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  1. kendi

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    Griffin Dunne made the episode for me. No happy ending and no tearful reminiscing or touchy-feely moments. He's exactly what you'd expect from a man whose brother told his family that he was dead. Poor guy. He's a Pearson, but not what anybody expected. Maybe Randall and Kate left because they felt no connection to him like the father they adored. Kevin really felt for the man, and he and Rebecca just let him be. I think they hoped there would be a bond forming, but too much time has passed and there's so much hurt and pain to go through again.
  2. kendi

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    What surprised me about the Big Three meeting their father's brother, was that nobody got teary-eyed. I lost my father at the age of 9 and he is also "St Jack"-ed. I think seeing anybody resembling my father or related to him would fill my eyes with tears. I get that Uncle Nicky is estranged, but still...
  3. On episode 7 now and have liked all the episodes so far. Awwww...episode 6 with Remy living in his late grandmother's home. What a sweet guy. It wasn't so much that he needed any "help" with his appearance. The Fab5 were so sensitive to the love he has for his family, especially his father and grandmother. It was kind of like Miss Havisham in Great Expectations, the way nothing in the house was touched. I think they did a great job with the home makeover, incorporating all the little family touches, repainting his mother's bedroom furniture, restarting the family meal traditions. I really like this reboot. I adored the original Fab5 and I agree with you all--I think the new Fab5 geniunely care about the men they're helping. Tan is my favorite so far. I think his personal style is just quirky enough and has a good eye for what these guys need to get out of their boring/unflattering clothes ruts. I think Jonathan is good but I wish he'd do something better with his hair. It's ironic he's the grooming guy but his hair just looks so stringy/70's hippie dude.
  4. When I see Paul and his fear of catching anything, this scene from "Naked Gun" comes to mind. The boy needs to walk in a bubble!!
  5. Yeah, an easy mark for sure but totally did not foresee the amount of lunacy that will stalk him all the days of his life. Danielle, you and Mo are divorced. You never have to interact with him again. Listen to your kids. They've been the voice of reason that you keep ignoring.
  6. kendi

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Qyburn picking up the wight's arm in utter fascination has got to be some foreshadowing. In Season 8 he'll probably develop some kind of defense made of fire and dragonstone that Cersei will unleash (but it won't be enough!).
  7. I could not stop laughing when they talked about Courtney missing the ranch dip for pretzels! What a highlight! Darcey is so hard to watch. The desperation is so thick. Asking him about his Facebook status (so important!), hints about rings, picking out names for children, wearing so much make-up and stupid heels...it's embarassing! Plus she KNEW he was a fitness freak, I thought she would try to even get a bit fit, loose a few pounds or something. Watching her ride a bike was pure comedy---and only 55 calories! I don't know if she's an identical twin but her twin looked much "softer" and attractive. Paul is just skeevy. And holding on to a lock of his mama's hair.
  8. I think this also. He seems sincere. This made me laugh and laugh. I don't think you're too off the mark for saying this...I can totally imagine her saying this to one of her friends. Pao is going to do whatever she wants. She only feels naseuos/physically sick because the TLC cameras were watching and she was doing something against her husband's wishes. How he was supposed to "defend" her during this tell-all when she was the one being defiant, I have no idea. Let her walk off set and the door. The modeling world awaits!
  9. Both of their hairlines are scary. And I can't wait to see if her smell is right for him. WTF?! And judging her on the amount of toilet paper she'll use. So bizarre!
  10. Sometimes Sean looks like he could be Harry Connick Jr's brother
  11. kendi

    S03.E08: The Book of Nora

    I think she could have made up the story. Then when Kevin said of course he believed her, she knew things were going to be okay with him. Their suffering was so strong but too much for them to be together. Only time apart to work out all that angst could help them. They truly understand each other.
  12. kendi

    Mommy Dead and Dearest

    Yeah he is. (I can't help being shallow) Amazing how the medical staff would just take DeeDee's word on Gypsy's "medical history" and not run their own tests, especially if she claimed medical records were lost.
  13. kendi

    S05.E17: Reunion, Part 2

    IMHO, MJ and Tommy are more in lust, rather than love. I think he's starting to see her level of crazy. Behind the scenes when Mike approached her about cutting ties with Asa and even Tommy was trying to make her see reason, but she wasn't having it. Plus all her yelling and raising her voice while GG and Reza were talking was annoying as hell. MJ should seriously wear Asa's caftans and cover up her stuff. You guys covered it all with Reza. The quote index cards, reading Andy's question cards, crocodile tears...he's despicable.
  14. kendi

    S05.E15: OMGG

    I always saw this group as a somewhat happy dysfunctional family until Reza brought Lilly in for a season. MJ had to take a backseat to her and it was a sad thing to watch. Everything is Reza driven and it's been hard to watch (yet I continue to hate-watch!) His GG apology letters were such a dick move. What was the outcome he was expecting? For everyone to pat him on the back and then everyone go after GG with torches and pitchforks? I guess he did get what he wanted---for GG rage at him to prove his point that she's irrational and needs help. The end justifies the means for him, no matter who he hurts. I guess there wouldn't be a show without him stirring up crap and butting his nose into everyone's business. Other than his finally marrying Adam, there doesn't seem to much going on his life. Mike is dealing with a divorce, Mj is engaged, Asa has her caftan business, GG is dealing with RA and Shervin is...a pretty friend.
  15. kendi

    S05.E15: OMGG

    I was on Twitter and people are calling out GG for taking credit for the roses and letters. I didn't see it that way. Did I miss something? Maybe it was the way it was edited?