieT

    Bull in the Media

    I don't get it either. It's not like this is a case of he said/she said. This is a case of he was caught on tape saying and doing exactly what she said he did. Where exactly is the gray area people are so determined to see here? What are Sasha, Pauley and these other actresses supporting exactly? MW right to sexually harass his co-stars, as long as it's not them on the receiving end of his antics?
  10. SadieT

    Bull in the Media

    Yeah, I keep comparing this situation to ABC's handling of Roseanne and it's interesting to see the differences. None of Roseanne's co-stars came to her defense, in fact, most of them publicly condemned her statements and the network axed her almost immediately. Not only did Weatherly get flowery shows of support from female co-stars about how wonderful he is, but not a single person at Bull or CBS has spoken out against the documented prolonged harassment Eliza was subjected to. It's truly baffling but it's becoming clearer with every passing day that even with Moones out, the toxic sexist environment he helped create at CBS is not going to change anytime soon. Bull is doing well in the ratings and that's all that matters.
  11. SadieT

    Bull in the Media

    I've been waiting (and hoping) for news that the show has been canceled or that Weatherly has been fired but considering it's been a few days now, I'm starting to think the network is planning to just ride out the storm and wait for the media frenzy to die down. Eventually, someone else will screw up and the attention will be off CBS and Weatherly and they'll just carry on with the show as if nothing happened. Otherwise, why have multiple former female co-stars come out with pro-Weatherly statements in an obvious coordinated attempt to humanize the guy if CBS wasn't planning on keeping him on board?
  12. SadieT

    13 Reasons Why in The Media

    http://deadline.com/2018/05/13-reasons-why-katherine-langford-wont-return-potential-third-season-1202398304/ Not surprising considering the season 2 finale didn't really leave much room for Hannah's story to continue.
  13. SadieT

    S02.E11: Bryce and Chloe

    The fight scene was pretty great. Porter’s WTF when the Coach came at him like they were just another couple students made me chuckle. And Zach jumping in to deliver a beat down was pretty awesome. I know Chloe’s a victim but man was it disappointing seeing her back down on the stand. Moms of boys like Bryce tend to be some of the worst enablers so seeing Bryce’s mom calling him out for being a creep and not buying any of shit is refreshing but also kind of jarring. The dramatic pan down to Bryce’s hard on while he fondly reminisced about raping Hannah was seriously disturbing. Do we really need to see multiple boys’ erections on this show? First Alex and now Bryce. One criticism I've had for this season is that they seem to be trying hard to make every character sympathetic, no matter how shitty they acted last season, but thankfully there's no sympathetic backstory for Bryce. He's just a privileged violent predator who gets off on hurting girls. I was half-expecting Clay to shoot ghost Hannah at the end to make her stop describing the rape.
  14. SadieT

    S02.E04: The Second Polaroid

    While I appreciate Shari's new skill, you can't really detox someone from heroin with a bottle of Gatorade. Opiate withdrawal is extremely dangerous.
  15. SadieT

    S02.E06: The Smile At The End Of The Dock

    Exactly. I loved seeing them together but being some popular boy's "secret girlfriend" is pretty much exactly the type of shit Hannah was talking about on those tapes and it would have been very hurtful for Hannah to have a guy she trusted and cared about be ashamed of his relationship with her. They should have had Hannah be the one to decide she didn't want the relationship public for the whole thing to be more believable. If she was worried the people at school would continue to give her shit for "being a slut" or didn't want Clay to find out cause she knew he was into her, that would at least explain why she left it off the tapes. And Clay continues to be the worst.